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What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Planning Consultant Near Me?

The entire process of getting planning permission is bureaucratic. People embarking on this hectic journey may feel overwhelmed by the endless hoop-jumping and fussy officers who may turn down your application. Although there are benefits to negotiating this process by yourself, you can reduce your stress by hiring a professional consultant near you. Planning consultants have extensive knowledge to navigate planning permissions processes. Working with these experts can save you money and ensure a smooth project execution.

The trickiest aspects of a typical planning application

The trickiest parts of planning applications can keep you away from your dream home. Several hurdles can come your way and prove challenging for homeowners with no experience in the business. The most difficult steps include the visual impact of a proposed project. This is where having an expert to present your information to officers can be incredibly beneficial.

Highways and access are other common hurdles that can complicate planning applications. There are strict rules regarding the visibility at entrances, local traffic flow, and speeds of local roads. Tree protection orders, habitat considerations, and water runoff may also come into the equation.

With all of these detailed elements to consider, many projects stall at the first attempt due to a lack of good information. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about incorrect information if you hire an experienced planning consultant. They can collate all of the relevant information to avoid missing essential details in your submission. A good planning consult will let you know if the construction site requires an ecological survey.

How to find a planning consultant in the UK

Now that you know the trickiest aspects of planning permission applications, you are probably wondering, “How do I find a planning consultant near me in the UK?” Well, the following tips will help you hire one.

  1. Use search engines like Google

A simple search on Google for planning consultants near me will reveal a host of local consultants to choose from. You can also read reviews and view testimonials from previous clients. London and Essex’s residents often choose leading planning consultants like Humphreysandsons to streamline their planning permission processes.

  1. Ask for quotes from multiple professionals, and make sure you consider the level of experience and service offered.
  2. Get recommendations

Friends and family can also help you find good planning consultants near you if you ask for help. However, it would help if you studied reviews before making your decision. Any planning consultant you hire should be certified by the Royal Town Planning Institute, so keep that in mind.

How much do planning consultants charge?

Giving exact figures on planning consultants’ charges in the UK can be tricky as it depends on many factors. For instance, the level of experience and services offered may vary. The average cost of hiring a planning permission consultant hovers around £500-1000 pounds.

Rejected planning applications can delay your project and even lead to project abandonment. Therefore, always work with top planning consultants to ensure that your project succeeds. 

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