New Travel Agency Names + Taglines

600+ Best New Travel Agency Names + Taglines [2023]

Travel agency name plays a very important role when you want to start a travel agency or tourism-related business. The name should be printed in the customers’ minds and they should think of your travel agency name whenever they want to book a trip for themselves or any of their friends would ask for recommendations.

What to consider before naming a new travel agency?

Look at the names of the top travel agency or airline companies in the world – they all have some wonderful names that are easy to remember and taglines that tell about their business. Here are the factors that you should consider before starting a new travel agency or a tourism-related company.

1. Target Audience

What is the demographics of your audience? I am sure you would want to start it for the entire globe on the day 1. If you are going only at state level or a country level, make sure your travel agency has a name that appeals to that demographics.

2. Legal Considerations

Before you register a name or buy a website name for your company, ensure that it’s not already being used by another travel agency or already trademarked. Search on google with the company name and also check the related social media handles.

3. Expansion

If you are starting only at state level, do you want to limit your company only to that state or want to expand to other states of your country? You cannot create separate companies and websites for each state and run taxes. First, be clear about your expansion plans and name your travel agency according to that.

Here are 600+ wonderful and creative travel agency names and taglines you may want to consider before starting your travel agency business. Along with our ideas, we have taken the help of artificial intelligence to generate these names.

Creative Travel Company Names
Creative Travel Company Names

Creative Travel Agency Names 2023

  1. Roaming Nomads
  2. Wanderlust Adventures
  3. Journey Jesters
  4. Expedition Escapades
  5. Destination Dreamers
  6. Roaming Rascals
  7. Escape Artists
  8. Adventure Architects
  9. Trail Blazers
  10. Vagabond Ventures
  11. Sojourn Seekers
  12. Wayfarer Wonders
  13. Odyssey Outfitters
  14. Trekking Titans
  15. Expedition Experts
  16. Globe Trotters
  17. Excursion Enthusiasts
  18. Wandering Wizards
  19. Odyssey Obsessions
  20. Nomadic Navigators

Catchy Travel Agency Names 2023

  1. RoamRight Travel
  2. EscapeHaven
  3. Odyssey Adventures
  4. TrekkingTribe
  5. GlobeTrotterz
  6. WanderingWillows
  7. TravelTrek
  8. WanderWise
  9. BlueHorizon Adventures
  10. Odyssey Outfitters
  11. TrailBlaze Tours
  12. GlobeHoppers
  13. TravelTime Tribe
  14. SoaringSkies Travel
  15. ExploreMore
  16. TrailTales
  17. RoamNation
  18. AdventureAwaits
  19. NomadVentures
  20. Footprints Travel
  21. WanderLuxe
  22. TrekTravels
  23. Boundless Journeys
  24. ExploreElite
  25. Epic Excursions
  26. WanderingWonderlust
  27. TravelTales
  28. RoamingRush
  29. Endless Expeditions
  30. FreeWander

Luxury Travel Agency Names 2023

  1. Elite Escapes
  2. Platinum Journeys
  3. Luxe Odyssey
  4. Regal Retreats
  5. Grand Getaways
  6. Premier Pilgrimages
  7. Royal Retreats
  8. Luxuria Travel
  9. Extravagant Excursions
  10. Elite Excursions
  11. Luxury Legends
  12. Opulent Odyssey
  13. Lavish Landscapes
  14. Ultimate Voyages
  15. Majestic Journeys
  16. Sovereign Sojourns
  17. Premium Passages
  18. Indulgent Itineraries
  19. Noble Nomads
  20. Sumptuous Safari
  21. Privileged Passports
  22. Deluxe Destinations
  23. Grandeur Getaways
  24. High-End Holidays
  25. Majestic Memories
  26. Elegant Excursions
  27. Grandiose Getaways
  28. V.I.P. Voyages
  29. Upscale Odyssey
  30. Wealthy Wanderlust

Funny Travel Agency Names

  1. Pack Your Bags, Kid!
  2. No Luggage Required
  3. Travel with a Smile
  4. The Happy Wanderer
  5. Gotta Go Travel
  6. The Wacky Wayfarer
  7. Happy Trails Travel Co.
  8. Itchy Feet Travel
  9. The Laughing Voyager
  10. Traveling Fools
  11. The Happy Tourist
  12. Luggage & Laughs
  13. Funny Flying
  14. Comedy Caravan
  15. The Wandering Comedian
  16. Chuckle Charters
  17. Humorous Hikes
  18. The Jester Jetsetter
  19. Joking Journeys
  20. Smile and Roam
  21. Happy-Go-Lucky Tours
  22. The Humorous Hotelier
  23. The Laughing Lodge
  24. Travel with a Twist
  25. The Jolly Journeyman
  26. Witty Walkabouts
  27. The Hilarious Holiday Co.
  28. The Merry Mobile
  29. The Laughing Luggage
  30. The Whimsical Wanderer

