Python Interview Questions (Multiple Choice Quiz)

Below are some of the well-researched Python interview questions and answers in a multiple-choice Quiz format. Test your knowledge and improve your skills.

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Python Interview Questions (Multiple Choice Questions)

Python Interview Questions (Multiple Choice Questions)

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In which year was the Python language developed?

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Who developed the Python language?

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What is the maximum possible length of an identifier?

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Why does the name of local variables start with an underscore discouraged?

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Which of the following declarations is incorrect?

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What is the method inside the class in python language?

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Which of the following statements is correct regarding the object-oriented programming concept in Python?

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Which character is used in Python to make a single line comment?

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What do we use to define a block of code in Python language?

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Which one of the following is the correct extension of the Python file?

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In which language is Python written?

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