How to Find The Best Real Estate Deals in India?

Real estate is one of the most sought after avenues for investors to grow their money Multi-fold. It’s not only for dedicated investors even a common office goer desire is to buy a property and make a passive income out of it.

When the desire is to invest an important rule is to diversify to protect the capital from disaster. Diversification exists within real estate also, few investors like to invest in appreciating properties like land so that they can pass it on at higher selling price after a few years of holding.

Whereas few real estate investors invest in monthly return yielding properties like residential houses, flats, and commercial shops. Here though the property depreciate it gives monthly returns consistently to overcome the depreciation.

All the successful investors follow one thumb rule which is “ Buy when others are in fear and sell when others are in greed” means when the share price touches low mediocre investor tries to sell it off whereas the sensible investor buys more in the bear market and sell it in the bull market.

The same applicable while purchasing the real estate property. Few investors prefer foreclosed properties in the prime locality whereas few prefer primary/new property in the developing micro markets.

Though you can purchase the foreclosed property deals at a better price the negative sentiments attached with the property cannot be avoided. Sentiment plays a crucial role in both real estate and in the share market.

If you are going with the foreclosed or secondary properties being an investor you will save a lot in this real estate deals and the return depends on the age of the property and the locality of the real estate.

On the other hand, if you are planning to invest in the new property the chances of purchasing at competitive price bracket is low you will end up in getting left out properties in outskirts but being from real estate industry I have noticed few ways to find the best real estate deals in India.

Let’s discuss…

1. Buy during launches

Being in real estate online advertisement industry I have noticed that only very few builders or promoters are having a deep pocket to launch and complete the projects without the help of any financial institutions.

Most of the builders relied upon financial institutes or rotate the fund from other projects to show progress, it is a pressure on the builder to show building progression particularly in MSBs else no buyers prefer to purchase neither investor nor end user.

This is the reason behind the attractive price during the launches to liquidate, builders offer competitive price which can save you a lot.

There are two advantages to buying the under construction projects

1. The price point is always negotiable you can squeeze and get the best from the promoters, whereas in ready to occupy property there are fewer chances of negotiation because now builder knows how much he had spent and for how much he has to sell. Builder cannot negotiate below the estimated profit margin in ready to occupy.

  1. The second most important thing in buying the under construction property is, every builder in the universe claim that” quality materials are used to construct”.

In ready to occupy if they make the above statement you cannot break the wall and see but in under construction you can monitor the progression and the type of materials used to construct.

2. Buy during festive seasons to get best real estate deals

In India, during auspicious days or during festive days people want to invest either in gold or in the real estate.

Understanding this trend real estate promoters and Gold sellers give attractive discounts and offer to pull more sales during festive times. Hope you might have noticed in television and print advertisements.

Here you will get a chance to buy property at a greater discounted price or will get offers like free car parking worth 2 to 5 lakhs or free Eb or free registration.

This is one of the best ways to buy both under construction and ready to occupy properties in the market.

  1. Find best real estate deals online

Real estate advertisement is in a change of phase, promoters are moving from traditional print advertisement to targeted online medium.

You might have noticed on every Friday and Saturday that only very few projects are advertised in the newspaper but it doesn’t mean there only that much stocks available in the market.

Real estate marketers, to get the high ROI and make the property reachable to their potential buyers 24×7 they moved to targeted online space either through Adsense or online portals like magicbricks.

They not only grabbed a presence online and to accelerate the sales promoters giving exclusive deals and offer for online buyers.

Recently the renowned online real estate portal magicbricks launched an exclusive deals section called “Seal the deal” which displays projects in your city giving some exclusive and lucrative offers and discounts to the end buyer.

Here you can save up to 10-30 lakhs or get some useful goodies.

These are the three ways where you can find the best real estate deals in India. You can share suggestions or recommendations in the comment.

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