5 Reasons to Use Outdoor Signage to Promote Your Food Business

If you are a restaurant owner who wants to attract new customers, then using a sign could be the solution for you. Signage can be one of the most neglected forms of marketing. Businesses nowadays are more focused on investing in other forms of advertising like online advertisements, mobile apps, and new internet trends. They have forgotten the benefits of signage that can reach hundreds of customers for years ahead.

As per various studies, over sixty percent of Americans have mistakenly driven past a restaurant they could not find due to lack of a sign. However, many restaurants have reported a significant increase in customers after they invested in signage. Reach out to more customers by looking out for businesses like Platinum Signs that offer a wide range of signage solutions.

Why Should Restaurants Invest In A Signage?

Attention Grabber

Signage helps in grabbing the attention of potential customers. Hang it on an outdoor wall or at ground level. So when people are out on their daily commute to work, they will have a chance to look at your sign. However, people rushing to work are often distracted. When restaurants include attractive sign boards, it helps them grab attention and reach out to more customers.

Offers Affordable Solutions

Other forms of marketing such as radio advertisements, television commercials, newspaper, and billboard advertising are considered highly expensive. Outdoor signs help you gain exposure without any additional costs. These days, businesses have increased their investment in digital advertising which mostly ends up becoming a recurring expense. But an outdoor sign is a one-time investment. It will promote your business to prospective customers every day and night.

Creates Brand Awareness

Traditional forms of marketing can take time to create awareness about your business. Hence, if you wish to spread a message about a new dish on the menu or a special deal, outdoor signs like banners from companies like Platinum Signs can help reach customers quickly.

Attracts New Clients

Good and attractive signage helps attract new customers to your restaurant. It encourages passersby to stop and notice what you are selling. Hence, such spur-of-the-moment decisions by customers can help increase your profitability. It also aids in spreading details about your restaurant through word of mouth.

An outdoor sign does not spam potential customers on their mobile phones, televisions, emails, or radios. They do not call to inform you about a new dish on their menu or if they are running an exclusive offer over the weekend for customers. They automatically grab the attention of people passing by.

Supports Businesses

You can get in touch with a team of experts like Platinum Signs to ensure that your sign is attractive and fits your needs. Try experimenting with colours and designs, or keep it simple with a quirky tagline or offer.

Whether your restaurant is big or small, eye-catching signage will help grab people’s attention. It will make your restaurant stand out amongst your competitors and bring hungry customers to you. You can also promote a new item menu or a grand opening through a big and bold sign that will make people stop and notice your restaurant.

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