How To Create A Converting & Google-Friendly Landing Page

You have probably spent an enormous amount of time and effort designing your tools, products, or services. But it’s not yet time to kick back! To find your audience and turn it into your customers, you need to sell it right. Let us show you how a landing page can help you with that.

Getting Started With Landing Pages

Understanding Landing Pages

Marketers create landing pages to initiate a conversation with your potential clients or offer a deal to them. Generally, it is a standalone web page with a purely marketing purpose – to present your product or service and persuade the visitors to become your customers. 

Just like any marketing tool, a landing page requires various elements and details to help you gain new clients. We will cover the most essential components that a converting landing page should have.

How A Converting SEO Landing Page Looks Like

A quality landing page has a clear goal and message. Each part of this page should be intentional, the page should not have any distractions, as the main functions here are informative and motivational.

But first off, you need to have a precise image of your audience. What are their ages, genders, beliefs, problems? What can you offer to them? In which way can you make their lives better? What do your potential customers expect from your product or service? Answering these questions will help you build a balanced and tailored landing page that resonates with your audience.

Here are the components a landing page cannot convert without:

  • Headline. Many marketers would say it should be appealing and compelling. The truth is that only a clear and concise message that reflects your product can be a killer headline. There is nothing fancy about that, and even no jokes and wordplay are needed.
  • Sub-Headline. Two to three times longer than your headline, a sub-headline adds some context and convinces readers that they need your product or service.
  • Content. In the form of text or video, long or short – it all depends on what you want to sell. There is no ultimate solution for promoting all products and services, the key is to follow the purpose of your landing page.
  • Call To Action. A simple button that invites the readers to buy, share emails, contact you, create an account, or do anything you want them to do.
  • Social Proof. A bunch of testimonials will increase the level of trust in your product or service and persuade people to use it, too.
  • Design. Well-structures, simple, aesthetic, user-friendly, and no distractions.

A landing page looks like an advertisement itself. Moreover, it is a part of a bigger and more complex promotion campaign. Learn what you can do to attract your audience and help your future customers find your landing page.

4 Ways To Make Your Audience Find You

1. Content Marketing

Whatever your product or service may be, content is in the eye of your promotion strategy. Your blog posts, videos, e-books, white papers, podcasts, infographics, case studies, and other content formats can generate (depending on its quality) the lion’s share of the traffic to your landing page.

Content strategy and UX writing are the most effective tools for reaching your goals. On, you can learn more about the differences between these two concepts and choose the right one for your project.

The key to using content as promotion is to provide your target readers with valuable information, engage it, communicate, and only after that offer your product or service as a solution for them.

2. Cross-Posting

Social media is a massive source of new readers. Think about where your audience typically dwells (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest?) and be ready to spread your content on these platforms.

Cross-posting allows you to update content in all your accounts across different social media without generating new things every time. You can simply create a great piece of content and post on all social media you use to engage a tremendous amount of traffic to your landing page.

Before you do that, make sure you customize this content to each platform. Pay special attention to what distinguishes every social media space: text and video length limits, image formats, hashtags, etc. 

3. Social Media Advertising 

Social media ads are another wonderful way to deliver your message and invite people to your landing page through social media platforms. Here, it will be useful to remember the main features of your target audience and the spaces they are using to consume content. A quality targeted ad is a great solution to gain some fresh traffic.

4. Google SEO Optimization 

If you know basic SEO techniques in general, it won’t be hard to learn SEO for a landing page. Keywords, tags, meta descriptions, mobile optimization, page speed, backlinks – all of these components work for landing pages, too. Just make sure you perform a quality and safe Google SEO optimization, use this link to buy backlinks, and save your time and effort for other aspects of SEO.

Wrapping Up

Creating a landing page is not as simple as it sounds. However, this complex process is an integral and vitally important part of designing your product. This may be interpreted as a final step of your current campaign. So do not hesitate to put as much effort and finances into your promotion as you can to get the best results!

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