12 Popular Types Of Websites You Can Create

The web is so wide to the extent that there exist billions of websites striving to catch the attention of people who visit them each day.  All websites aim at achieving specific objectives and the best SSD dedicated server hosting is now more popular than ever to help you meet those objectives.

It is essential to know what purpose you want your website to accomplish before choosing on what category to build. Also, you need to ensure you get the best SSD dedicated server hosting for faster loading and better uptime all-round the year. Meanwhile, here is a list of 12 popular types of websites you can choose to create.

E-commerce Website

This is a kind of website that allows electronic buying and selling transactions over the internet. These websites usually include a shopping cart and include online payment methods like the use of credit cards to make purchases.

If you wish to create a website that facilitates the purchase and sale of products over the site, then this is the kind of website to create.

Business Website

This is a type of website that represents a business. It is an online resemblance of what the business is all about. It should, therefore, have the same logo as the business and give an explanation of what types of products and services business ventures in.

Having a business website makes a company look more professional.

Entertainment Website

These are websites created mainly for entertainment purposes. They are full of fun and exciting content.

If you wish to create funny videos, write blog posts that are full of humor, or draw comics, then these are the kind of websites to create. You will probably make money from visitors to these websites, subscribers, and advertisements.

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Portfolio Websites

This is a type of website created out of the need to display one’s past work. If you need to show potential clients of the works or past accomplishments you have achieved, then this is the kind of website to create.

This website design is simpler to create. It also focuses on one primary objective — displaying past work samples. It is common to freelancers and creative professionals who have intentions of demonstrating to clients that they should be hired based on their past accomplishments.

Media Websites

This type of website is involved in collecting news, stories, and reports. Like entertainment websites, some segments of media websites are meant for entertainment. 

These types of websites make money through pop up advertisements that show up on the site, subscription from customers, or both.

Brochure Websites

This is a type of website that is created when a business does not need to have a website as a marketing tool. The website resembles an online business card that provides necessary information about the business and contact information.

This website is created when the business is sure to continue making profits without having a website.

Nonprofit Website

Just the same way business needs a website as an online representation; a nonprofit organization also needs a website for a similar purpose.

This type of website provides a link between the organization and potential donors. So, if you plan to start a nonprofit organization, this is the type of website to create.

Educational Website

Learning institutions and organizations that offer online courses will have this type of website. The primary objective of these websites is to provide information about the institutions to visitors and also provide educational materials to them.

These websites make money through advertisements, subscription models, and educational materials for purchase.

Infopreneur Website

These websites create and sell information products. These products could be resources and materials like courses, manuals, books, and videos.

These websites have the task of convincing customers to buy their products. The products are usually a mix of free and valuable materials that they charge. Free material only serves as a marketing tool.

Personal Website

These are websites not created to make money but are instead created by people who find it necessary to put their thoughts in front of the world.

Sometimes the creators of these websites can choose to make money out of them when these websites have become popular. They are the easiest of all websites to create.

Web Portal

These are websites that grant access to several people and groups who wish to get information from them. The people have to log in to their credentials to access these websites. These websites contain information in different formats that are made accessible to people.

Web portals are the complex of all websites to design and will always involve complex programs and designs.

Wiki or Community Forum Website

Wikipedia is the best example of a wiki website. Wiki websites allow users to make changes in the subject on the websites, depending on what they see fit.

Starting this type of website is very simple because you don’t need to start from scratch.

What Type of Website Will You Create?

The type of website you choose to create must be able to fulfill your business or organization goals. Please comment below, we would love to hear from you.

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