In Need of the Lifting Gantry System? Here’s the Completed Guideline for You!

When in the construction industry, especially as a newbie, you need to be well informed about different machines and how they function so that they can yield the best results for the different projects you are working on. 

One of the many useful tools used in this industry is the gantry crane which helps lift heavy equipment off the ground.

Gantry cranes, otherwise known as a lifting gantry, frame gantry, gantry hoist, or frame hoist, is a device with a hoist fitted atop a gantry that lifts objects and can move horizontally on a rail. Lifting gantries are often associated with incredibly heavy lifting jobs in construction sites and ship ports, but you can also find smaller variations in use inside warehouses and shops. 

If you could do with a lifting gantry system, you’re just in luck. This blog shares detailed insight into how you can choose the best lifting gantry system for your business as well as provide tips on what measures you should take before using the machine.

Guide on How to Use a Lifting Gantry System

Because this tool helps lift equipment off the ground, it minimizes the use of manpower and reduces the risk of accidents and injury, making workplaces a lot safer.

When using a lifting gantry system for the first time, you might want to keep the following tips to get the best out of the device.

  • Only use the machine on a flat, even surface.
  • Make sure the lifting gantry system is placed directly above the object it is supposed to pick.
  • Ensure that the staff you have are well trained on how to use the system to avoid any accidents that could lead to injury or property damage.
  • Ensure the machine is stable before lifting any equipment.
  • Caution your workers against doing any activity under the machine.


Tips for Finding the Right Lifting Gantry for Your Business

Choosing the right lift gantry for your business is very important because it will determine the value that the machine will provide you with. That said, here are some of the factors you should consider when looking for the best lifting gantry for you.

1. The Machine’s Lifting Capacity

You need to know the kind of items you expect to be lifting to know what kind of lifting gantry system can be of use to you and your staff. A mistake a lot of people make is buying a lifting gantry system without finding out how much weight the machine can carry.

Make sure you know what exactly you are lifting so that you can know the exact weight you will be working with. But don’t only think about the short-term. A lifting gantry is a considerable investment for your business, and you want to buy one that’s going to be useful as your business needs grow.

Therefore, factor in your preferred’s lifting gantry specifications before you make a decision and make sure that your hoist capacity is not larger than the capacity of your lifting gantry system.

2. The Machine’s Size

When trying to figure out which lifting gantry system will work for you, ensure you choose one that can fit in the working area.

The worst mistake you can make is buying a lifting gantry system that is too big or too small for the site. This means it will not be of much help if any when it comes to lifting the needed equipment.

3. Maintenance and Spare Parts

The right lifting gantry system for your business needs to be easy to maintain as well as repair. This means the materials used in its production need to be readily available when the need arises to help it serve you longer.

As such, try and go with a machine that is made locally so that you can easily source spare parts. This will save you a lot of time and money. You should also ensure that the machine you buy is durable and cannot easily break down in light of the tasks it is supposed to perform.

4. The Price of The Machine

As a business owner, you are undoubtedly looking to spend less to get more. This, however, should not be the case when looking to buy a lifting gantry system for your construction site.

This equipment is generally expensive. Many businesses in the construction industry opt to hire out lifting gantries or buy previously used ones as a cheaper method to acquiring the machine. However, this ends up being costlier as they are second-hand and cannot perform to their level best.

Do not compromise on efficiency and the safety of your employees. Doing this could cause delays, damage, and even serious accidents. Instead, invest in a machine that will serve you for years to come and will not be a hazard to the workers.

5. The Span Needed for Your Lift

The span of your lifting gantry system basically refers to how big the equipment you are lifting is and how much of the space under the gantry you are looking to have to accommodate this sort of equipment.

Two measurements are very important to consider when checking out the span for the lift that best suits your business. These are the overall width and the usable width.

The overall width refers to the distance between the two edges of the gantry, while usable width refers to the distance between the endpoints of the gantry system where the trolley stops on either of the two sides.

The Bottom Line

It’s no secret that buying a lifting gantry system is generally expensive. It is for this reason that some business owners choose to lease the machine rather than buy it. Whether you choose to buy or lease the machine, just ensure that what you choose is durable and perfectly fits your lifting requirements for the best possible outcomes. After you have bought your lifting equipment, make sure you get a qualified technician to have a look at it before you begin using it so that you can avoid any kind of mishaps at the workplace.

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