What Are the Top Law Firms in Michigan?

Law firms are legal businesses that employ lawyers, paralegals, and legal assistants. Lawyers must have a law degree and a law license. Each state authorizes lawyers to practice law when they meet state credentials.

The law firm’s location isn’t the only factor to consider when hiring a law firm. Lawyers can choose from several legal specialties, and clients must contact a law firm that handles their specific legal needs. Let’s look at locating the top law firms in Michigan for different types of legal cases. 

Personal Injury Law Firms

Whether you’ve been in a slip and fall or motorcycle accident in Michigan, you can trust the legal team at Mike Morse Law Firm to address your legal needs. This law firm hires lawyers licensed by the state of Michigan and specializes in injury law. They represent people who’ve suffered injuries or lost a loved one to wrongful death. They have years of experience with personal injury cases, ensuring their familiarity with relevant case law they can use when preparing your legal case.

Accident victims don’t have to worry about legal fees until their case is resolved successfully. Personal injury attorneys fight to ensure their clients receive fair compensation for their medical expenses and other costs stemming from their accident, such as loss of income, property damage, and job retraining.

When you hire a legal team to handle your case, you can be confident they’ll recover all evidence about your case and use relevant information to fight for you to receive a fair settlement. They’ll also keep you informed about your lawsuit’s status and help you evaluate any settlement offers received before going to trial. 

Family Law Attorneys

Divorce, child custody, and adoption cases are common cases family law lawyers handle. Couples may also consult a family law attorney and have the lawyer prepare a prenuptial agreement. Prenuptial agreements aren’t always about preventing the other partner from receiving alimony after a divorce. People may use a prenuptial agreement to protect family heirlooms and items of personal importance they don’t want considered marital property.

Lawyers practicing family law also represent individuals dealing with divorce or child custody matters. They may prepare the paperwork required to file for divorce and represent their client in court during pretrial hearings. Many courts order divorcing couples to attend mediation to attempt to resolve their case. Each client’s lawyer will prepare them for mediation and provide advice to help them protect their legal rights and interests. If the couple can’t resolve their divorce through mediation, their attorneys present evidence in court, and a judge makes decisions about property division, child custody, alimony, and child support.

You can find the best family law firm in Michigan with a web search. Talk to friends and family members and seek referrals. These lawyers offer free consultations, which means you can discuss your case and ensure you find a firm you’re comfortable with before hiring a lawyer. 

Business Law Firms

Law firms may also specialize in business and corporate law. Their lawyers provide legal counsel to business owners and large corporations. They may review contracts and other business documents and negotiate changes before their client enters a legal agreement. Business lawyers may also prepare documents for business owners, including employment contracts or service contracts.

Business owners may also turn to these legal experts to address legal concerns when establishing their companies. Business lawyers provide essential information about federal, state, and local regulations that could affect their business operations and the steps the owner should take to ensure they comply with applicable laws.

Google “business law firm in Michigan” to locate business lawyers in the state of Michigan who can address your legal needs. It’s also a good idea to ask other business owners for referrals.

The top law firms in Michigan hire lawyers licensed to practice law in Michigan. Identify your legal needs to ensure you locate a firm that can handle your case.

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