Java MCQ Interview Questions

Below are some of the well researched and frequently asked OOPS and Java interview questions and answers in multiple choice Quiz format. Test your knowledge and improve your skills. Try out Python Interview Questions Quiz as well after finishing this

#1. Encapsulation concept in java is

#2. Runtime polymorphism feature in java is

#3. Java does not support _______________?

#4. For Cat and Animal class, correct way of inheritance in java is

#5. IS-A relationship in java is related to

#6. Polymorphism types in Java is/are

#7. Final keyword in java is used with

#8. Super keyword in java is used to

#9. When does method overloading is determined?

#10. What is it called if an object has its own lifecycle and there is no owner?

#11. What is it called where child object gets killed if parent object is killed?

#12. Method overriding is combination of inheritance and polymorphism?


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