How to make money from Facebook?

Hope you have a Facebook account if you don’t have please create one and comeback to continue the rest. If you already have the one no probz you can go on. Facebook is not only a place to scroll your friend’s timeline, uploading your best photos and waiting for likes but also a huge opportunity to make money is buried deep inside it.

All you need is perseverance and patience, Change your idea of viewing Facebook as mere social network but for a place to earn from your homework. Here we are listing effective ways to make money from facebook.

1.Create Fan Page

If you don’t have a page create one if you have a page then you are ready to start working .Post a valuable content,Since content is the king make sure it is interesting choose a niche holding large audience interests .Invite your friends to like your page keep on increasing more likes for your page ,work on it continuously for two months by posting surprising and suitable contents.

Once you reached more likes say 10k now you have to think of making money from it.

Simple,in this startup scenario people want to promote their products to more people in a cost effective way so approach a startups to promote their product in your page in return you charge them some .Produce the insight data to them it will help you to attract them easily.

Don’t charge high if you do that you will lose consistency. Don’t promote products and offers continuously then you will lose your real page audience. Do twice in a week don’t overdo it.

2.Create a group

Create a Facebook group in your niche and request people to join in your group make it public and allow people to post valuable contents make the group active by motivating and posting related posts.

Don’t allow irrelevant content in your group once you reached enough members in your group now it’s a time to make money from it.

For example If your niche is about Digital marketing you can approach institutions or digital marketing agency to advertise in your group by replacing your group cover pic with their advertisement for limited period or for some money.

3.Sell your page

If you have page with more likes in a niche find a similar business and sell it since changing page name is easy and simple you can earn some good money from it.

4.Manage their page

Social Media Marketing is grooming and the best way to reach effective audience, startups like to start or manage their page effectively. Approach three to four startups and get a permission to manage or create a page for them by this you can earn more .

Photoshop, Writing and creative skills will help you to become successful in this business.

5.Be an influencer

Say you got more friends and whenever you are posting content its getting 2k likes then you are an influencer means you are influencing your fans.

Approach a brand with this stats and promote their brand in your timeline demand them reasonable charge .

Many youngsters became influencers simply because they got more facebook fans.

If you know few other ways to earn money from Facebook please comment down below we will add it up. You may be rich but not famous but if you become famous you will become rich so keep focus on increasing audience not money it will come once everything is set.

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Lessons we should learn from Shradha Sharma

Every story deserves to be told and heard – the line behind why she started a platform for emerging entrepreneurs to share their business stories. You need not spend lakhs to reach people if you have an interesting story then Yourstory is ready to reach you more. Shradha Sharma founder and CEO of Yourstory not only got many stories to tell us but also some lessons we should learn from her.

1.Make use of opportunity

When she was working in a private television network  she found many youngsters with their own interesting startup’s stories but didn’t find any platform or networks to listen to them she made the situation favor to her and the first one to listen to their stories who are all not even familiar to outside world.

Every day in every happenings life is giving us some opportunity but we are indifference to that whether it is negative or positive happening to you it is an opportunity think what you can make from it.

2.Believe in your idea

When she shared her idea of starting her colleagues felt there was no advertising opportunity in collecting stories of unknown entrepreneurs.

But she felt and believed in her own idea coupled with confidence she started Yourstory now it is making unknown entrepreneurs popular.

You can get a suggestion from your friends but you have to take final decision many great ideas are left in the idea stage itself simply because of suggestions from our circle remember one thing recognized ideas are failing nowadays.

3.Start small and grow big

She started it as a small blog at night, with patience and continues effort she made it big after seven years.

Everyone wants to become rich and famous nothing wrong in it but to reach that one day be patient and start from the basic.

4.Work relentlessly

There was no work-life balance even after her married life she explained “it was a traumatic experience for her husband to be with her” she worked in day and night relentlessly with only one objective in mind.

Nothing comes easy the big you dream the hard you have to work ,We dream in a night and work for one week if we don’t get any fruitful result we will give up but it was not the case with her she worked hard when Yourstory was an infant and now it is a superhero.

5.Ladies don’t step out

Shradha Sharma and her husband never worked together they respect each other’s independence in their work. Even after marriage, she pursued her passion didn’t give up like a normal woman.

Mostly women step back from her interest to save her marriage and future family.

