Make money from URL Shortener

Url shorteners are not only a handful tool to hide your affiliate link and make an extra-long post on twitter but also you can make money from URL shorteners.

Don’t you believe me?

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Not all the URL shorteners are giving you an opportunity to make money but an awesome tool to help bloggers and active social profiles click to signup

How does work?
It works like this

Simple first you need to create an account on and then shorten the URL you want to share it on the internet.

free marketing tools
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Then share the shortened URL on social media, whenever your followers or connections click the link before directing to the landing page they will be shown an ad.

So based on the number of views you make you get paid.

To understand better I explain with a practical example.

The following link is shortened which will direct you to land on Free marketing tools for small business but before you land ,you will be shown an ad just click “skip the ad” and then move on to my page.
How can you make money?

If you find something interesting or useful you are sharing this with your friends and networks but why don’t you monetize the link you share.

Whenever you share an article or YouTube videos on social Medias you get paid on the number of views.

Tip: People will like to view articles or videos from influencers, you can find such articles from popular websites and share it with your networks.

How much you can make?

It entirely depends on the effort you are putting and your network strength, the more you share the more you get.

Increase your follower base or connections to increase your revenue.

People are making some good money from URL shorteners believe and work on it.

For Bloggers: You can monetize all the links on your website if you are using WordPress then exclusive plugins available for URL shortening.
For bloggers

Statistics : A simple and insightful report on the number of  views and income generated through that .Categorized on website scripts,Short links and Referrals.


You have three options to get paid

Paypal, Webmoney and Payoneer and the threshold vary for each method.

Payment also varies based on the location your viewers are from.

Try with confidence and you could definitely make some good money. publishes useful and interesting topics for you follow us on Facebook and Twitter ,bookmark us in social bookmarking sites.


Affiliate marketing tips to make decent income in 2017

It’s a dream for every office goers to get out of the 9-5 job and a dream for every housewife or househusband to spend her/his time productively.To help you out I am compiling these affiliate marketing tips hope this will be useful for you.

Last six months I analyzed a lot of blogs and found many women bloggers are writing more on making money from home and many men bloggers writing about technology.

But I could find one thing in common both use affiliate marketing as the main source of income for bread and butter and some people making fat cheque from affiliate links.

After reading tons of post on Affiliate marketing here I am writing my very own Affiliate Marketing Tips.

Attention: You can share this link with your friends or can embed the link on your blog need not get approval.

Caution: If you are dreaming of becoming rich in a month then please don’t continue reading.Building a network needs a lot of efforts and some smart works.The more you work the more you get.

Why do you want to become an affiliate marketer?

First, find why do you want to become an affiliate marketer?

As said before some people want to make this as their mainstream business and some want to add some extra cash from the side.

If you are planning to make this as your mainstream business in future you need to devise it carefully. Spend more time as you spend on your day job.

So decide what you are going to do or why you want to start affiliate marketing?


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Can really make big money from affiliate marketing?

Yes, you can make big money from affiliate marketing but it depends on your both long and short term strategies.

Try different ways to sell the product

If you say or browse how to become an affiliate marketing most bloggers including pro suggest you start a blog.

Even I admit blogging is one of the best ways to earn more from affiliate marketing. But blogging is not the only way.

There are few different ways to make some good income from affiliate marketing.

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If you are planning to sell product by starting a blog.I appreciate it.

But what you are going to write?

Selecting a field is very important to make good money.

Always choose what you know the best for example if you have better knowledge on “Electronic Gadgets “ then you can write on

1.What is the best online store to purchase it?

2.How can avail offer for this?

3.What is the best time to purchase?

4.Your experience with the product?


6.Unique features


8.User experiences etc.,

So whenever people clicks and make a purchase you can get a good commission.

Not only products but also you can sell services like hotels, travels, tutorials etc.,

There are two ways to affiliate with the product or service

1.You can directly affiliate with a service provider or seller.For example, I am affiliated with Amazon and promotes few products from Amazon related to my content.

Related: How to make money with Amazon?

2.You can affiliate with “Affiliate Networks”, a lot of affiliate networks are out there to help you earn some good money by selling a product or service.

How does affiliate network work?

Affiliate Network(AN) is an agent who connects the merchants and publishers.

