Creative Paintings to Decorate Every Room

A thoughtful gift has an exceptional value in the eyes of the receiver. So whether it is your best friend’s birthday or your parent’s wedding anniversary, personalized gifts are best for various occasions. One such personalized gift that could be presented to anyone regardless of the occasion are customized paintings.

Art signifies feelings. Gifting someone an artwork is one of the precious gift ideas you can think of. To make it more special, get your creativity in action and choose a custom painting for your loved ones. Here are some customized creative painting options you would love to consider when choosing a perfect gift.

Customize Your Feelings

Recall the last time you spent together; it could be at a restaurant or the college cafeteria. Swipe through your phone, and you will come across a beautiful selfie. Select the one with a story, and Ta-da! You have the perfect picture that can be customized into a painting.

The time you spend with your friends is the best. So, just once, take a minute and recall your last trip to the movie together! Fun, wasn’t it?

Such memories should not be limited to the cellphone that many people would think “I should paint my life”. Instead, it deserves to have a special place on the wall. First, convert such memories into customized paintings and relive the memories throughout your life. Then, gift it to your friend and cherish it together.

Portraits Perfect for the Lounge

You must have come across those particular photo walls in gigantic lounges. They speak stories and help define people. It has a special feeling attached to it, especially for the elderly. It lets them walk down memory lane. And such a wall is genuinely loved by guests as it reflects life.

To cherish this, a customized family portrait would serve as the perfect gift for your grandparents. It could take place on any favorite wall, the TV lounge, or the library. Family portraits signify the unity and compassion associated with being together. It would make a thoughtful gift.

Couples Portrait

There are more gift options than perfumes and diamonds. One unique gift is a couple’s portrait that you can give on a birthday or an anniversary. Your favorite couple will love it and sure think my life painting was a perfect gift.

It could be the two of them together on occasion. All you need is that picture, and you can customize it into a portrait painting. You can innovate a bit by editing the background. You can also personalize it according to various color tones. This would help elaborate feelings associated with the painting. Something like this would be close to the heart, a perfect gesture of love and affection.

Customized Landscape Portrait

You can choose between oil paint or acrylic and convert a favorite holiday destination into a portrait. This will be an outstanding gift to give to your loved one. Likewise, it can be given to friends or family. If you have a beautiful memory of a vacation together with your beloveds, turn that memory into a customized portrait. The portrait will depict the true colors of the place visited and bring about many forgotten memories.

Not only this, but if you have a memory of visiting an old museum or a zoo with your family, you can quickly transform that into a landscape portrait and gift it to your parents or siblings. They will be amazed to see such an old picture. This would welcome hours of conversation about that particular memory. This is what art does; it brings people together. This is also one of the reasons gifts add value to relationships. Adding a personal touch and creating such unique skills would be a lovely thing to do.

Customize a Painting As Per Your Preferred Style

An artwork lasts forever, and this exciting feature makes it a perfect gift. It can be made more special if, instead of buying a painting by an artist, you get to transform your favorite picture into a painting. And now, you can do that as per your preferred style.

Various artists have different styles that make them stand out. Interestingly, you can choose the style of any iconic artist and transform your picture into a painting. So if your friend loves a particular artist, you can convert your memory into a painting in that specific style. For instance, you can choose the style of the famous artist Van Gogh. His bold brush strokes were the reason behind his fame and his ability to paint emotions.

This will be a great option if you want to display the true feelings attached to your chosen picture. You can also transform your image into the surreal strokes of Frida Kahlo or simply apply the characteristics of renowned paintings to your selected photo.

Bring out your creativity and play around with different styles. This fantastic feature you can now add to your images and customize into a painting. Imagine how your loved one would feel; it would be amazing to see your portrait being painted by Leonardo da Vinci!


Markets bustle with great gift options. It gets challenging and confusing to choose from the variety available. For this reason, it is essential to shedding light on the underlying idea of selecting a gift. In reality, a donation is considered precious not based on its price but on the emotions it conveys. And nothing can best represent emotions than a piece of art.

Gift your loved one a customized painting and see how happy he becomes. Nudge your creativity and select a favorite picture. You can bring several memories to life by transforming them into customized paintings. Now you can personalize t according to the style of a famous artist and gift it to your friends and family. It is time to look through your photo collection and customize it for a perfect gift. 

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