Modern Travel Agency Names

  1. Modern Travel Co.
  2. Forward Expeditions
  3. Destination X
  4. Bold Adventures
  5. Next Stop Travel
  6. The Jet Set Co.
  7. Travel+
  8. Onward Journeys
  9. Cityscape Tours
  10. Global Odyssey
  11. Modern Wanderlust
  12. Urban Excursions
  13. Contemporary Cruises
  14. Innovative Itineraries
  15. Dynamic Destinations
  16. Travel Innovations
  17. Boldly Go Travel
  18. Smart Tours
  19. The Modern Explorer
  20. Nomad Ventures
  21. Digital Destinations
  22. The New Travel Co.
  23. Futuristic Journeys
  24. Connected Adventures
  25. Modern Discoveries
  26. Advanced Voyages
  27. Elevated Excursions
  28. The Progressive Traveler
  29. Fresh Expeditions
  30. Next Level Travel Co.

Vintage Travel Agency Names

  1. Classic Adventures
  2. Timeless Travels
  3. Vintage Voyages
  4. Old World Journeys
  5. Antique Adventures
  6. Retro Retreats
  7. Nostalgic Nomads
  8. Heritage Holidays
  9. Vintage Vagabonds
  10. Time-Tested Tours
  11. Old-School Sojourns
  12. Vintage Ventures
  13. Retro Road Trips
  14. Classic Cruises
  15. Rustic Roamers
  16. Vintage Vistas
  17. Olden Days Expeditions
  18. Antique Attractions
  19. Traditional Tours
  20. Rustic Rambles
  21. Classic Capers
  22. Old-Time Treks
  23. Vintage Views
  24. Timeless Trails
  25. Rustic Retreats
  26. Vintage Ventures Co.
  27. Old-World Wandering
  28. Antique Adventures Co.
  29. Nostalgic Nomad Co.
  30. Classic Adventures Co.

Clever Travel Agency Names

  1. Travel Smart Co.
  2. Wanderlust Solutions
  3. The Trip Whisperer
  4. Roaming Renaissance
  5. Clever Ventures
  6. Creative Cruises
  7. The Nomad Nerd
  8. Innovative Itineraries
  9. The Jet-Set Genius
  10. The Savvy Sojourner
  11. Travel Think Tank
  12. Adventure Architects
  13. The Clever Compass
  14. Smart Steps Travel
  15. Intrepid Innovations
  16. The Creative Cruiser
  17. Brighter Journeys
  18. The Wandering Wordsmith
  19. The Insightful Explorer
  20. Travel Intel Co.
  21. The Creative Cartographer
  22. Journey Jugglers
  23. The Inspired Itinerary
  24. The Bold Explorer
  25. The Visionary Voyager
  26. The Travel Innovator
  27. The Inspired Navigator
  28. The Resourceful Rover
  29. Adventure Alchemists
  30. Travel Titans

Trendy Travel Agency Names

  1. Modern Nomad Co.
  2. Trendy Treks
  3. The Stylish Sojourner
  4. Chic Adventures
  5. The Hipster Hiker
  6. The Jet-Set Generation
  7. The Trending Traveler
  8. The Fashionable Flyer
  9. Elite Excursions
  10. The Millennial Travel Co.
  11. The Modern Explorer
  12. The Boutique Tour Co.
  13. The Urban Voyager
  14. On-Trend Tours
  15. The Cool Crusader
  16. The Luxe Adventurer
  17. The Travelista Co.
  18. The Chic Journey
  19. The Haute Holiday Co.
  20. The Savvy Sojourn
  21. The Jet-Set Elite
  22. The Urban Adventurer
  23. The Trending Tourist
  24. The Modish Mapper
  25. The Fashionable Flier Co.
  26. The Chic Explorer
  27. The Trendy Travel Co.
  28. The Modern Odyssey
  29. The Fashionable Flyer Co.
  30. The Hipster Holiday Co.