AN connects you with many merchants at one place you need not signup on individual websites.

To join Affiliate Network: You should sign up on their website with your website link once it is approved (takes 1-2 working days) you can get a unique link.

It’s always better to join affiliate networks and promote more products or service rather than sticking to one merchant.

But if you are sure about selling products directly from your site then I would like to join Amazon.

Few Affiliate Networks

1.Shareasale 2.Adsmain 4.Peerfly
5.Unique Affiliate 6.Wealthy Affiliate
7.Affilorama 8.ClickBank
9.Rakuten 10.Avant Link
11.Revenue Wire 12.Affiliate Window
13.Trade Doubler 14.Zanox
15.ClickBooth 16.Flex Offers


The above affiliate networks pay you based on cost per view, cost per click or through selling, it purely depends on the merchant.

Other than above affiliate networks there are some specially designed plugins for affiliate marketers like and

Viglink monetizes all the links on your blog for easy earn.

You need not embed your affiliate link for every merchant viglink automatically converts a link to affiliate link.

But you should disclose this to your audience.

Best Tip: Always revisit the affiliate link on your well performing old post.

2.Start comparison sites

This one also got a huge potential to fetch you more income.

Comparison websites compare the price of a product from different e-commerce sites and suggest a user the best one.

So when a user clicks and makes a purchase you get a commission.

This one takes more time to maintain you need to add more products from different websites and needs to update regularly.

If you are a coder you can create comparison websites at no cost but if you are not and looking for customized sites then you need to pay some money.

Tip: Initially start comparing a product with three websites then slowly move on. For example, you can start comparing the prices of Amazon, Ebay and Alibaba then add few more local store based on your country.

Benefits: If you are looking for driving traffic from Pinterest then this ebook “Pin on Pinterest (only $5)will be useful for you 

affiliate marketing tips
click to see
3.Promote discounts

Start a website which displays offers for a product from different e-commerce websites. Shoppers love discounts so they would like to visit your website before they shop.

So whenever visitor makes a purchase you get a commission through an affiliate link.

You need to always have an eye on e-commerce websites to update offers immediately.

Being a proponent of discounts you should know about the latest offers before your boyfriend or girlfriend.


4.Start a store

This is slightly different from the above model here you are going to start an e-commerce store.

Explained with example

Mr.Ray is affiliated with many online e-commerce stores. He is having good knowledge on Shoes so he coded or outsourced an e-commerce website which displays shoes from various sites.

He thinks it as his own e-commerce store, he writes a blog, he adds subscribers, more giveaways, promotes his site etc., to get more traffic to his compiled online store.

So whenever his subscribers want to purchase a shoe they go and shop from Mr.Ray e-commerce store. On every successful transaction, Ray gains commission.

I hope you understood the concept.

5.Affiliate with local store (Site to store concept)

This is an emerging concept in Affiliate marketing.

To compete with online stores physical stores are announcing more discounts and distributing more coupons to increase their footfall rate to their store.

So to redeem these coupons people prefer buying from physical stores.

This is an opportunity for affiliate marketers to affiliate with local stores to drive more traffic to their stores either by writing about them or displaying their coupons on your site.

6.Social Promotions

Other than creating a website you can use social platforms to earn big.

Create a page or group related to your niche and deliver the content what they are expecting from you.

Once in every 10 posts promote your affiliate product.

My college junior is maintaining a Facebook page with 1 million fans in which he promotes customized products and making $500(least) every month.

Have you noticed one thing from all the above methods?

If you add value to your customers they are ready to make you rich.Tell a story they have not heard of then believe me you will make big.

It’s all about industry leaders. A marketer who devises an idea or shares an idea first to the world is considered as the leader in the respective field.

So try to be an infopreneur.

Tools you need to become an affiliate marketer

To make your campaign successful you need a lot of tools for building a website, creating a content, promoting the content and to measure the result.

To help you out I compiled free online website builders and a Huge list of free marketing tools.


Affiliate marketing is one of the methods to work from home but effective than the rest.

As I said, in the beginning even it takes years for you to sell the first product but keep on working on your ideas and don’t lose hope on it.

Almost after 3 months I sold a mobile phone and earned my first commission from Amazon.

