How To Amp Up Your Call Center Quality Assurance System

Running a call center effectively can be challenging work. How do you determine if all your agents are hitting specific talking points? How do you grade your agent’s performance? And how can you give constructive feedback on their work?

If you want to improve the quality of your call center, then you have to find a way to answer all these questions. Fortunately, there is an easy solution to all these problems: a real-time quality assurance call center software system. Continue reading the article below to find out more.

Use a Real-Time Quality Assurance Call Center Software System

The best and fastest way to improve your call center’s service is by implementing a real-time quality assurance call center software system into your practices. These software systems require little to no coding. They can be started with a click, and most will integrate with your virtual phone system. Continue reading below to learn about the benefits of a real-time QA call center software system.

Benefits of a Real-Time Quality Assurance Call Center Software System

Guides Agents in Real-Time

It’s crucial to have your agents stick to a script when conversing with potential clients. Unfortunately, this can be a challenge as the customers can quickly get the conversation sidetracked. Real-time software picks up the conversation’s audio and guides the agent through the exchange. By picking up on key phrases, it can offer suggestions to the client on how to steer the conversation and hit the key talking points you have set up to maximize the chances of converting calls to sales.

Gives Agents and Managers Instant Feedback on Their Calls

Real-time quality assurance call center software records and automatically transcribes your agent’s phone calls. It can then determine if your agent hit certain phrases in a checklist, if they used too many negative words, if they asked enough questions, etc. The agent’s performance metrics can then be easily viewed on the dashboard, so you know exactly what needs to be fixed at a glance.

Real-Time Quality Assurance

With real-time quality assurance call center software, you can create custom scorecards that will determine a successful phone call from your agents, such as if you want agents to say specific phrases, end the phone call with a call to action, or use specific greetings, etc. The software can then grade your agents’ work in real-time based on the scorecard you have set up. At a glance, you can view your entire team’s performance and highlight the problem areas some of your agents may have experience with, and work to correct them. 

Quality Assurance Call Center Software Can Transform Your Business

Managing your agents in real-time is essential for running a well-optimized call center. As hundreds of phone calls may go through your business in a workday, guiding and monitoring your employees in real-time is crucial to get the best performance. With real-time quality assurance call center software, you can better focus your organizational efforts on problem areas using the metrics and data provided by the program.

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