5 Unique Platforms to Check the VIN Number of a Used Vehicle

Used or 2nd-hand vehicles are viewed as an alternative option for people who are looking for a vehicle under their budget. These vehicles are mostly available in the form of salvage vehicles on auction sites.

The best part here is that you can get used vehicles for yourself on any model and from any nation. But just like all the other things, you must properly do a bit of research on the vehicle you want. That way, you will know what type of vehicle you will get.

You should begin the research work with the VIN of the vehicle. This is a 17-digit alphanumeric code that is found on all vehicles. Every vehicle is given a “Vehicle Identification Number [VIN]” that is unique and different.

Checking the VIN Number: Platforms That Can Help

By now, you’re already aware of what exactly a VIN is. So, you just have to learn how to check it. The checking work is pretty simple, as there are certain “platforms” where you can get it done. These are:


VIN checker tool at VinCheckFree is known for its excellent, state-of-the-art digitization. In fact, it offers superior VIN checking service, which sets it apart from competing digital VIN checkers. The data it contains is accurate and trustworthy, and using it is free.

VINCheckFree is excellent for validating VINs, but it also lets you search for license plates from many locations. Everyone knows that a vehicle’s license plate number can also be used to identify it. As a result, VINCheckFree’s plate number check tool allows you to find out as much as possible about a vehicle with a few clicks.

Essentially, VINCheckFree allows you to get all the data you require about a vehicle. This aids in your decision-making regarding selling, purchasing, maintaining, or using a car.


  • Zero Upfront Fees
  • License Plate VIN Decoding
  • Easy VIN Decoding
  • Accurate Information
  • Accessible from Any US State


  • No contact details are available 
  • No mobile app version is available 

Want a quick, free, and effective solution to check a car’s VIN number? Use VinCheckFree now! 


If you wish to get correct information on a specific vehicle, you should use the Bumper. This online platform started to operate in New York, where it purchases and sells all the used or 2nd hand vehicles.

The platform can also check the VIN reports, conduct comparisons between vehicles, help vehicle owners receive auto insurance and many more. The platform obtains all their information on theft, salvage and accident records from the state-governing companies.

They also reach out to their reliable auto industry partners to get more data on the vehicles. Bumper also includes things like title registrations, liens, history of sales listing and over 50 title brand checks.


  • It can be accessed from all devices
  • The platform is user-friendly
  • Contains unique features


  • There might be inconsistencies in several VIN reports

Hurry, get the VIN checked today!

National Insurance Crime Bureau [NICB]

NICB is well-known for fighting against all insurance crimes by teaming up with consumers, law enforcement and insurance firms. But the platform can also allow vehicle owners to check out the VIN.

They offer it as a free lookup solution so that people can identify whether or not the vehicle has a record of insurance claim theft. It will also provide accurate salvage records, and it’s available 24×7.

To get started, you just have to provide the VIN and then agree to the “terms and conditions” to proceed further. NICB is an expert when it comes to providing accurate vehicle-related data.

It’s mainly because they have been offering their services for over 16 years, and their database has seen a massive increase.


  • The VIN checking service is free
  • Offers data on insurance-related crimes
  • Gets information from trusted sources


  • It can be challenging for the users to navigate the platform.

Obtain accurate data with NICB!

Mercedes VIN Decoder

This particular platform will provide detailed information on all Mercedes vehicles. It can also decode the history of the vehicle, and you will gain data, such as the manufacturing year, the model number, the type of engine it has, and many more.

With the help of this platform, it can help you make sure that you’re not getting yourself any stolen or destroyed vehicles. You don’t have to do much, just provide the VIN number and get all the information instantly.

Besides that, you don’t have to complete the registration work to check the VIN. You will get the correct information, and it’s guaranteed that you will be satisfied with the outcome.


  • It has a faster loading speed
  • No need to sign up
  • You will get the VIN report within minutes
  • Provides vehicle recalls and theft records


  • The VIN checking process is only for the Mercedes vehicles

Get information on any Mercedes vehicle today!

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration [NHTSA]

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration [NHTSA] aims to keep everyone safe on the roads. Since the platform offers plenty of information and services, they also check vehicle VINs.

The platform is licensed by the government, and you receive detailed and correct information on a specific vehicle. The platform can be accessed easily from the phone or laptop’s browser, and VIN checking work will not take much time.

To get started, you need to go to the “Recalls” section from the platform. After that, you will find the VIN checker along with several other options. Provide the 17-digit code, and then get the data you need.


  • The VIN lookup service is completely free
  • You will find information on road safety


  • It becomes difficult for the users to navigate because it contains too much data.

Get a VIN report today from NHTSA!


This is another great Vin checking platform that works with various sections of the automotive industry, such as monetary tools, state agencies and so on. The platform works with them to offer updated and correct vehicle data to their customers.

Apart from providing information on vehicles, it also offers data on all auto insurance policies. You will also find data on how you can check the loan status, ownership status and many other things.

You can easily access the platform without experiencing any interruption, and an excellent customer support team will also answer all your queries. They respond quickly to all issues or problems.


  • Provides history on all cars, including trucks
  • Has a money-back guarantee feature
  • You can check all the recalls.


  • Doesn’t have updated information
  • The platforms times to respond

Get accurate info on your vehicle now!

Vehicle Identification Number [VIN]: Things to Know!

Before you jump to the main section, you first need to learn what exactly the VIN number is. The 17-digit code can be found in vehicles that are manufactured from the early 1950s. The code is pretty vital because it contains plenty of information on the vehicles.

With the help of the information, buyers can decide if they wish to purchase the vehicle or look for a different model. With the help of the VINs, you will also gain details on the previous accident records, flood damage and any other issues.

You will also get the chance to learn whether or not there were any vehicle records and if the vehicle was stolen. Through this unique code, you will gain information about the vehicle where it was registered in the past.

This useful data will give you an idea about the place the vehicle was, what the weather conditions are and whether or not it’s near the mountains or ocean. It will also help you learn whether the vehicle was totaled by the insurance so that you don’t experience any ownership-related issues.


Purchasing a used vehicle will surely be less expensive compared to a new model. But you must always do proper research on the vehicle before making the buying decision. To get full detail and history on them, you should check the VIN. That way, you will get the data you need without much hassle. But make sure you choose a reliable and trusted VIN-checking platform to get the work done. 

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