Work with a dream and believe you could make it happen and you will do.

A lot of living successful marketer are there as an example.You could publishes useful and interesting topics for you follow us on Facebook and Twitter , bookmark us in social bookmarking sites.



10+ free sample sites for your blog or small business

You know it very well people around the world fond of the word freebie. Do you think really there is free stuff in this world? If you say NO then I am damn sure you understood this world better? Except air nothing is free.

I can guess what you are thinking, Why am I taking lecture?

Cool, actually there are some freebie websites which you gives you free samples of fast moving consumer goods when you complete some survey or some task like sharing their post on social platforms.

There are few other websites which gives you some discounts on costly products like TV, gold, washing machine, fridge etc. But to avail the discounts you need to again write some paragraphs about their product and share it on social media than by lucky draw you may get the chance to avail discounts on big product.

But being a blogger or small website owner how these websites can benefit you.

You can collect some products from freebie websites by participating in a survey or quizzes the give it back to your subscribers either through competition or lucky draw.

Giveaways help your website to increase your subscribers, traffic and help in the word of mouth marketing.

If you are a full-time blogger or author in a profession you could spend few hours daily to collect some freebies.

So to help you out my friends here I compiled a post on the list of freebie websites.

List of free sample sites

Other than FMCG products this website also host some free online education programs, great deals on birthday deals, survey coupons, and special coupons. Great place for sticker lovers also.

Free samples include anti-virus software, free stuff includes automotive to internet stuff. This amazing freebie website is loaded with a lot of free samples and trials.

2.Woman Freebies

Yes, what you guessed is 100% right this exclusive for women and babies. believe “try before you buy” so they affiliated with many emerging and top brands to deliver free samples to their subscribers.

A perfect place for women to get her stuff free right from makeup samples to household samples.

They keep on updating freebies from the market every day.

But when we analyzed this website on the internet it’s found the overall rating is 1.5 which is based on service, value, distribution, shipping, returns, and quality.

free sample sites

3.Women Freebies

No ,wait I am not repeating both are different first one is a woman and this one is women.

Women freebies run a contest to pick a lucky one other than few free samples which are free to everyone.

4.Sample A Day

This site gives you free samples which are really free means you need not spend your valuable time to fill up any survey or sharing on social media.

This site gives you a mix of free products from all categories.

5.I Love free things

This simply designed website giveaway free stuff when you complete little tasks like referring your friend, tweeting, photo upload, become ambassador etc., few micro works you need to complete.

If you are interested in getting really some cool stuff spare few minutes here not few dollars.

This website will really make you say WTF seriously you can find free samples from top brands without any tasks.

I requested a top branded sample you too can get here.

7.Free stuff Times

Here you are given options to choose free stuff after completing a task or fetching it directly.

If you are a book lover here you can find free kindle books.

8.My Free product Samples

Are you suffering from EMS? Don’t you know what is EMS? Then you should watch this footage.



Before signing up you cannot view the product details or it won’t take you to the landing page.

Like other free sample sites, Freeflys also delivers free samples from various categories but limited numbers.

10.Totally Free Stuff

Really interesting, attractive , a collection of more useful products. Worth spending time here rather than spending bucks.

Well categorized easy to navigate, a well-designed site for new viewers.

I tested few links it’s amazing.


Again this website will shock you with free samples from renowned brands.

Other than fetching a product from here you can also suggest a freebie offer to them through their portal.

This site will really mesmerize you with the number of free samples and categories.

They update it regularly so you can find the latest offers on the market.

14.Free stuff finder

Other than free samples from B class brands this website also hosting discounts, offers, coupons and deals news for easy purchase.

15.Save the Student

Other than free samples for students they also giving tips on saving money ,making money online,part time jobs and deals and discounts.

Hosting a decent number of freebies and coupons but not categorized for easy access to products.

It’s another simple site hosting a limited number of freebies but with regular updates.

17.Sample Source

Just three steps to receive your free sample.

1.Need to register and explain about your lifestyle, interests blah blah .

2.Select the samples from categorized menu. Provide your shipping address.

3.They will ship the product.

18.Free sample Monkey

free sample sites
Free sample monkey

100’s of free samples listed .Since it got the name monkey samples are not categorized they are like here and there.

free sample sites

Again this is another site which shocks you with free samples from top brands.

