Top Smartphone Accessories 2022

You spend approximately 80% of your time with your smartphone.  Why not get into the habit of investing in it not just for protective reasons, but to also benefit from its features and capabilities with the 2020’s must-have smartphone accessories.

Wherever you go, your phone goes, it works as an assistant at work, GPS, music player, and captures all your memories. For a device that does this much for you, why not invest in it with a few smartphone accessories so that it’s used to the maximum.

Try out some of these new smartphone accessories, they could even preserve the quality of your phone and push it to last for long. The right smartphone accessories will ensure that your phone performs the way the manufacturer intended.

Below are top smartphone accessories, right from wireless chargers to power banks.

  • Wireless chargers

A Qi charger is the best wireless charger to buy in 2020-one that can wirelessly charge an iPhone, Samsung phone, Google pixel4, and any other popular devices that support wireless charging.

Wireless chargers can be purchased from many tech shops around the world including your local area.-only problem is finding the best one that works for your smartphone type.

By now you’re also probably aware that phones don’t come attached with wireless chargers in their packaging, you want one, get looking and find one.

The most popular wireless chargers on the market are Belkin, Anker, Mophie, and others. While they may not be able to charge your device as fast as wireless chargers, they certainly come in handy when you’re tired of plugging in and plugging out of a socket.

Select wireless chargers are capable of charging multiple devices all at once plus they can charge Apple watches. There’s also a difference in charging rates and wattage of different chargers. Some charge faster depending on their maximum wireless charging rate.

Before you purchase a wireless charger, find out whether it’s compatible with your smartphone-most especially when it has a metal back. However, all in all, wireless chargers are a necessary smartphone accessory in 2022.

  • Phone cases

The year started quite rough with COVID 19. It saw a drastic reduction in the number of people moving down the streets with their heads tilted to their smartphones as they were texting away on watching something. Even still, smartphones are the most used devices on planet earth. For a device that you need to use almost every day, you’d want to ensure its safely shielded from dust, scratches, and drops that could shorten its lifespan. More so if it cost you a good amount of money to buy.

Mobile Phone cases today are accessible at different prices and have varying popularity levels. A Mobile phone case is a must-have smartphone accessory today. Below are the reasons that make it so important.

  • They shield your phone against damages such as accidental falls, shocks, and smudges from objects.
  • Phone cases increase the phone’s life. The lesser the damage, the longer its value and endurance.
  • Some case types enhance the look of your phone.

Next are types of the most popular phone cases that you can use to accessorize your phone while offering it protection at the same time.

  • Silicon cases

Silicone cases are a great choice if you’re looking for something that’s light in weight, basic and don’t take away your phones original look-especially the transparent types. They are soft, flexible, and offer protection against minor falls and scratches.

  • Plastic cases

Plastic cases are the most commonly purchased cases around the world. They provide decent protection and safety. The best thing about them is that they fit well around the phone. Their smooth matte finish makes them appealing to look at.

  • Tough cases

Tough cases have also gained enormous popularity over the years. Their build allows them to provide first-class phone protection against the most serious drops, falls, and scratches. This is achieved by their hard polycarbonate shell.

  • Flip cases

Flip cases are famous for their all-round phone protection. They are quite expensive compared to other cases but they do a great job. They are made of leather and may have a front flip that protects the phone screen against damages.

  • Designer cases

Designer cases are cases designed to express the phone owner’s sense of style. They are usually adorned with famous logos, quotes, images of TV personalities, and cartoons. Hard or silicon cases may be used to make these.

Other phone cases available on the market are hard/plastic cases, thin cases, official cases, wallet cases, and rubber cases. You simply need to choose which one you prefer.

Screen protectors

Have you ever dropped your phone and you suddenly get afraid to pick it up because you think the screen is cracked? We have all been there and the solution to this is making your purchase a screen protector the minute you buy a new phone.

Having a phone with a cracked screen not only looks ugly but also lowers the value of the phone itself. With the right screen protector, however, you can safeguard your phone against damages that come with scratches and falls. Below are the different types of screen protectors available on the market.

  • Tempered glass screen protector

Tempered glass is manufactured through thermal and chemical treatments. This material is often used for car windshields, safety glasses, and kitchen appliances. Its high-quality nature makes it the best screen protector available. Here’s why;

    It has a clear display

    It has an anti-reflective and anti-glare ability

    With such a smartphone accessory, your phone screen will look and feels the same. One wouldn’t be able to tell the difference by just looking.

  • PET plastic screen protector

They are made of polyester film and a matte coating on one side and silicone on the other. High-quality PET screen protectors are clear and have an addition of an anti-scratch layer.

  • Anti-glare screen protector

Anti-glare screen protectors reduce glare on your screen in bright light using the matte finish coating. They also don’t show fingerprint marks.

