How to find hard money lenders near me

If you’re trying to fund your new housing project, you tend to use a private funding method that can help you out of your financial rut and provide you with the capital needed to flip or fix a house! 

How to find hard money lenders near me to finance your housing dreams!

If you are a person interested in the real estate business but you do not have enough financial backing to start your company or start buying homes, you might be unsure as to where to start. If you can’t secure funding from banks or traditional mortgage lenders due to the prerequisites, long wait periods, or an intense list of must-haves before applying, why not try a private investor?

Not only can a private investor get you money quicker and easier, but there are fewer hoops to jump through to get money from the investor. Not to mention, the house that you are interested in flipping or purchasing is used as collateral – therefore, you don’t have to get or do anything extra to secure collateral for your loan.

These types of easy-to-use loans are called hard money loans. Supplied by a private investor, the hard money loan which is provided by Asset Based Lending is given to a real estate individual to help them flip a house or purchase a house, with the name property being used as collateral for the deal to go forward. Instead of needing a good credit score, millions of dollars, or other prerequisites, the house and project are the only collateral needed.

But how can you find hard money lenders near me to provide you with this funding method for your new housing adventure? There are a few criteria you should keep in mind before finding a hard money lender who is well-qualified, well-reviewed, and reputable in the industry.

  • Positive reviews – one of the best ways that you can tell whether or not your hard money lender option is reputable and trustworthy is if they have positive reviews. Oftentimes, hard money lenders may do numerous deals throughout a short time to spread their money in various places for investment purposes. If you find that every house they have invested in did not work out well or the deal went south, consider looking at other hard money lenders near me.
  • Online presence – the next attribute to take into account when searching hard money lenders near me is some type of online presence. Although they do not need to have a specific website, having a certain presence online shows that they are real and trustworthy. Look for a webpage, social media pages, or a bio for the company they work for. You want to make sure the person is real and trustworthy before investing with them.
  • Past clients – the last way that you can find hard money lenders near me that are reputable and trustworthy is to look for past clients. If the hard money lender has no past clients, do not use them as a first-time guinea pig. If the hard money lender has past clients and they all have positive reviews and experiences with the professional, then go ahead with the deal! 


If you are concerned about how to fund your housing project to flip a house or buy a new property, consider browsing hard money lenders near me. Ensure you read online reviews regarding past clients’ satisfaction levels with your hard money lender, along with making sure your hard money lender has an online presence to show their trustworthiness in the business.

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