Finding RC and traffic e-challan status using Vahan

Checking your vehicle’s RC status and e-challan status is now very simple. Vahan portal is the initiative of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways for the convenience of the citizens. Using this portal, citizens can now easily track the status of their vehicles. This platform helps in providing digitized information of all the registered vehicles in the country. For this, the portal collects data from different State Registers. The details for your vehicle are provided on the basis of the various information you enter in the portal. These include:

  • Registration number of your vehicle
  • Chassis number of your vehicle
  • Engine number of your vehicle 

How to check RC status in Vahan?

Vehicle Registration certificate is the document issued by the Regional Transport Office of any district for registering any new vehicle. It is mandatory to carry a valid RC certificate for your motor vehicle. Carrying RC helps in providing proof of the ownership of any registered vehicle. The absence of carrying your vehicle RC can attract fines or imprisonment. Checking your RS status in the Vahan portal is very easy. You can check the status of their vehicle registration number following few quick steps:

  1. First of all, you must visit the official website of the Vahan portal
  2. Then you must click on the tab of Informational Services to get the status of your RC.
  3. Then from the list of options in the dropdown menu. Select the option of About Registration.
  4. Next, click on the option of Permanent Registration to check the status of your RC.
  5. After this, select the state in which your vehicle is registered and click on the button of Proceed.
  6. Further, enter the Application number and click on the option of View Report.
  7. Your vehicle RC status your new vehicle will be visible on the screen.

Similarly, you can also check the RC status of your old vehicle by entering your vehicle number. For this, you have to click on the option of ‘Know your vehicle details in the dropdown menu of ‘informational Services.’ Next, enter your vehicle registration number and enter the captcha. Then click on the option of Search Vehicle to stay updated on the RC status of your vehicle.

How to check e-challan on Vahan?

E-challan are produced digitally by the traffic police department of any state. With e-challan, the process of generating and paying traffic challan for the violation of traffic rules has become fast and transparent. E-challans can be paid online with the help of the internet. To pay your traffic e-challan with Vahan, follow these steps:

  1. For the payment of the e-challan, visit the official portal of Next, provide the challan details by providing the Challan number, Vehicle Registration number or Driving License number.
  2. Then enter captcha code and click on the option of ‘Get Detail.’
  3. The status of your e-challan will be visible on the screen. In case if no challan is issued against your name, then the message ‘Challan Not Found’ will appear on the screen.

Next, pay the fine of the traffic e-challan to get the transaction id and receipt of your payment.

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