  • Privacy screen protector

If you’re always afraid of neighbours peeping around to see what’s on your phone every time you open it, you need a privacy screen protector. They work as screen protectors as well as shields from prying eyes using an anti-spy layer. The anti-spy layer is responsible for limiting the viewing angle on your phone. Privacy screen protectors can be made using either PET plastic or tempered glass.

  • TPU plastic screen protector

TPU plastic is flexible, almost like a rubbery plastic that can fit well around your phone. TPU plastic has better impact protection compared to PET plastic. It also heals quickly from small scratches.  

Wireless headphones

Since 2016 when Apple removed the jack from the iPhone, other companies like Google, Motorola, and HTC have since done the same qualifying wireless headphones among the top smartphone accessories to have in 2020.

Wireless headphones allow users to freely do their work because they are hands-free giving them the ultimate and reliable mobility. With wireless headphones, you don’t have to worry about earbuds that often fall out or get entangled in your clothes.

There are three types of wireless headphones and they are; in-ear, on-ear, and over-ear. In-ear headphones are mostly self-explanatory just as the name suggests. On-ear headphones simply rest on top of your ears without fully enclosing them.

Over-ear headphones, in contrast, enclose your entire ear. What makes them different from on-ear headphones is that they allow good sound and give an even better base although they may not be the most comfortable or portable.

Benefits of wireless headphones

  • High quality

High-quality wireless headphones may be a little expensive but are worth the buy.  If you go for the duplicate ones, however, you may only be left with complaints about terrible sound and more.

  • Audio quality

Wireless headphones have the best quality of audio sound especially because they are equipped with aptX technology. The sound emitted depends on the distributor of the audio, the distance between user and headphones, size quality, design, and types of drivers.

  • Distance

Wireless headphones allow you to move from the device 8-9 meters or 30ft away from your smartphone if it’s the source of the sound. Remember there are no wires here so you’re free.

  • Battery life

Wireless headphones solve the issue of limited battery life. They give you good hours of battery life making your whole listening experience the best you can get.

  • Wire-free quality

They were created to remove the disturbance that is created by wired headphones which keep getting in the way while you’re at the gym or running down the street. More so they are portable. Think of them as the best companion you can ever ask for.

  • Noise filtering or canceling

This is probably why you need them, they filtrate the sound of their surroundings especially when it’s noisy by canceling them. You can then relax and listen to your music without any disturbances.

If you can’t afford the high-end models of wireless headphones, you can still go for cheaper ones.

Smartphone holders

You may think it’s useless to have a smartphone holder-a complete waste of your money. Well, you’re wrong because there are so many reasons that qualify it as a necessary smartphone accessory to have in 2020. Many people don’t know how to choose the right holder so they doubt the reasons for buying smartphone holders.

A holder is a smartphone phone accessory that has a lock (clip, magnet) used to fix and hold your smartphone. Holders protect your phone from dropping and the ones made for cars can protect your phone from falling while the car is moving.

They are a great way to protect your expensive smartphone from falling. With today’s modern software and a reliable internet connection, smartphones are used as navigators, dashcams, and even TV sets, just that the grips of each of the holders are different. The most common smartphone holders are;

Finger ring holders

You wear it the same way you would with a normal ring. Finge ring holders make it easy and convenient to take a selfie. They can also be used as a stand.

Suction cup holders

This holder is mounted using a vacuum suction cup onto the windscreen or dashboard. These can be used in cars and tables at home or in the office.

Car rearview mirror holders

These can be fixed under the car’s rearview mirror allowing your phone to face you without you holding it.

There are several other smartphone holder types like vent mounted holders, sticky phone holders, and others.

Power bank

With us constantly using our phones to capture moments, watching videos, listening to music, and playing games-while doing on this on the move is most likely to drain your smartphone battery in seconds. That’s why a power bank is a smartphone accessory you shouldn’t miss out on.

A power bank allows you to store electrical energy which you can later on use to charge your smartphone when it’s drained. Power banks are smartphone accessories that have become so popular of late because of their ability to save your phone’s battery life. To effectively use them, you need to charge them first, without doing this they are as good as nothing.

Today’s market has a variety of power banks i.e. the universal power bank which also comes in different sizes. There’s also a solar –charged power bank. It has to be put in sunlight for it to be fully charged.

The solar-charged power bank may not charge your smartphone as fast as the one charged using electricity but it can save the day for when there isn’t power. The other common one is the older-style battery phone case. It saves the day too just that it’s limited to some specific devices.

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And those are the top smartphone accessories you should invest in this year. The best thing about all the accessories mentioned above is that you have a wide range to choose from, so there shouldn’t be any excuse. A few factors like quality, price, durability, and convenience can help you make a better choice in case you’re finding it difficult.

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