Marriage is just an event you are getting an additional support from a man to support your interest, don’t give up because you are married. Make your children and husband proud of you.

We feel these are the five important learnings from the story of Yourstory founder ,If you feel some more are there please comment down below we will add it up. publishes useful and interesting topics for you follow us on Facebook and Twitter ,bookmark us in social bookmarking sites.

Notable Stars from Loyola College Chennai

Loyola College not only produced tons of entrepreneurs, politicians, sportsmen but also contributed for the growth of Indian Cinema to be specific more for Tamil Cinema you will be wonder to see how many stardoms Loyola produced so far, we are listing only top contributions by Loyola.

1.Anirudh Ravichander

Film music composer and singer from Chennai who made his debut in 3(Three ,Tamil movie name) graduated from Loyola college later pursued music from Trinity College of Music,London.

2.Arvind swamy

Model,actor who made debut in Thalapathi did his Commerce degree from Loyola later did his masters in Wake Forest University.

3.Ravi Mohan

Known by his stage name Jayam Ravi who made his debut in Jayam in 2003 ,did Visual communication from the same institution.

4.Joseph Vijay Chandrasekhar

Better known by the name Ilayathalapathy Vijay made his debut in Naalaya Theerpu in 1992 graduated from Loyola College.

5.Saravanan Sivakumar

Known by his stage name Suriya, Television host, actor, producer made his debut in Nerukku Ner in 1997 did Commerce degree from here.

6.Kennedy John Victor

You get a better idea if we call him as Chiyaan Vikram ,actor, singer, producer made debut in 1990 in En Kadhal Kanmani did English Literature here.

7.Vishal Krishna Reddy

Actor and producer introduced in Chellamae in 2004 did Visual communication from Loyola .


Director,screen write,producer made debut in Polladhavan in 2007 so far bagged six National Film awards studied English Literature here.

We left few other stars from this institution if you know comment down below to complete the list.

Our frequent posts on College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University made our readers to doubt we are biasing so here we are planned to write more on many colleges.

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How to earn money from your website?

There are lot of ways to earn money legally but earning money from your home or from your comfortable place is always sexy and dream for every office goers .Making money from your website is one of the effective ways to make money from your comfort zone.

If you are a coder then you can simply create a simple website with attractive contents if you are not a coder you can easily create an attractive website with good content its now easy to create a website without coding knowledge using WordPress all you have to do is too spend some time in YouTube videos.

  1. Place third party advertisements

You can place ads from third parties by signing in Google Adsense, Infolinks, Bidvertiser. You have to create your account in the respective sites once your website is approved they will provide you piece of advertisement code which you can place in your website .So whenever your visitor clicks the ad you get paid .Payment varies from site to site, location to location.

  1. Become a direct advertiser

If you are gaining huge traffic in a day then you can demand people to place ad in your site on monthly or yearly payment. For example if you are getting 10k views from Chennai then you can demand Chennai based businesses to advertise in your site so they can reach more people ,approach them with your statistical data.

  1. Become a seller

If your website is all about reviewing products or places you can affiliate yourself with ecommerce sites or Tourism Company as an affiliate marketer. You have to create an account in the respective sites once it is approved they provide unique link for every products you can place this in your site while reviewing a product so when people click a link and complete a purchase respective website will pay you certain commission, it varies from 10% to 50% books, clothes, kids categories pay you huge commissions.

Search for Affiliate marketing link in the respective sites.

  1. Make your website premium

If you are expert in certain field for example Yoga, start writing about yoga consistently and wait till it earn huge audience once it reached make it premium website means viewers have to pay you certain fee to read your latest content. Remember it works only when you are publishing original content and fresh contents.

  1. Sell your own skill

If you are good in Digital Marketing write posts on digital marketing and make it free for the users to read your content .Making valuable quality content in your niche will make people to believe you so you can get business from them for managing their advertisement campaign or making their website SEO optimized.

If you know few other ways for earning from websites please comment down below.

Lessons we should learn from Tamilnadu election result

Change is the only constant amidst the changing world , Change is the key word placed in everyone’s manifesto except in AIADMK’s manifesto and in people’s mind. This election is not only teaching a lesson to other political leaders but also to common people.

1.Be a Brand

It’s not only political parties symbol make sure people are aware of what you are doing?, what you are all about? Create awareness about your brand, people are ready to try you if they know your brand.