Please save this post on Pinterest or Linkedin I will update this regularly.

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Free website builders for small business

In this tech coupled century, you can start your business without a physical store but not without a website. Improved internet facilities demands everything online buyers feel comfort when they shop from their home so you need a website either to sell your service or product.

But do you know how much it cost your small business to hire a developer to develop a site or to hire a freelancer?

How do you feel if I list out free website builders for your business?

Still, you don’t believe me!

List of free website builders for small business


Site builders come with easy drag and drop method to build your website.

It needs three simple steps to build the site

1.Pick a template 2.Choose a free domain  3.Launch your site

Awesome features

1.Domain name 2.10,000 free templates
3.Email address 4.SEO tools
5.Add a store 6.Add a blog


2.Doodle kit

It allows small business and bloggers to create awesome websites without any codes.

Doodle kit equipped with readymade templates which are an easy option for builders.


Awesome features

1.Webhosting 2.Mobile friendly templates
3.Photo Galleries 4.Blog
5.100 GB Bandwidth 6.100MB storage



Super simple easy to create with a traditional drag and drop method and contemporary stripes and polydoms.

Here you can create fully responsive and google friendly websites.

Lots of demo site are listed here with free templates.

Awesome Features

1.Unlimited Hosting 2.Unlimited Bandwidth
3.Full SEO control 4.Readymade templates
5.Ecommerce store 6.Mobile app to edit site


To build fast, free, a flexible and powerful website you need to start with yola.

It includes both free and premium plans to host your site with unlimited bandwidth.

Awesome Features

1.1GB bandwidth 2.1GB storage
3.2 number of websites 4.3 number of webpages
5.Maximum 5MB file size 6.Standard email support

They say “Even your granny can build a beautiful and functional website like pro”  imagine how it looks.


Free templates with easy to drag and drop method which automatically gets free web hosting, unlimited bandwidth, and storage.

Awesome Features

1.Social media integration 2.SEO friendly
3.100+ free templates 4.Mobile friendly


Responsive and bootstrapped free websites for your business.

Easy to use website builders, SEO tools, responsive designs and free templates common for all plans.

Awesome Features

1.300MB storage 2.300MB Bandwidth
3.Free hosting 4.Full Security

Pinterest is one of the most powerful platforms to drive traffic to your site.To help you out with Pinterest Marketing I compiled a book Pin on Pinterest -A Pinterest marketing guide.Buy this one from your favorite store.


Simple and easy to create a website equipped with few attractive themes.

Awesome features

1.25MB storage 2.5 pages
3.1 website 4.Limited components
5.Community supports


But in the free plan you may be annoyed by the advertisements.


Either it is personal or professional you can build an attractive and fully responsive website.

Easy to edit your site on the go.

Awesome Features

1.Professional templates 2.Social media integration
3.Mobile compatibility 4.Blogs
5.Unlimited storage 6.Unlimited Bandwidth



No other free web builders can give you this much.

Yes really Zoho is a pioneer in helping small business by supporting them with free business tools and free website builder is one of the free tools.

Awesome features

1.Free forever 2.100% ad-free website
3.Unlimited pages 4.Unlimited galleries
5.Unlimited slideshows 6.Mobile site
7.Unlimited storage 8.Unlimited Bandwidth



Though this website looks similar to spam website they too have a free website builder with competitive features.

Awesome features

1.Domain name 2.Unlimited webpages
3.1GB cloud storage 4.1GB bandwidth
5.Email support



You can create a website using ready-made templates, no design or coding skill required.

1.500MB storage 2.1GB Bandwidth


If you feel this useful please share this with your business friends.

How to create an Original Content?

It’s not only Google even your subscribers love freshness. But it’s not an easy do to create an original content. If you are a blogger you should aware of the fact 1400 blog posts are published every minute and most of the contents are related to the niche you are concentrating on.

Use Buzzsumo to find the post published for the keywords you have selected.

For example, if you are writing about online money making google will give you 52,50,00,000+ results for the search online money making but how you are going to compete with these blogs and how you are going to increase blog traffic.

create an original content
Search results for Online money making

If you don’t have faith on SEO then you should focus on social media marketing which could bring the right amount of traffic if your content is original and interesting to read.

