5 Ways to Get Your Name Out in Your Local Community

Building brand recognition is a crucial step in creating a successful business. Jeremy Millul believes that one of the ways to do this in your local community is by sponsoring and attending local events and trade shows, such as charity 5ks or food truck festivals. However, it’s not enough to simply follow these events; you have to have promotional items to hand out to potential customers.

This article will examine five great branded items you can hand out in your local community, from branded hand sanitizer to umbrellas.

Branded Hand Sanitizer Gel

Branded hand sanitizer is the perfect gift for your customers, especially in a post-pandemic world. They are also a great option in trade shows and conventions where the large crowds of people necessitate people cleanly. This also applies to charity fundraisers, golf tournaments, or any public events you would like to sponsor.

What makes branded hand sanitizer such a promotional item is that it has a long shelf life after the circumstances; it’s very likely your potential customers will continue using the branded hand sanitizer weeks after the events and may even share some with their friends and acquaintances, further spreading your brand recognition. Some people even refill small bottles of hand sanitizer, so the one item can last months, if not years.

Branded Alcohol Wipes

Branded alcohol wipes work similarly to brand hand sanitizer; however, they don’t tend to have a long shelf life. Alcohol wipes provide a deeper clean than hand sanitizer making them perfect for events where potential customers want to keep their hands squeaky clean. We commonly see them being used as restaurants as a gift for customers or food truck festivals to spread your brand throughout the large area.

Branded Pens

Branded pens are perhaps the most popular choice for branded items. There’s a reason every bank and the law firm has hundreds of branded pens to give out; they can last for months. Most people keep a pen in their car, suitcase, or purse. All it takes is one person asking to borrow a pen, and soon enough, your brand recognition is organically growing.

Branded Hot and Cold Packs

Branded hot and cold packs are a popular promotional item at charity athletic events. Many businesses like to sponsor charity fun runs, golf tournaments, and minor league games, and their two promotional items of choice to hand out are branded hand sanitizer and hot and cold packs. Hot and cold packs can be frozen or microwaved to provide heat or cold to sore muscles after exercise making them the perfect promotional gift for these events.

Branded Umbrellas

If you live in an area where rain is frequent, it can never hurt to stock up on some branded umbrellas. If a storm interrupts a public event, your company can be the hero handing out umbrellas.

Take Note of These To Supercharge Your Brand Recognition

The right branded promotional items don’t only help potential customers but can be spread around to their friends and family, exponentially spreading your brand recognition. The five items above all have the capacity to significantly boost your image.

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