Best Vegan Restaurants in San Francisco

The number of people preferring vegan food has been increasing at a greater speed among the present generation. The reason could be the health benefits or the concern for the animals. San Francisco is the best city for vegans. More than 40% of Bay Area land is dedicated to organic farming. You can find various organic plants in this area. San Francisco can amaze you with vegan-friendly options. You can find everything from vegan burgers to vegan fries in these restaurants. Below are the list of best vegan restaurants in San Francisco.

These restaurants traditional Asian food as well as trending juices and salads.

List of Best Vegan Restaurants in San Francisco

Golden Era Vegan Restaurant 

This restaurant is located at 395 Golden Gate Ave. It serves Thai, Chinese, Indian, and Vietnamese food. Golden Era is perfect for those vegan diners who love Asian foods. They can recreate the taste of the meat by using spices and soy. The best thing about this restaurant is that they have an extensive dessert menu available. 

Greens Restaurant 

Greens Restaurant was named as one of the best Bay Area restaurants by Zagat. This restaurant was initially opened in the Zen Center. It is located in the most beautiful location from where you can directly see the Golden Gate Bridge. The best thing about this restaurant is that they give attention to every individual. If you are vegan, then they can prepare many vegan dishes for you. The most famous dishes of this restaurant are Hodo Soy tofu and mesquite-grilled Hodo. Chef Annie Somerville only uses organic vegetables for preparing these dishes. This restaurant is located at 2 Marina Boulevard, Fort Mason, Building A.

Indochine Vegan

Indochine mainly focuses on Asian dishes and you will find an all-vegan menu in this restaurant. You can find various types of vegetable rolls, nigiri, clay pot, and noddle in this restaurant. The most popular dish of this restaurant is the Spicy ChaCha. This restaurant is located on Valencia Street. 

Shizen Vegan Sushi Bar and Izakaya

All the dishes that are served in this spot are vegan. These dishes are served in a very artistic arrangement which makes them very unique. The most famous dish in this restaurant is green mango nigiri. You should also try the Plot Twist tempura roll. This roll is filled with jalapeno, shiso, yuzu, onion, tomato, pickled mango, smoked bean curd, and sweet potato. Shizen is one of the most famous vegan restaurants in the Bay Area. However, you can’t reserve your seats in advance. Sometimes you might need to wait for free seats. This restaurant also has a mobile application. You can check the status of your seats on their mobile app. This restaurant is located on 14th Street. 


VeganBurg is the world’s first vegan burger joint. They serve various types of vegan burgers. You can also eat a soy-free version of a burger that is made from artichokes and brown rice. They also serve side dishes like French fries which you can eat with sauces and frozen dessert cones. They have a completely vegan menu which you can enjoy. This restaurant is located on Haight Street.

Ananda Fuara 

Ananda Fuara actually means a fountain of delight. The name of this restaurant was given by the great spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy. Ananda Fuara always tries to maintain a peaceful atmosphere in the restaurant. You will definitely enjoy your meal in this restaurant. There are two options available in the menu: vegan and vegan upon request. You can find sandwiches and curries at this restaurant. The most famous dish of this restaurant is baked potatoes. You can eat these baked potatoes with a hot curry. There are also vegan desserts in this place. You should try peanut butter crinkles, chocolate cake and cardamom rose cake. This restaurant is located on Market Street.

Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant 

This is one of the best American Chinese Restaurants in the Bay Area. The chefs of this restaurant follow Buddhist and kosher guidelines while preparing food. Most of the dishes on their menu are vegan. You can also enjoy some Chinese meat-based dishes. These dishes are made using soy products. The soup served in this restaurant is amazing. This restaurant is located in 839 Kearny Street.

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Veganism is becoming one of the most famous lifestyle choices. You can find everything in San Francisco from high-end eateries to vegan sushi. This city can cater to all the different tastes. You should check these restaurants even if you are not vegan.

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