Choosing the perfect reborn doll for you

You might think that choosing the correct reborn doll is a simple decision. However, it can be actually a very difficult decision as there are hundreds of brands available in the market. You might be looking for a baby doll store near me for buying a reborn doll. However, first, you should understand what factors you should look for in a doll.

Factors that you should consider before buying a reborn doll


If you know someone who already has reborn dolls, then you should take a look at their collection. You can hold the dolls and get an idea about the doll. This will help you in figuring the right doll size. 

If you don’t have a friend who owns a doll, then you should look for the best baby doll stores in your area. You can go to a physical store and check the dolls.

This will ensure that you are picking the right size. Doll size starts usually from 6 inches and goes up to 22 inches. If you are buying this doll for a toddler, then go for a small doll. This will ensure that they can easily carry the doll. The bigger size dolls are good for adults.


You should have a budget for buying your doll. The features of the doll, how real it looks, brand quality, or building quality will play a major role in the price. 

The price of reborn dolls generally starts from $200. It can go up to $2000. The quality of the doll is generally directly proportional to the price. If you are buying an expensive doll, then it will be generally more durable. 

However, this is not always the case. You can also find cheap reborn dolls online. There are many artists and companies that are making affordable and amazing reborns. You can get the best dolls on a budget also.


The material is also going to have a huge impact on your doll quality. Most doll creators are using soft kind of vinyl for creating dolls. This vinyl is known as the Real Touch or Gentle Touch. The name comes from the fact that this texture has a velvety effect. This is as close as you can get to a real baby. Also, it is very durable. You can easily clean it if you want it.

The body is generally made of vinyl and a soft cloth. However, it will weigh like a baby. Make sure that you are checking the doll’s weight before buying a doll for your child.


You need to decide whether you want a girl or boy doll. Reborn Baby Doll Makers are focusing on both types of dolls. There is no right choice when it comes to gender. However, you should ensure that you are picking the right doll. 

The gender will affect the doll clothing that you need to purchase. There are high-quality reborn dolls available for both genders. Thus, you can pick the doll which you like the most.


Some dolls can perform various actions like sitting. These features are not available in every doll. 

Some dolls will have closed fists while some will have open hands. Doll legs can also very. There are some dolls that can even mimic your eye color, hair, coloration, and skin tone. You can customize it according to your style. 

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Hair is another factor that you should consider. If you don’t want to maintain the hair, then you can go for a cute bald baby. 

Reborn dolls with hair will require more maintenance. Thus, this is a very important factor that you should consider. You need to occasionally comb and brush the doll’s hair to prevent tangles from occurring. Some people don’t like this nuisance. Thus, you should consider this point before buying a doll.

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