Hiring an Attorney if You Get Involved in a Car Accident in Lakeland

Lakeland is a small city in Florida that is known for its strategic location between two major metropoles, Orlando and Tampa. Housing prices in the city are also observably lower than those of the two metro areas, making it an accessible place for living.

If you live in Lakeland, then cars are most likely to be a daily sight since driving is the primary mode of transportation in the city. As such, car accidents may happen, and when they do, you may be feeling unsure of whether you need to hire a car accident attorney in Lakeland or not. Although it will always benefit you to have an attorney represent you in your case, there are circumstances when you should not think twice about hiring one.

Challenges Dealing With Insurance Company

If you have ever dealt with an insurance company, then you will know that the task is much easier said than done. During a car accident, you want to get a fair amount to compensate for all damages and possible injuries you may have suffered. However, insurance companies may have different interests since they wish to pay the least amount possible to reduce their costs.

Your insurance company may make use of different reasons and strategies to lessen the settlement cost as much as possible. For instance, you might be blamed for not reporting your injury sooner, which then jeopardizes the compensation you get. If you run into this situation, you should get an attorney to represent you actively and fight for your rights.

Serious Injury

Suffering a severe injury from a car accident is an immediate sign that you should seek the help of an attorney. The more serious the injuries are, the more money is required, so the tendency is that you will have a hard time getting your rightful compensation from your insurer. Hiring a car accident attorney in Lakeland will ensure that you get the best possible settlement considering the gravity of the injury you suffered.

Other times, you may not be aware of how severe your injury is or how long the treatment may take. With the help of an attorney, you can seek compensation for your full recovery and not only for your first treatment or diagnosis. The state of Florida allows you to file personal injury lawsuits in cases of serious or permanent damage.

Burden of Proof

No matter what the situation may be, proving your case is complicated and confusing. Having limited resources may restrict you from getting information, which may affect the outcome of your lawsuit. At the same time, proving personal injury liability is another challenge that requires legal expertise and backing.

With the help of the services of a car accident attorney in Lakeland, you can get representation from someone who understands the law and knows how to deal with your case.


If you get into a car accident, there are so many possible damages suffered other than physical injuries. Depending on your case, you may be unaware that you or your family members may also need to recover from moral damage or emotional distress. In these types of situations, it will be best to get the help of an attorney who has the legal knowledge to assist you through all your rights to recovery.

After getting into a car accident, you might feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next. However, the best thing to do is to take a moment to assess the situation and decide whether you need to hire an attorney. If you are uncertain about your legal rights, then you should immediately get an attorney who knows the law and can help you.

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