Only for the Auto Enthusiast: 4 Awesome Ways to Trick Out Your Ride

Every year almost 8 million car buffs spend a collective $7.2 billion modifying their cars to suit their tastes. For many, this is a creative way to connect with other like-minded people and show off their flashy car upgrades.

So, if you’re an auto enthusiast looking for exciting ways to trick out your ride, this is the article for you. Continue reading to learn about some unique car mods to customize your vehicle.

1. Satisfy Your Inner Audiophile

If you draw a Venn diagram with auto enthusiast on one side and audiophile on the other, you will see plenty of people who fall in the overlapping center section. This is why tricking out your audio system is one of the most popular car upgrades you can make. Some brands that already come with superior audio systems, such as Burmester Audio in the Mercedes Benz, but others require a factory upgrade, like the Bose systems in a Chevrolet.

However, if you’ve already made your purchase, there are some upgrades you can make on your own. Consider a high-quality subwoofer if you like to feel the music, but don’t forget about the tweeter, so you have full access to the wide range of sound.

2. Create a Mood With Interior Lighting

There is one thing all vehicle enthusiasts have in common: their unique sense of style. But many, while focusing on their car’s appearance, forget one area that is prime for upgrades: the interior. Make a big statement with colorful LED track lighting, and you’ll catch a lot of attention while cruising at night.

But keep in mind there are some standards you have to comply with to keep your lighting schemes above board and to avoid getting pulled over the law enforcement. So, make sure you research the regulations specific to your locale.

3. Go For Total Customization

Sometimes your imagination takes you beyond the possibilities of a new paint job. In this case, it’s time to customize your vehicle with a luxury wrap. Some wraps can make your car look like it’s draped in leather or silk and even outfitted in chrome. You can also choose wraps that color change depending on the light or create your own custom-printed design.

Keep in mind that wraps last the longest in peak condition when applied by an experienced professional.

4. Give Your Engine a (Legal) Boost

To boost your car performance, consider going under the hood. While it’s advised to stay away from a nitrous oxide upgrade (very illegal), there are some perfectly lawful “boosting” car modifications you can do to your engine. These include turbochargers or superchargers, which work by increasing the amount of air your engine intake, giving it a boost of power.

The only stipulation you have to comply with is that your car must be able to pass emissions tests when it’s time for inspection, and some cities are stricter than others. So, to avoid failing your inspection, ensure you read up on your local requirements.

Be a Loud and Proud Auto Enthusiast With These Awesome Mods

Being an auto enthusiast means you’re always on the lookout for creative new ways to modify your car. Use this guide as a starting point for your customization journey, but be sure to research what’s legal in your area, or you run the risk of having to remove costly mods.

If you’re still revved up and ready for more information, continue exploring the other enlightening reads in our Automobile section.

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