Why Connecting Ring Camera to a Reliable Network is Important? Revealed!

A Ring camera needs a consistent and reliable internet connection to function properly. Some notable features of this device are two-way communication, live streaming, motion detection, and instant alerts.

This article will discuss the benefits of connecting the Ring camera to the internet, and some troubleshooting related to it.

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Importance of an Internet Connection for Your Ring Camera

A Ring camera is a smart security device that can be installed indoors or outdoors, providing live audio and video feedback of your home, business, or any other location you want to monitor. You can use the Ring app to manage and customize the settings of the camera through your smartphone.

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Here is why a Wifi connection can enhance your user experience while using the Ring camera!

Motion Detection

This feature can identify even the slightest movement. The Ring camera can differentiate between living and non-living movements.

Additionally, the night vision capabilities also enhance the overall motion detection experience.

Live Streaming Anywhere and Anytime!

With the Ring camera connected to the internet, you can get the live stream on your smartphone, tablet, or computer anytime and anywhere.

The Ring app ensures that you get crystal clear video quality and uninterrupted voice in real-time.

Integrating the Camera with Home Devices

An internet connection also allows you to integrate the Ring camera with other smart home devices.

This feature allows a more detailed home security experience although this requires a stable and high-speed internet connection.

Maintaining Video Records

An internet connection facilitates you in uploading the recorded videos to Cloud storage and securing this data for later use. It can also ensure that the video recording is stored on local storage.

Updating the System Software

The ring releases new software updates to enhance and optimize the home security experience. You will surely need an internet connection for regular software updates that are crucial for the functioning of your Ring device. The ring app can be used to install these updates.

Guaranteeing that the New Wifi Connection Works Perfectly

To ensure that your Ring camera works fine with the new connection you need to check the existing internet connection.

You must consider the following things to ensure a reliable connection:

Check Existing Wifi Connection

Make sure that the connected Wifi connection is working without any problem. This is a critical step before making any changes to the connection settings.

You can quickly check the status of the connection by using a speed check or connection status app on your smartphone.

Double Check the Connection Credentials

Make sure that you have all the necessary information about the new connection. You will need information such as SSID (network name), password, WPA, WPA2, WEP, etc (security type of the connection).

Range of the Wifi Device is Very Crucial

It is very important to either install the router close to the Ring camera or install the camera close to the camera. Also, check the signal strength of the signals by either using a Wifi strength meter or using your smartphone.

Some Common Troubleshooting You May Encounter

Some common issues you may come across are as follows:

  • Unable to connect to the new network due to weak signal, security settings on the router, or incorrect Wifi selected.
  • Password errors may occur by entering the wrong password details.
  • Signal strength issues may occur due to increased distance between the router and the Ring camera.

Resolving the Common Issues

Try to reset the camera, double-check the connection details you entered, or change the location of the camera/router. If still issues occur then seek professional assistance from Ring staff.

Check Your Wifi Performance and Ensure Reliability

A strong and reliable Wifi connection will guarantee that the functionality and security features of the Ring camera are working at top-notch performance.

It helps to optimize essential perks such as remote access, two-way communication, motion sensor capabilities, updates, and above all integration with other smart home devices.


A strong and reliable internet connection can enhance the performance of a Ring Camera. If you encounter any issues with motion detection or streaming, check out your internet connection. While using the Ring camera, what issues did you face due to poor connectivity? Let us know in the comments section.

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