Memorable Travel Agency Names

  1. Unforgettable Journeys
  2. Memory Lane Tours
  3. Everlasting Adventures
  4. Timeless Travels Co.
  5. Remembered Rambles
  6. Enduring Escapes
  7. Mindful Voyages
  8. Unforgettable Expeditions
  9. Memorable Moments Travel
  10. Remarkable Roaming
  11. Lasting Legacies Tours
  12. Timeless Treks
  13. The Memorable Journey Co.
  14. Memorable Milestones
  15. Remembered Routes
  16. The Timeless Explorer
  17. Unforgettable Odyssey
  18. Memory Makers Travel
  19. The Everlasting Expedition Co.
  20. The Memorable Experience
  21. Remembered Retreats
  22. The Timeless Traveler
  23. Memorable Meanders
  24. The Remarkable Route Co.
  25. Unforgettable Adventures Co.
  26. The Timeless Tour Co.
  27. Memorable Maps
  28. Lasting Legacy Co.
  29. Mindful Explorer
  30. Timeless Adventures

Powerful Travel Agency Names

  1. Epic Expeditions
  2. Majestic Journeys
  3. Dominant Destinations
  4. Mighty Migrations
  5. Forceful Flights
  6. Impressive Itineraries
  7. Powerful Passages
  8. Prevailing Voyages
  9. Sovereign Sojourns
  10. Dynamic Destinations
  11. Leading Landmarks Travel
  12. The Strong Traveler
  13. Supreme Sojourns
  14. Intrepid Impressions
  15. The Dominant Travel Co.
  16. The Mighty Tour Co.
  17. Prevailing Paths Travel
  18. The Mighty Explorer
  19. The Dynamic Explorer Co.
  20. The Strong Sojourn Co.
  21. The Forceful Flight Co.
  22. The Mighty Migration Co.
  23. Powerful Perspectives
  24. The Sovereign Traveler
  25. The Epic Expedition Co.
  26. The Mighty Mover
  27. Leading Landmarks Co.
  28. The Prevailing Passages
  29. Mighty Meanders
  30. The Dynamic Destination Co.

Unique Travel Agency Names

  1. Offbeat Odyssey
  2. Boldly Go Tours
  3. Serendipitous Sojourns
  4. Singular Sojourns
  5. Unexpected Journeys
  6. The Adventurous Antelope
  7. The Wanderlust Collective
  8. Peculiar Passages
  9. Curious Cruiser Co.
  10. The Whimsical Wanderer
  11. The Enchanted Explorer
  12. The Uncommon Traveler
  13. Uncommon Ventures
  14. The Curious Cartographer
  15. The Singular Explorer Co.
  16. The Unusual Journey Co.
  17. The Rare Route
  18. The Adventure Alchemist
  19. The Quirky Quest Co.
  20. The Whimsical Wayfarer
  21. The Exceptional Excursion Co.
  22. The Wondering Wanderer
  23. The Uncharted Expedition Co.
  24. The Unconventional Explorer
  25. The Unique Tour Co.
  26. The Unexpected Travel Co.
  27. The Uncommon Odyssey
  28. The Curious Itinerary Co.
  29. The Whimsical Voyager
  30. The Singular Sojourner Co.

Romantic Travel Agency Names

  1. Amore Adventures
  2. Heartfelt Holidays
  3. Enchanted Escapes
  4. Cupid’s Compass
  5. Passionate Passages
  6. Lovers’ Lane Travel
  7. Sweetheart Sojourns
  8. Romance Retreats
  9. Honeymoon Haven
  10. Heartwarming Holidays
  11. Dreamy Destinations Co.
  12. The Romantic Route Co.
  13. Love’s Journey Travel
  14. Heartfelt Getaways
  15. Lovebird’s Expeditions
  16. Endless Love Escapes
  17. The Romantic Explorer
  18. Hearts Aflame Travel
  19. Sweet Escapes Co.
  20. The Love Odyssey
  21. Cupid’s Cruise Co.
  22. The Romantic Tour Co.
  23. Honeymoon Horizons
  24. Enchanted Explorer Co.
  25. Passionate Paths Travel
  26. The Lovers’ Odyssey
  27. Sweetheart Sojourner Co.
  28. Love’s Journey Co.
  29. The Heartfelt Wayfarer
  30. Cupid’s Compass Co.

Biblical Travel Agency Names

  1. Holy Land Expeditions
  2. Promised Land Journeys
  3. Israel Tours
  4. Faithful Footsteps Travel
  5. Divine Destinations
  6. Biblical Pilgrimages
  7. The Sacred Journey Co.
  8. Jerusalem Explorer
  9. Jordan River Tours
  10. The Redeemer’s Route
  11. The Holy Trail Travel
  12. Galilee Getaways
  13. Holy Hills Travel Co.
  14. The Messiah’s Mission
  15. The Christian Explorer Co.
  16. The Biblical Wayfarer
  17. The Gospel Journey Co.
  18. The Faithful Sojourn Co.
  19. The Christ Trail Travel
  20. The Shepherd’s Expedition
  21. Bethlehem Bound Tours
  22. Crossroads Christian Travel
  23. The Prodigal Pilgrim
  24. The Holy Land Tour Co.
  25. Gospel Adventures
  26. The Messiah’s Sojourn
  27. Promised Pathways
  28. The Biblical Explorer Co.
  29. The Faithful Odyssey
  30. The Bible Belt Tour Co.