For example, when I started writing I couldn’t make 50 views per day and obviously zero clicks on ads because I made a lot of mistakes as a beginner that time I feel like this.

create an original content
I thought of breaking like this


But slowly I understood this content Industry and increasing my view now I could make 1K+ views for a single post in a day and most of my traffic are from social platforms.

My best-performing post is Free marketing tools for small business

So I believe both SEO and social media to increase my traffic.

But if your content is not interesting enough or original you cannot expect high open rates.

To produce some original content here I am suggesting you few points what I learned .I am damn sure these points will help you to create an original content.

For example, consider there are 10 bloggers writing about “Online Money Making “ and nine of them are producing the same content on “How to make money from Amazon” now you too want to write on the same topic  but how you are going to differentiate.

The very first step is you should go through all the nine post by that time you will know only one is original and others are copycat. So now you got an opportunity.

Extract the central theme on what they are acting then put your content with more data.

Most of them list only the ways to make money from Amazon you go one step further.

Put some data on how much money amazon dispatched so far, possibly with infographic you can use to create free infographics or check out this link to create free infographics.

You can also add affiliates feedback in your post for each method .You can easily find amazon’s affiliates on Pinterest or in some facebook groups.

Collect the feedback and if possible rate it and publishes it on your blog.

The idea behind the original content is you should tell what other bloggers failed to write on the same topic.

The above discussed is just an example .

Apart from reviews, infographics try to include more numbers on your blog. You can easily get numbers on Google News on a certain topic.

To make your content interesting you can infuse Youtube videos related to your content remember the videos need not be your own you can put a link to the popular Youtuber with his permission.

You can also post a link to the presentation related to your topic from SlideShare. Very few bloggers are going for SlideShare but it’s worth trying.

Don’t hesitate to promote others link on your blog, your ultimate aim to satisfy the reader who is opening your post.

If you are lucky enough you may get a backlink from popular bloggers.

Other than displaying attractive images, infographics, reviews, videos, presentations etc.

To make the post interesting, make it humorous like adding some GIFS as I did in the beginning (I read this one from Neil’s Patel post).

Give them positive energy before they get into the post as I did in the beginning “I am damn sure these points will help you to create an original content.” You could psychologically attack your reader but don’t overdo this.

What else?

Think about the topic before you start writing like what is the new thing I can say to my reader, what is the new technology, How can I provide a better solution than my competitor.

I spend 1.5 days to create content and 1.5 days to market it. Remember one thing you need to market your post in spite of its quality to drive more traffic or sales.

Put the same effort to share your post as you do for advertising your book. Imagine you have written a single page book with 1000 words Keep on sharing your post on all platforms.

Don’t forget bookmarking sites like Pinterest, FlipBoard, Digg, Disqus they could fetch more traffic compared to Facebook and Twitter.

To make it more original once in a week update your post with some additional data.

I don’t write on Sunday but update my performing posts to bring more freshness and I have also witnessed the growth in rank.

By doing all this you could make your content unique on the same topic.

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How to get more repins on old post?

Pinterest is one of the effective platforms for bloggers and businesses to drive a tremendous amount of traffic. If you are already using Pinterest by this time you would have known about this but still few bloggers are searching traffic outside Pinterest. You know how to get more pins on your fresh content but do you know how to get more repins on old post. Getting more repins on old post is not a difficult one but need to think out of the box.

I am sharing my very own observation on how to get more repins on an old post.

I am sure at the end of the reading you will log in to your account and implement this DIY trick.

And don’t forget to pin this post, please.

How to get more repins on old post?

1.Repin it

Don’t pin the post only once in your lifetime.

You have spent your valuable time to create this wonderful post but why don’t you spend more time on marketing your idea.

Always spend more time on marketing your post than creating the content.

Imagine every post as a book written by you, don’t you spend the time to market your book?

Don’t write the post, pin it once and abandon.

Set a target for you to bring at least 1k views on your post and then think of writing the second post.

I have my very own target and I am spending nearly 10 hours to market my single post then I think of writing the next one.