Here comes a story

People who went to cast vote for DMK searched DMK’s logo in EVM but they couldn’t find it in one of the Constituencies because congress is contesting , so people voted for AIADMK only because they are familiar with them not with rest of the symbols.

Ground work is important when you are doing anything make sure people are aware about your products or services.

2.Be a team

If you are fighting for a cause or starting a business make sure you are coming to ground with a right team. Two or three people having same objective can team up to fight or bring out your product .One man show is possible but not successful.

Instead of competition between six teams, results would have been different if it was between two teams.

3.Be patient and knowledgeable

Everybody wants to become successful and rich though it is not a bad idea you need patience and knowledge in your respective field. Before you come out of the shell team up with right people having similar idea learn and be a responsible subordinate once you gained the confident find the right time to fly out.

4.Deliver what your audience want

Whether it is election’s manifesto or your business don’t manufacture a product and try to push to market, do deep analysis of your audience needs .Deliver a speech or product what they want it will make you interesting and successful.

Knowing the pulse of the Tamil people it is ADMK’s manifesto made them to come again.

5.Strike at right time

Though you are stronger than your opponent find your right time, follow your opponents move. Be wise in spending and finding your own time.

Though all the parties released their elections manifesto’s it was ADMK realised their opponent’s statements and released in the last moment near election period which was talkable later.

If you are learning some more lessons from this election please comment down below.

Notable Politicians from Anna University

College of Engineering located in Guindy, Chennai is one of the four campuses of Anna University not only in a race with other institutions to produce tons of engineers but also politicians to lead India not only India but also the world here I am collecting a list of politicians from Anna University.

List of Notable Politicians from Anna University

1.SureshKumar Namasivayam

A 29-year-old young candidate contested in Mylapore, Bio MedicalChennai from PMK party did both UG in Electronics and Communication EngineeringBio-MedicalEngineering .

2.Konda Vishweshwar Reddy

Founder of Citadel an engineering based research and solution company later he affiliated himself with Telengana Rashtra Samithi won Chevella constituency in 2014 Indian General Election.

He became Member of Parliament from Telangana, did engineering in College of Engineering Guindy then affiliated with the University of Madras later with Anna University.KVR married to Sangita Reddy managing director Apollo Hospitals.KVR is one of the richest politicians.

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3.Upendra J.Chivukula

Democratic Politician currently serving as the Commissioner on the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities. In 2001 he became the first Indian-American elected to the New Jersey General Assembly and the fourth Indian American in the United States to be elected to state office. He did electrical engineering from College of Engineering Guindy.


Raja ran in the 2012 election for Pennsylvania Senate District 37. Raja defeated Mark Mustio and Sue Means in the Republican primary on April 24 and was defeated by Matthew Smith in the general election, which took place on November 6, 2012.

If you know few other politicians from College of Engineering Guindy or Anna University please comment down below we will add it up.If you find this new and interesting please share this with your friends.

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5 Interesting things you should know about NOTA

When we don’t know the answer for multiple choice question mostly we go for all the above or none of the above in our exams but when you don’t like multiple candidates in your constituency you are again given an option to go for None of the above. Here are five interesting things about NOTA.

1.Before NOTA, people willing caste their negative votes are instructed to register their name and make a vote in separate ballot paper.

2.It’s not only in India but also Greece, Spain, United States, Colombia, Ukraine, Finland, Bangladesh having such an option in their ballot system.

3.”None of The Above” votes are considered invalid they won’t be considered during counting but they are taken into account for determining valid votes. You cannot bring any change in political scenario by casting NOTA.

4.The specific symbol for None Of The Above is  “A Ballot paper with cross “(Shown above).

5.NOTA short form of None Of The Above is also called “against all” introduced by Election Commission of India on September 27 2013.

In 2014 Indian general election 60 lakh people casted vote for NOTA which are counted invalid.

Please share this info with your friends who are going to cast NOTA and comment down the advantages for casting NOTA.

Top 5 Refer and earn Indian Ecommerce websites

It’s not only a place where you spend your money but also where you can earn some good penny. Refer and earn is the simple concept existing since Adam and Eve period but here we are listing some ecommerce websites paying you huge.