100 Best Taglines for a New Travel Agency Company

  1. Explore the world, one adventure at a time.
  2. Where wanderlust meets luxury.
  3. Travel beyond the ordinary.
  4. Discover your next destination with us.
  5. Making your dream trip a reality.
  6. Unforgettable journeys start here.
  7. Life is short, travel more.
  8. Travel with passion and purpose.
  9. Experience the world in a new way.
  10. Your journey, our expertise.
  11. Journeys that change you.
  12. Travel smarter, not harder.
  13. Let’s create memories together.
  14. Travel beyond your imagination.
  15. Where adventure meets comfort.
  16. Discover the beauty of the world with us.
  17. The world is waiting for you.
  18. Embark on a journey of a lifetime.
  19. Traveling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.
  20. Experience cultures, not just countries.
  21. Life is a journey, travel it well.
  22. Your passport to unforgettable experiences.
  23. Explore the world, leave the planning to us.
  24. Where travel meets luxury and adventure.
  25. Get lost in new experiences.
  26. Travel more, worry less.
  27. Travel is the ultimate escape.
  28. From dream to destination.
  29. Let us plan your next great adventure.
  30. Where travel is more than just a trip.
  31. Travel made easy.
  32. Create memories that will last a lifetime.
  33. Experience the world’s wonders with us.
  34. Embark on your journey with confidence.
  35. Travel in style and comfort.
  36. Journeys as unique as you are.
  37. Leave the details to us.
  38. The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.
  39. Travel with purpose and intention.
  40. Escape the ordinary, embrace the extraordinary.
  41. Experience the magic of travel with us.
  42. Adventures that inspire.
  43. We make travel dreams a reality.
  44. Travel, explore, discover.
  45. Travel with peace of mind.
  46. Journey into the unknown with us.
  47. Travel far and wide, leave no stone unturned.
  48. Discover the world one destination at a time.
  49. Travel the world, experience life.
  50. Where travel and adventure go hand in hand.
  51. Discover the world’s hidden gems with us.
  52. Your gateway to the world’s wonders.
  53. Unlock new adventures with us.
  54. Travel in comfort, arrive in style.
  55. Discover the world’s beauty, one destination at a time.
  56. Your journey begins with us.
  57. Travel without limits, explore without boundaries.
  58. Creating unforgettable experiences, one trip at a time.
  59. Travel made personal.
  60. Making travel dreams a reality, one trip at a time.
  61. Explore the world, create memories.
  62. Travel beyond the tourist trail.
  63. Your passport to adventure.
  64. Traveling is the only way to truly live.
  65. Experience the world’s culture and heritage with us.
  66. We take the stress out of travel planning.
  67. Travel like a local, explore like a tourist.
  68. Discover new horizons with us.
  69. Unleash your wanderlust with us.
  70. Travel to escape, return home to inspire.
  71. Experience the world in a whole new way.
  72. Travel that speaks to your soul.
  73. The world is waiting to be explored, let’s go.
  74. Your ultimate travel companion.
  75. Embark on a journey of self-discovery.
  76. Travel with a purpose, leave a positive impact.
  77. Travel is the ultimate investment in yourself.
  78. Discover the beauty of the world, one trip at a time.
  79. Life is an adventure, make the most of it with us.
  80. Experience the thrill of the unknown with us.
  81. Traveling creates memories that last a lifetime.
  82. Explore the world, ignite your curiosity.
  83. Travel is not just a hobby, it’s a way of life.
  84. Discover the world’s beauty, create your own story.
  85. Where travel meets inspiration.
  86. Creating authentic travel experiences.
  87. Experience the world’s diversity with us.
  88. Journeys that take your breath away.
  89. Traveling is the best way to learn about the world.
  90. Life is short, travel far and wide.
  91. Where every journey is a story waiting to be told.
  92. Explore the world, discover yourself.
  93. Your adventure, our expertise.
  94. Travel that leaves a lasting impact.
  95. Experience the world’s wonders, together.
  96. Unlock new experiences with us.
  97. Travel is the best education.
  98. Explore the world with open eyes and an open heart.
  99. Travel that inspires and rejuvenates.
  100. Experience the world, let us handle the rest.

Final Words

I hope the article is helpful for you in finding a new name for your travel agency or at least has given some inspiration on finding or creating a new name on your own. We wish you all the best for your new business. You can read some of our articles on business if you would like to upgrade your knowledge.

Please let me know your opinion in the comment below.

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