The Benefits of a Digital Workplace and Why Do Companies Require It?

A digital workspace has become the core necessity in various organizations. Are you seriously thinking of improving the digital workplace of your organization? It is quite obvious that you may wonder what is there in it for me. Let us explore the benefits of a digital workplace for the needs of your organization

Increased flexibility

The question that emerges is how a digital workplaces can enhance flexibility at your workplace. When you are part of a digital workplace an employee enjoys flexibility both in terms of work schedule and work environment. With the help of digital tools the employees can connect from any remote corner of the world where there is less focus on a strict schedule. It provides them with a flexibility of a better work balance cohesive with their personal lives.

Trimming down operational costs

By opting for an interactive chat board and a virtual meeting, you may reduce the in house collaboration. This is going to save money on overhead and travel costs like furniture and office space. If you are choosing a SaaS platform you will not be requiring a larger IT team for managing in house premises or a customized form of software that requires time keeping.

Improvement in productivity along with efficiency

In the present age of community calendars and Google docs an increase in real time collaboration is necessary for getting projects done. Such digital advances would streamline processes and would allow the employees to work in less time. A recent survey indicates that 77 % of remote workers have reported an increase in the productivity levels. A lot of it is attributed to digital advances that streamline operations. Hence a worker would be able to achieve a lot in less time.

If you go on to opt for user friendly tools the teams may use and troubleshoot on their own. It is going to free up the IT team and they can focus on tasks that warranty immediate attention.

Increase in revenue

If an organization has an ability to trim down costs and increase productivity at the same time this translates to higher revenue. Research indicates that organizations have reported a 43 % increase in revenue by implementing a digital workplace.

An improvement in employee satisfaction levels

If the digital workplace is right there is an opportunity to interact with your peers, you can establish connection with them and share your ideas. Such capabilities would allow the employees to freely express their opinions and enhances employee engagement along with happiness.

In addition employees who have worked even once in a month have reported 24 % happiness in their work. A digital workplace facilitates work for all that makes the workforce responsive to the needs of the workers.

Enhances customer experience

An employee who focuses on  stronger work life balance, and who feel that their voice is heard become strong brand advocates. In a natural way an employee tends to be caring contributing to a happy set of customers.

Encourages innovation along with communication

When you are encouraging two way communication between the higher level and low level employees if the digital workplace is well constructed formulates ideas exchange. There are numerous apps that encourages the free flowing of ideas between the members in an organization. What it means is that everyone has a chance to express their ideas along with opinions.

Contributes to better experience for the employees

Collaboration tools in the form of social activity feeds and social profiles allow employees to collaborate and interact with each other. It goes on to formulate a strong social bond which would develop a sense of belonging.

Talent recruitment and retention increases

It is quiet natural for a top candidate to experience a superior environment to work. By digital platform if you are able to deliver on the expectations you may be able to attract candidates who are innovative and enterprising.

The companies that have adopted a digital workspace have reported 25 % less turnover. This means that talented employees are likely to stay with an organization for a prolonged period of time. They should be able to provide digital opportunities.

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