How to Deal With Picky Eating in Dogs

Most dogs love to eat. They would gladly take anything you offer. But sometimes, you might end up taking care of a picky eater. Your beloved pet may start turning up his nose at the food that he used to eat for a long time, or he may belong to a breed notorious for refusing some types of food.

If you happen to deal with a pet with a finicky appetite, you may improve his dish by putting dog food toppers for picky eaters. But before you solve the problem, find out the reasons why your dog becomes a picky eater. 

Causes of Picky Eating In Dogs

Before you label your dog as a picky eater, you need to rule out any underlying health issues affecting his appetite. If your usually voracious pet suddenly becomes picky, your dog could be dealing with some physical ailments. It could be anything from teeth problems, sore gums, digestive diseases, to specific allergies. All these illnesses can prevent your dog from enjoying his food, so make sure to consult your vet and rule out any complications. 

Once your vet has determined that your dog is doing well, you may want to look at other factors contributing towards your dog’s lack of interest in food. One of the possible reasons could be eating too many treats before meals. If you regularly give him treats each time he presents his cute puppy eyes, he could be too full during mealtime. Your dog may also be searching for variety in his food if he has been eating the same meal for a long time. Also, your dog may find your feeding area problematic, especially if you choose to feed him in a busy hallway or a noisy part of your house. 

How to Persuade Your Picky Eater to Eat

If you are guilty of allowing your dog to overindulge in treats, you need to control yourself from handing out unnecessary snacks in between meals. You can also try to keep your dog stimulated before his meal by playing with him or letting him exercise. This option will help work up his appetite. You may also try using a puzzle toy when offering food. It will keep his mind stimulated and encourage him to get excited about the upcoming meal. To further push him to eat, you can sprinkle some dog food toppers for picky eaters in his dish before serving.

As much as possible, never punish your dog for refusing to eat. If your dog senses your irritation, he could choose not to eat the food at all. It would also help if you placed your dog’s dish in a place with less noise. It would be best to resist your temptation to give your dog some people’s food to make him eat. Giving him human food will only lead to him being more finicky if he gets used to it.

It is challenging to deal with picky eating dogs. But if you exert more time and effort, you will eventually see a significant change in your pet’s eating habits. You may also take a trip to your trusted veterinarian to ensure that your dog is still healthy and free from any diseases. As long as your dog is not losing weight and remains active, his picky eating lifestyle should not be a source of frustration. 

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