How to use video marketing to generate more leads

In this day and age, it’s not a surprise to all that videos are the king of content. It is all over the World Wide Web! Companies are using tactics like video marketing for generating more leads.

Some explain (mostly marketers) that the reason why everyone prefers watching a video is that, our human brain is capable of processing visual content 60,000 times faster than text. Upon knowing this, you probably ask if this is true.

Unfortunately, after thorough research, we found out that there’s no solid proof that our brain can process images with that number of times. If that information isn’t that accurate then what’s the real reason why everyone prefers videos rather than reading a text?

In our opinion, the answer is as simple as, people are just busy and tired. Living in a digital era surely makes our life easier. But with lots of new methods on how to do certain jobs being discovered every single day, and we’re doing our best to cope up with all of it, our life just becomes busier. 

So when we have the chance to unwind, we want to do something simple. Watching videos just happen to be much simpler, both to do and to understand, compared to reading a text.

Anyway, that’s only one of the reasons that we could think of on why everyone loves watching a video. Actually not just us (people), search engines love videos too.

Search engine loves videos because it increases the time people spent on a website, builds trust and credibility, attracting higher numbers of inbound links and encourages social share.

With videos, we also suggest using a Teleprompter app for video subtitles. This way you can grab the audience’s attention more.

With this information, you’ll get a clear picture of what you’re about to earn when you add videos on your marketing strategya great ranking position in search engines and generate more leads to your website.

If you’re new to the concept of video marketing, here are some tips you can follow on how to use video marketing to generate more leads and here’s a video creator to make your video creation process easier.

How to use video marketing to generate more leads

1. Embed video in your email campaign

Successfully growing your business online involves the implementation of different digital marketing strategies. One of the most effective strategies is embedding video in your email campaign.

Embedding a video in your email can be done in 3 different ways, and your options are:

Option 1: Using third-party email marketing platform – MailChimp, Constant Contact and iContact are some of the top options there is today.

Option 2: Using HTML5 – This has the most advantage because it has features that can improve the video’s runtime and functionality. Plus, it’s compatible with most devices particularly iOS.

If you’re a programming savvy, this is a convenient option.

Option 3: Using .GIF – If your videos consist of simple graphics and don’t require too much color, .GIF is a great option to consider.

One advantage of it, compared to other video formats, .GIF doesn’t need the receiver’s click for it to play. It will automatically play as soon as the receiver opens the email and continuously play until the receiver closes the email.

2. Redirect users to your content

Fact: Users can easily get distracted.

Grabbing users’ attention is one challenging task. Sadly, there’s no special formula on how to do it right because users’ interest is changing rapidly. The only thing every marketer can do is anticipate the users’ needs and provide a solution for it.

So, aside from creating your video with great value, you also have to properly direct the users towards your content – all of the content that you think relevant to their needs or problem.

Implement this strategy successfully and your audience will surely remember you and view more of your content.

3. Gather your video content

When it comes to generating more leads in video marketing, gathering video content is the simplest, and most effective, strategy to use. We said simplest because you’ll immediately gain leads once users fill up the form to gain access to your content.

You can also create your own video using a great video camera and your creativity, the reason that most of the videos go viral is the originality in its works.

But remember, not all video content is worth gathering. So before using this strategy, you first have to consider your video content’s subject.

Gathering should only be applied to all content that’s highly informative or anything that can save users’ money and time – e.g. presentations and webinars. Other than what we mentioned (like commercial ads), it should not be gathered.

4. Build a video landing page

Building a video landing page can serve lots of purposes. It can either serve as a testing ground where you can easily measure the effectivity of your video, or make your users complete your desired action.

Whichever of the 2 your main goal is, the result will be the same. And that is an increase in your conversion rate.

5. Add a call-to-action to your videos

One thing every marketer know about users, they never take the initiative to research deeply about a certain product or company. Unless, of course, if that brand or product leaves a great impression on them.

But as a general rule of thumb, you have to lead them to the direction you wanted them to take. This is actually one of the best examples of number 2: Redirect users to your content.

But the good thing about call-to-action, it isn’t just limited to directing users to your content. You can use it as well to convey a specific action on what your users can do next after watching the video – e.g. like, share, or buy on your shop.

In writing an effective call-to-action, you should always remember to: avoid using jargons, write your message as simple and clear as possible, and make it interesting.

Following these tips will surely benefit you and your brand. But you have to keep in mind, for these strategies to work you have to create the right video -videos that are perfectly designed according to your target audience and video campaign subject.

Also, it’s best to keep it short – around 3 minutes or less. This is to avoid your viewers to get bored and click other’s video.

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