OOPS Interview Questions (Multiple Choice Quiz)

Below are some of the well-researched and frequently asked OOPS Interview questions and answers in multiple choice Quiz format. Test your knowledge and improve your skills. Try out Python Interview Questions Quiz as well after finishing this

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OOPS Interview Questions (Multiple Choice Questions)

OOPS Interview Questions (Multiple Choice Questions)

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A single program of OOPS contains _______ classes?

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Define the programming language, which does not support all four types of inheritance?

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Which feature of OOPS derives the class from another class?

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Which among the following feature is not in the general definition of OOPS?

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Which of the following language supports polymorphism but not the classes?

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Which feature of OOPS described the reusability of code?

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Which of the following is not an OOPS concept?

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Why Java is Partially OOP language?

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What happens when an object is passed by reference?

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The copy constructors can be used to ________

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What is encapsulation in OOP?

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In multilevel inheritance, which is the most significant feature of OOP used?

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The feature by which one object can interact with another object is _____________

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