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How to Use Real Estate Video Marketing to Sell your Property?

Want to make your property stand out when selling? Real estate video marketing proves to be an effective way to connect with buyers and sellers. Thus, leading to an increase in the sale of properties.

Customers have understood that property pictures can be deceiving, as they do not depict the property’s neighborhood and extensive details. And it is here that real-estate video marketing plays a vital role in comprehensively showcasing properties to customers.

Still, thinking, how does a video help in selling more properties? Since the digital revolution, videos have attracted 300% more traffic for nurturing leads. Real estate marketing through video also helps receive more inquiries than the properties uploaded without any video.

Why Is Using Real-Estate Video Marketing Significant?

According to the National Association of Realtors, more than 70% of sellers list their homes online, and 40% of buyers start their search with an agent who practices real estate marketing with videos. Many reasons make the usage of real estate videos indispensable:

  • Video use saves much time as it can be re-shared. It allows brokers/owners to make old clips feel new by adding custom introductions and any other change that draws the attention of buyers.
  • It briefs and lets prospective customers know everything about your property, including its space, neighborhood, amenities, and such relevant information.
  • Real estate video marketing drives deals forward effortlessly as it resolves questions faster, personalizes the connection with the audience, and showcases more provisions.
  • More leads are captivated by video testimonials.

How to Attract New Prospects and Make Your Real-Estate Videos Sell?

It is imperative to build a video strategy before investing in creating a real-estate video. Strategizing involves the kind of videos you want to present, your target audience, and many more questions that include:

  • What imperative video features?
  • How will the video generate leads?
  • Who are the buyers? Working professionals, individuals, investors, and others.
  • The video length?
  • Do you want to shoot the videos or hire a professional photographer?

Once you answer these questions, you are ready to make a real estate video that sells. However, you also need to consider and follow these aspects to make your video effective:

1. Use the Right Equipment

Although smartphones today allow real estate agents to make stunning high-quality videos instantly, they may not be the right choice when you want to create a high-definition video. Then, you might need to opt for a DSLR camera.

Listed below is the mid-range starter kit one can buy to increase the inquiries on your video and make it more engaging:

  • DSLR Camera (Canon 5D Mark IV).
  • Lens (Canon 17-40 mm F4).
  • Real-estate video software.
  • Camera Stand.
  • Extra Battery.

2. Focus on Emotions

Various individuals make buying decisions emotionally while buying a commodity. Once they have purchased the product, they justify their decision with hard facts. So, apart from briefing your customers with hard facts, it will be best to inspire emotion first and support those emotions with facts.

3. Dress for your Audience

Always ensure your clothing makes you relatable to your target audience. For instance, it will not look professional if you film a real-estate video straight out of bed. On the other hand, it may also seem absurd to dress too formally for locational fieldwork. Well, some places may be swanky, like the silicon valleys. Even then, dress appropriately and stately. 

4. Use Apt Background Music

Using muted background music matching your real estate video vibe is important. For instance, soft music in the background can make your audience feel sleepy. In contrast, playing a high beat track may also distract your audience from the actual message you want to convey.

Consider using all audio, don’t mute/lower any, unless required. It can provide a good sense of surroundings. You’re showcasing a place to reside; that’s more than a day’s worth. Going during siesta hours one day doesn’t verify the 24*7 surrounding sounds/noise.

So, make sure to know if you want to or don’t use background music to fit your real estate marketing requirements.

Also, ensure audio clarity of speech and dialogue for all vital information you provide to hit home.

5. Invest Time in Pre-Production

The ideal strategy to create a mind-boggling real-estate video is to spend half of the time planning, 20% filming, and the remaining 30% editing. The more time you invest in planning, the better results you will reap.

So, if you do all these things in advance, such as adjust lighting, stage spaces, test microphones, and focus on the message to convey, it will make the entire process seamless.

6. Include a Call to Action

It is important to conceptualize the purpose of your video. For example, if you want customers to hit the inquiry button, tell viewers how to take the next step in the buying process through a call-to-action tab.

7. Make a Plan

Planning your video content, especially with a focus on The Property Auction Company, is the best decision you can make. It will help you promote your videos featuring their services before posting them. In addition, it immensely helps gather an audience for your house showcasing/selling/renting/leasing before posting your video.

Also, you don’t get writer’s block when you start posting across different online social media channels if you overarchingly plan well.

8. Avoid Selling All the Time

It is always recommended not to sell in every video. Instead, keep some videos helpful and entertaining. Let viewers be interested in developing a good connection with your online presence.

9. Keep it Natural

It is good to prepare a script, but it is even better if you explain things naturally in your own words after knowing the primary message you want to deliver.


By now, it is clear that real estate video marketing boosts response rate and generates leads dynamically, whether dealing in residential or commercial properties. Right? That’s a wrap for our guide. So, get ready to hone your marketing skills with the power of video, and top your audience’s brain off with immense real estate knowledge.

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