Pinterest is one of the most powerful platforms to drive traffic to your site.To help you out with Pinterest Marketing I compiled a book Pin on Pinterest -A Pinterest marketing guide.Buy this one from your favorite store.

There is no point in lamenting that I am getting very few readers, the mistake is ours being publishers we should try our maximum to reach the potential readers.

Like retweeting the old content we can also repin the old content that performed well in the past.

Give more importance to the post that didn’t perform well and focus on getting more repins on the specific old post.

There is nothing wrong in repining the old post but don’t overdo it,give a time gap like once in two days or in a week but never forget to enjoy repinning.

repins on old post
Please pin it on Pinterest
2.Start a new board

You can start a specific board and repin the content there.

For example, I am having a board for Making money online and I was pinning both marketing ideas to make money and Money making ideas  on the same board later I extracted few old posts and started a new board Learn Digital Marketing.

As I guessed I got few repins on my old posts.

Analyze your pins,if possible start a new board .

3.Use two images to get more repins on old post

You know it very well image matters on Pinterest, it is the image which forces the pinners to repin the post before they dive into the content.

But I am saying why don’t we use two images in the same post like I did here.

Use both images to pin your post on different boards at a different time it will definitely help you to increase your post views.

It’s like one stone two mangoes, you need two different images for one post.

Yes, it takes some time to create two images but worth trying since images speak for your post before they read.

repins on old post
Please pin it on Pinterest

Benefits: Learning Digital Marketing could help you to generate more income online.To learn it completely get this course from simplilearn.

4.Replace the old image

Why don’t we try this

You know Google like fresh contents over old contents. By doing this one it boosts your SEO Rank and increase repins.

Why don’t we replace the old image with a new image and repin it on boards? I tried this seriously it’s working.

So now you can get more repins on an old post, isn’t it?

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How to write a description for slide on slideshare?

One of the most unused B2B online marketing tools is SlideShare said by Karel Head B2B marketing at LinkedIn. Over 70 million new visitors are visiting SlideShare every month. But how to make the viewers read your slides. If they don’t read then how will you drive traffic or sales to your blog or business respectively? Here I am writing down simple tips on how to write a description for slide on Slideshare.

After analyzing hundreds of most viewed slides I got some interesting points to share with you on a description for slide.

At the end of the reading, you will feel confident to write your own description for slide to attract more readers.

Description for slide

Description for slide is very important to convert viewers as readers.

An average size of SlideShare presentation is 12 and maximum falls below 25.

Opening rate always depends on the number of slides and title.

Before opening your slide viewers will go through description below so more care has to be given while writing a description for slide.



Think description as pitch.

Imagine you are pitching your business idea to a venture capitalist, you think it is more important isn’t it?

In the same way, think you are going to sell your deck to the viewer how you are going to sell?

Write a two-line pitch

1.Tell about the slide what it deals with it.

2.How it can benefit them

Always think from the reader’s point of view why they should open the slide. If they are going to gain something for free definitely they will go through.

Don’t push your thoughts understand the need and deliver. You can target your audience by using appropriate tags.

Using keywords in the description is also an added advantage.

Write a line about the presentation with keyword and the second line about what they can get or how it can help them to solve certain problem or how they can improve.

For example below is the description written by one of the most viewed presentation on self-improvement. It clearly pitches the slide in two lines and additional links with naming.

description for slide
Description for Secrets to Great Team

Don’t exceed more than three lines. I found some descriptions talking about their company in more than 10 lines and about the slide in one line.

You can talk about your company on the last slide of your presentation with a link to the landing page but don’t talk more in a description.

Other than two line pitch you can add the link to the resources for complete access to the topic. Make three to four lines empty space between description and source link to make it attractive.

You can also leave a link to your company website, but don’t leave any link without naming.

If you are using any images or icons you can put courtesy at the last.

Selecting the right category for your presentation will help you to reach targeted audience.

Hope you can now write your own description for your presentation. If you have any suggestions or queries please comment down let me try to answer.

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5 things successful bloggers have on their blog right bar

The right sidebar has to be given more importance than to any other spots on the blog since it is one of the constants amidst changes on many blogs. Bloggers need to modify and place right contents to impress their desktop viewers more than mobile users. Right sidebar also contributes as equal as a header or middle content section in generating ad clicks.

