15 free audiobooks sites to download

Some people like to read but some people like to listen but the intention is same both groups of people are looking for information to upgrade their knowledge.

Even in readers, some want to touch and feel the book and half go online with Kindle. But I love to listen than reading.

The main advantage of listening is, you can do while lying on the bed while traveling, while walking or exercising you don’t need light or particular setup to gain information.

Knowing the grace for audiobooks, the price of one audiobook is high and people who listen more cannot afford that much.

But there are few websites where you can get some free audiobooks under different categories.

Free Audiobooks sites


free audiobooks sites

Librivox lists more than 10,000 books in 30+ different languages including non-English works.


On openculture, you can find many interesting free education materials.

free audiobooks sites

Under the category audiobooks, you can find more than 700 free audiobooks ready for downloads.


Before it was Book Should Be Free

free audiobooks sites

Free audiobooks are listed under 20 different categories right from kids to adults.

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This directory features free audio books, video, talks, interviews, speeches and many other useful pieces.

free audiobooks sites

You can listen to over 10,000 free audio and video titles.


If you love listening to stories then storynory is the great place to listen.Got 100+ stories for children and grown.

free audiobooks sites

All the downloads are mobile compatible.


Here you need to pay $0.00 for listening to audiobooks means 100,00+ free digital audiobooks are absolutely free forever.

free audiobooks sites


Here you can listen to great fictions performed by multiple actors. Its modern radio dramas.

free audiobooks sites
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8.Thought Audio

Thought Audio got limited number of classic and modern stories.

free audiobooks sites


Got a wide range of collection ,you can either listen to free audio books or you can download free ebooks.

free audiobooks sites


Fiction, non-fiction, academic and textbooks audios are available free. Here you can either add a book to your library or download and listen.

free audiobooks sites


Available in five different languages including Dutch, Spanish, French, German for children, teen, young adults, and adults. Easy navigation and more collection.

free audiobooks sites
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Serving fiction podcasts more than a decade for free. You can also submit your own fiction podcast here.

free audiobooks sites


This library contains digital recordings from Naropa poetics, LibriVox, Project Gutenberg, Maria Lectrix and Internet Archive users for free.


You can browse through more than 40000 best sellers, new releases and classic audiobooks from every genre. You can download it directly to your iPhone, iPad, Android or computer.


15.Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg making some great literature available in plain text into audio books .


Two read versions 1.Human-read 2.Computer generated

Human-Read read by human whereas computer generated is automated electronic voice.

When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something newDalai Lama

Common people speaks intellectuals listen, listening to good books or speeches will ultimately empower you. So do listen to good people.

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