Byjus alternative for school students to learn much deeper

Byju’s is really an excellent product for school students for self-learning at the comfort of your home but there is a better alternative available in the market which explains the concepts deeper with practical examples.

Too much of anything is good for nothing.

Availability of cheap internet and electronic devices make school students study and clear the exams without going to the school every day. In fact, the quality of online lectures is better than classroom sessions.

we need to be very careful while learning online.Many self-called subject experts are available on the internet especially on youtube trying to make money from videos. Can you rely on them?

Educated parents or relatives can teach KG subjects with patience and care better than the school teacher then why you are enrolling them in preschools.

A college goer can explain the science concepts in k-8 grade better at low cost then why you are not sending your son/daughter to learn from her.

Because he is not recognized and certified to teach by the government or by any institutions. He won’t take any responsibilities if his teaching fails.

The same scenario applicable to freelancing vloggers who makes explanatory videos for students.

The urgency of online learning is understandable but learning from random YouTubers are not appreciable. Rather you can choose recognized online institutions like byjus or meritnation.

Byjus is a combination of background lecture and frontend 3d visualization of the concept but all are animated one not real.

The main reason behind the failure of all engineering students is the loss of textbook’s  nexus with practicality.

They study everything as a block diagram but what they experience is completely different. The same scene happens with byjus they show the animated images not the real component.

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The three main advantage of (Byjus alternative) over Byjus

1.Though byjus perceived as an alternative for evening tuition here students cannot have live interaction with the teacher.He can only listen to pre-recorded videos.

Whereas in meritnation you can have live interaction. Students can easily clarify his doubts before proceeding to the next concepts.

2.In Byjus all the concepts are explained in 3d animation with background lecture. No real-life demonstrations.

Whereas in meritnation real components are shown with a clear demonstration which helps students to relate what they are studying and what they are encounter in life. Both are same.

3.The cost of meritnation is competitive.

In meritnation one-year foundation course you get access to live classes, recorded video lectures, Assessments, Homework help, Revision assistance and test package.

Whereas in Byjus tablet, you get access to recorded 1000+ lectures, chapter wise mock test, an app for parents to track performance, revision assistance.

Merination benefits are more and better than Byjus.

In both meritnation and byjus faculties are from reputed institutions and the team behind the content creation is far better than independent vloggers so you need not worry about the quality of the content.

Both Byjus and merination covers almost all the topics in the respective grades need not refer any second source to complete the subject.

Both are providing rigorous test materials to secure good marks in the final exams. Those sincerely prepared questions may help students to crack competitive exams also.

By the above comparison, you can easily conclude that meritnation is better than Byjus for your kids to learn the concepts better.

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