Learn the best spots to get more ad clicks from your blog

After analyzing some successful blogging sites here I am writing down the 5 things you should have on your blog right bar.

5 things you should have on your blog right bar
1.Navigation links

This one is very important to compel your viewer to spend some extra time on your blog. You can display your navigation links in any form like displaying categories, Recent posts, most popular , Trending posts your ultimate intention is to motivate your reader to open few more posts other than the one which brought him to your site.

Hit your brain to give some inducing heading for your navigation bar.

GetResponse ,The easiest email marketing tool in the world providing you 30 days free trial exclusively for you – No need of credit card .Signup here


2.Place your ad

It is good to place your ad on the top portion of the right sidebar. It got more potential to generate clicks than being on the bottom portion.

Stop reading

Just go to any successful blogging site you will find an ad either in the first position or in the second position on the right sidebar. Really it will generate clicks and impression. Placing the ad on the top is preferable.

5 things you should have on your blog right bar


3.Display community

Show off your social Medias community strength and request them to join the community. You can use WordPress plugins for all the networks or use exclusive plugins like Facebook like box, twitter newsfeed or Pinterest widget. This one help you to increase your subscribers and also to show how active you are on social Medias.

Don’t restrict yourself with one or two platforms stretch your brain add five to six .Some of the traffic driving platforms are Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit, Digg, Flipboard, Delicious, Instagram, WhatsApp etc., these platforms are widely used by emerging and established bloggers to promote their content.

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4.Show your face

Revealing authors identity using authors widget is important to get your viewers bit closer to you than being anonymous. Use an attractive image with interesting 10 lines to introduce yourself to the viewers. Adding your handles help you to increase your personal followers base.

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5.Viewers engagements

You can display viewer’s latest comments to attract other viewers to dive in. You can also display your subscriber’s appreciation messages, suggestions, guest post etc., to motivate new viewers to engage with your blog.

These are the five things found on the most successful blogs you can also try this out on your blog if it works, great! Else customize based on your content and audience. publishes useful and interesting topics for you follow us on Facebook and Twitter ,bookmark us in social bookmarking sites.

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1o free online infographic makers

Infographics help your customers or viewers to understand the clumsy content better.A lot of free tools are available right from submitting reports to your boss to preparing your resume.Here I am info graphed 10 free online infographic makers.

10 free online infographic makers

free online infographic makers

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How to name your blog posts?

Before your viewers dive into the post it is your title that attracts them and tells their subconscious to take the prime decision but how you are going to force your viewer’s brain. Here I am writing down five quick tips on how to name your blog posts.

1.People love lists

They love to read paragraphs in fictional stories but not in real tips. By bulleting your points it helps them to go through easily and to understand the subject. You can name it like.

“5 effective ways to name your blog posts” or “19 job interview tips

Show the number of points in the title itself.

2.Use WH questions

People search in Google using WH questions so by using the same word in your post title it reflects as an answer to their query.

For example “How to name your blog posts” or “How to make people like, share or comment on your post”.

Or you can use Why in your title like this

“Why do bloggers need Picmonkey? “ or “Why should you pin this post on Pinterest?”.

How to name your blog posts
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3.Tell your experience

More than simply writing out tips, tell your own experience to your followers. This one will really fetch you a good amount of traffic.

For example “How I got four jobs in six months” or How I am doubling my page views every month”.

This tells them, that this post is real and doing the same they do can achieve it ultimately opening rate will be more.

4.Use powerful words

Rather than simply saying “5 ways to name your blog title “ you say like this “ 5 effective ways to title your blog “ so they believe that some effective ideas are in it and also you can influence them to open your post.

Use words like effective, ultimate, tricks, tips, ideas, easy, simple, useful, shortcuts etc.,


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5.Target specific audience

This one will help you to stand out among the million blog posts. Tell to whom this article is more useful in your title.

For example

“How to drive more traffic to your old blog posts” or “ How to name your blog posts for new bloggers” or “ 5 tips to accelerate income for money making bloggers”

So the above title focussed specific groups experienced bloggers, new bloggers, and money making bloggers. This one is better than simply naming “ How to drive traffic to your blog posts”.

You can make people open your post by your title but you need good content to make them open again.

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