Safe and Cheap Cars for Teens to Own and Insure

As soon as a child starts moving around parents prepare gates for stairs and install child safety pins on drawers and everywhere else. The same instinct kicks in for most parents when their children start driving as well. They are of course worried and they know that their children will drive at some stage. There are a few concerns when considering buying an automobile for a young driver.

Cheap and safe automobiles are great for starter. Considering insurance costs and buying and maintaining another vehicle in a household, parents would want to save money anyway they can. An average car would cost in the range of $30,000 in the United States of America. This would be too expensive for most parents as they would have to have and keep their own vehicles as well.

This would bring in the question of new or used cars. Several experts suggest that a used car is a better option for several reasons, including insurance. First of all, you can buy a good used car with all the latest safety features and manufacturer’s warranty still available for under $10,000. Little older ones can be bought for far less. It is perhaps better to buy a solid four door sedan albeit used one rather than buying a much cheaper model of new cars. Some of the small cars are not really safe to drive around since they cannot stand in a serious accident.

Latest safety features are very essential. Parents are advised to look for cars that have advanced airbag and seat belt functions. Noisy seat belt warnings would get teens buckled up. Some cars come with seat belt warnings that would not allow audio functions to stop until everyone fastens their seat belt. These are great features and they should not be easy to disable as well.    

Choice of Car Can Control High Cost of Insurance

Teen drivers are the highest risk group for auto insurers. Furthermore, they are extra dangerous within the first eighteen months. As a result, auto insurance rates would be very high for such motorists. One way of controlling the costs or at least not exasperating it is to buy a safe and cheap car.

When cars are more expensive, sporty and utility type it will take more money to insure them. And if they do not have good safety features they will be penalized with higher premiums. Some companies will refuse to quote for a sports car if you want to insure it for or with a young driver.

Which Cars Are Good for Teenage Drivers and Parents

It is important to find an automobile that satisfies parents’ and teenagers’ needs. Honda Civic is one car many parents and experts talk about. It is a good looking, economical, dependable and safe car with solid structure to consider. It is also very easy to drive and handle. Since it is a very common vehicle you can purchase a good second hand one quite easily so arrange affordable insurance for teenage drivers. According to AAA it is a top pick for parents to buy for their children.

Volkswagen Golf is a good solid and handsome automobile to buy for a teen as well. Ford Focus is another economical auto that most youngsters would agree on with parents. Generally, parents are advised to buy a structurally sound four door sedan for teens. Experts generally see no reason why parents shouldn’t buy a used car as youngsters would ding them one way or another anyway.

Another good piece of advice for parents is about the gear transmission. Stick shift is considered to be better for youngsters to stay busy with driving that they do not consider anything else. Many drivers may be keen to text behind the wheel and an automatic gearbox would make it easier for them to do it. They would have to concentrate on driving with manual gears that they cannot engage in texting. 

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