Examples of Successful Interactive Billboard Campaigns

Examples of Successful Interactive Billboard Campaigns

As technology advances, traditional advertising methods such as billboards are becoming more interactive. This can catch the audience’s attention and make a lasting impression. 

The digital billboards not only engage with consumers in real-time. They also provide brands with valuable data about their target audience.

Here are some examples of successful interactive billboard campaigns. These have taken advertising to a whole new level.

McDonald’s “Time is Rather Important” Campaign

McDonald’s took the phrase “time is money” quite literally. They’ve done so with their interactive billboard campaign in Stockholm, Sweden. 

The fast-food chain displayed an image of its iconic Big Mac on a billboard with a digital clock above it. The clock counted down from one minute to zero. Whoever reached the billboard and scanned a QR code on their phone within that time frame would receive a free Big Mac. 

This interactive advertisement not only attracted people to the billboard. It also encouraged them to engage with the brand in order to win a prize.

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National Geographic’s “Shark Attack” Campaign

To promote their SharkFest programming, National Geographic set up an interactive billboard. They did it in a popular mall in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The billboard featured an image of a shark with a motion sensor that would trigger the shark to “attack” anyone who walked by. This not only caught people’s attention. It also created a buzz on social media as people shared videos and pictures of themselves being “attacked” by the shark.

Nivea’s “Sunscreen Protection” Campaign

Nivea set up an interactive billboard in Brazil with a UV sensor. The billboard displayed a live reading of the current UV index. Whenever the levels were deemed dangerous, the image of a child would appear on the screen putting on sunscreen. 

This campaign not only promoted Nivea’s sunscreen. It also raised awareness about the importance of protecting oneself from harmful UV radiation

Coca-Cola’s “Drinkable Billboard” Campaign

Coca-Cola took interactive billboards to the next level with their “drinkable billboard” in Lima, Peru. The billboard dispensed free Coke from a giant straw that people could drink directly from. 

This not only provided consumers with a refreshing beverage. But, this also created an unforgettable experience that they would associate with the brand.

Netflix’s “Stranger Things” Campaign

To promote the third season of their hit show “Stranger Things,” Netflix set up an interactive billboard in New York City. 

The billboard featured a phone number that people could call to hear a pre-recorded message from one of the characters on the show. This not only created buzz and excitement for the new season. It also engaged fans of the show by giving them a chance to interact with their favorite characters in a unique way.

Are You Interested in an Interactive Billboard?

These are just a few examples of how interactive billboards have successfully captured audiences. They have even made a lasting impact. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see even more creative uses of interactive billboards in the world of advertising. 

So, the next time you see an interactive billboard, be sure to engage with it and see what unique experience the brand has in store. So keep your eyes peeled for these interactive billboards, and be prepared to be amazed.

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