Refer and earn

Whenever your referrals signup and do purchase via your unique code or link you get certain commission this is how refer and earn works .You are eligible for payment only for valid transactions.

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Top 5 sites paying more

This website is quite amazing it’s not a one-time payment, you will receive commissions till your referrals do purchase from them, Cashkaro pays you 10% of their cashbacks/rewards earnings forever.


Get paid Rs.1000/- worth voucher for every successful installs via your friends.

Pinterest is one of the easiest ways to drive traffic and make international money from affiliate marketing or refer and earn program.Learn the best ways to manage and drive traffic from pinterest at Rs.59/-only.

Pin on Pinterest
Buy at Rs.59/- from Amazon


India’s largest health and fitness store for men and women. You can refer your friends to them so for their successful first purchase they will pay you Rs.250/-


For each friend who signups and make a purchase of Rs.300 or more you will get Rs.200/- and your friends get Rs.100/-


Make your friend to download snapdeal app when they make first purchase both you and your friend will get Rs.100/- in your freecharge account. You can also use the reward points to shop in snapdeal.

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We left few Refer and earn programs in the list if you know please comment down below.


How to earn money from my class notes?

One of the best and appreciable ways for college students to earn pocket money during their study. Though you won’t get full money for college fee at least it helps you to earn some money for your books, snacks and hangouts with your friends.

Yes you can sell your class notes to other students who are in need of it for some money all you have to do is to attend the class and get some notes and put it in paper neatly.

How to sell my note?

There are lot of websites which act as mediator between writers and seekers you can create your profile in the respective websites,fix the price and put it for sale .Nostegen, Noteutopia, Stuvia, Nexus notes are some of the websites you can put up your notes the good news is some websites wont charge anything from sellers you can  create free account.

What is the criteria to sell my note?

1.It should be your original notes don’t take others and sell it.

2.It should be legible for the reader to read and understand it well.


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Tips to increase notes sale

1.Fix a decent price don’t sell it for huge amount remember one thing buyers also college students surviving with pocket money.

2.Try simple words don’t use tough words and make it easy to understand.

3.Don’t copy from any book write mixing your class lectures and books.

4.Use more diagrams to make the concepts simple.

5.Use social media pages to promote your notes.

6.If you are from reputed institution mention your campus name in your profile .

7.Add some curricular grades in your profile to create value for your notes.

8.Better form a team with toppers from all departments upload more notes and share the income with your teammates.

How much you can earn by selling notes?

It depends on how many notes you are publishing and your selling price don’t make the price big. Go through some of the other notes prices that will help you to fix the price. Be consistent in uploading.

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How to make money from Google?

Do you know how magazines and newspapers are making money? Yes you are right they make by displaying advertisements but,Do you think all the papers are making equal money? No, it varies from magazine to magazine and their selling rate if a magazine is reaching 5 lakhs people their rate for advertisement is higher than the one having 3 lakhs subscribers. People buy this paper because they have valuable content for readers in the same way google is ready to pay if you are having websites with more viewers.


Google adsense is an advertisement platform where advertisers place their ad in publisher’s sites. If you are having blog or website you can create your account in Google AdSense if you have more and acceptable content they will approve your account once it is approved you can place Google ads in your site.

If your viewers click the ad you advertiser will pay some money to google now google will share a commission to publisher which is you in this case. It’s not only for clicking the ad but even for impressions and page views for every 1000 google will pay you. But you should not encourage others to click the ad and you should not click form your device many times it is violation against Google’s policy this may leads to suspend your account.

How to create a website?

After the advent of wordpress it’s not a big deal all you have to do is to go through some Youtube videos on how to create a WordPress website you don’t need coding skill.

You can also simply create your blog in blogger ,tumblr or in wordpress itself.

What content to write?

Don’t have vision on wide genre focus on specific topic which you know well study on this and write articles consistently.

How much you can earn?

  1. It depends on your niche mostly technical blogs earn more
  2. Depends on the number of viewers viewing your site.
  3. Depends on the geographical location of your users.
  4. Depends on the type of link whether it is search result or direct link.
  5. Depends on the number of pages a single user is viewing.
  6. Depends on the number of ads displayed in single page.

 And many factors but remember one thing you cannot earn big from day one but you need lot of patience to earn big you won’t believe people are making millions through Google AdSense but not from day one.

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