Backlink Building Strategy for SEO

Why Backlink Building is so important for your SEO Strategy

SEO is very important for every online business. However, SEO is also becoming more difficult to execute effectively. Google algorithms are constantly updating with time. More competition is also affecting your site ranking.

Backlink building is still the most important aspect of SEO. Good backlinks can help you in beating your competitor’s websites. In this article, we are going to talk about the importance of backlink building and the strategies to do it.

What is Backlink building?

According to Backlinko,

Backlinks (also known as “inbound links”, “incoming links” or “one-way links”) are links from one website to a page on another website. Google and other major search engines consider backlinks “votes” for a specific page.

Backlink building is the process of getting backlinks from other sites. In simple words, other sites will have a hyperlink to your website on their content. Moz defines a link as a way for users to navigate the internet. Search engines are using these links to crawl through web pages. They use these links for finding new content on the internet.

Organic backlink building is a very difficult process. You need to spend a lot of time and energy building backlinks. According to a survey from Ascend, more than 41% of SEO experts consider backlink building as the toughest part of SEO. Comparing direct vs organic traffic from backlinks requires more effort and energy but pays off in the long run.

Many try to avoid organic backlink building. They are always looking for shortcuts. However, black-hat tactics will always get your site de-indexed. You should use only organic ways to build links. 

Why Backlink Building is important for your SEO strategy?

Google’s algorithm is always changing with time. Thus, you can’t use rely on any other methods. The one method that has worked for years is organic backlink building. If good websites are linking to your webpage, then Google will think that your site is good. Thus, they will boost your site ranking. 

According to a report from Aira, more than 92% of SEO marketers think that backlinks are going to be important ranking criteria for at least next year. Thus, backlink building is going to stay relevant for years. 

There are various aspects that you need to keep in mind when you are building links. Every backlink will have different strengths. For example, a backlink from an authoritative website like Bloomberg will have a great impact on your rankings. If you are getting links from new websites, then it will have very little impact on your sites. In short, you should follow this simple link building checklist to smoothen the process.

You should focus on getting powerful backlinks from sites that have a higher domain authority (DA). According to a survey from Aira, more than 65% of SEO marketers are using DA as the main parameter for measuring their link quality. 

Benefits of Good Backlink Building Strategy

Some of the main benefits of developing a good backlink building strategy are:

1. Backlink gives you credibility 

Backlinks will provide credibility to your site. Google will use these backlinks to determine if your site is credible or not. These third-party indicators are used by Google to determine your site’s DA. If you have good backlinks, then automatically your site will have a good credibility score.

2. Backlink building leads to better SEO scores 

SEO savvy already understands the importance of Backlinks. Backlinks can help you in increasing your Domain Authority or DA. DA is one of the most important SEO scores. Other site owners will use DA for checking your site authority. Google will also use DA for checking your site authority. You can improve your DA, Page Rank (PR), and Domain Rating (DR) by building good backlinks.

3. More traffic 

Backlinks will also help you in attracting relevant audiences. If some big news site is linking to your site, then you will automatically get a lot of visitors. The best thing about this traffic is that it is highly targeted. Thus, you can easily convert it into leads. 

4. Lower bounce rates 

According to Google, “Bounce rate is the number of single-page sessions.”

In simple words, bounce rate is the number of people who visited one page of your site and then left your site without checking other content. You should also think about internal links when you are building links. Most site owners only think about inbound backlinks. Internal links will help you in lowering your bounce rates.

5. Increased visibility

Backlink building will help you in increasing your search ranking. These links will also help you in generating leads. For example, backlink building can help you in expanding your site reach to new areas. This will have a positive impact on your brand image. This will help you in quickly establishing your site as a trusted brand.

How to create good Backlinks?

There are various backlink-building strategies for creating backlinks. Some of the common examples are:

1. Ask for reviews

Try to put your website, service, and product in front of industry influencers and leaders. They can give you a public review or mention your brand on their social media accounts.

2. Ask for backlinks from your partners

If you are working with some partners, then you can easily get backlinks from them. You can also ask your friends. However, try to stay in your industry or niche. 

3. Content creation

This is the best strategy to build backlinks. If your content is high-quality and compelling, then others will link back to your site. According to a report from Moz, more than 90% of SEO marketers are using their content to generate good backlinks. You should focus on improving your content marketing strategies. Make sure that you are sharing your content on your social media accounts. This will help you in increasing your site traffic. You should also use email marketing for promoting your content.

4. Using a link outreach service

There are various methods to build backlinks. However, this is a very time-consuming process. The best way to build backlinks is by working with a link outreach service. Good link-building services will use white-hat tactics to build good backlinks.


We hope this post will help you in understanding the importance of backlink building. A good backlink-building strategy can help you in boosting your SEO ranking. You should focus on building good backlinks. This will help you in improving your site domain authority. You should aim to get backlinks from high-authority sites.

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