Interested in playing pool & its variants? Learn pool with rules & tips

The game of pool has now become one of the most popular games worldwide. Players are so keen on the game that organizations are organizing tournaments on a regular basis. Some people think that pool is a difficult game. But that’s a myth. It is easy to learn pool and even win those challenging games and tournaments.

Although the variants of the game can be categorized as easy or hard. Some of the variants of the pool are – 8 Ball pool, straight pool, Chinese pool, billiards, White pool and so on. The most common and easiest type of pool is the 8 Ball Pool. You can even play this online on the popular gaming app Getmega and have some amazing fun with your friends and family.  

To learn pool you must know the following points

  • Familiarize yourself with the equipment

Before playing, you must know about the equipment that is used in the game.

In an 8 ball pool, there are 15 balls, a cue ball, and a cue stick. First of all, you have to select the size of your cue stick. Normally, cue sticks are 58 inches in size. You can customize your cue stick by increasing or decreasing the size. If the size of the cue stick is not accurate, you may not be able to play the game properly. 

  • Know about the terminology of pool

There are a lot of terms that pool players use. For instance, in an 8 ball pool, the players use the term “breaking the rack”. This refers to the opening or beginning of the game. You need to know about such terminology of the pool. 

Now, let’s take a glance at the rules of 8 ball pool-

The Rules to Play the Game of Pool 

  1. Breaking the rack is the most important part of the game, as this increases the chances of your winning. In a perfect break, your cue ball should be hit by the cue stick, and it, later on, hits the other balls. The balls came out of the rack, 3-4 balls of them must touch the cushions. Here you can pot the balls. But remember that you do not pot the 8-ball. This will make you foul and may reset the rack. 
  2. After the breaking, you have to choose the group of balls. The balls can be object balls or striped balls.
  3. Then the players start potting the balls. Till the time you are spotting the ball continuously, you get frequent chances. But the time you fail to pot the ball, the opponent gets the turn.
  4. Remember, pot the balls of the group that you have selected. If you sink the ball of another group, then your opponent gets the benefit. 
  5. To end the game, you have to pot an 8-ball. And for potting an 8-ball, you have to first sink all the 7 balls. Then only you are allowed to sink the 8-ball.
  6. By mistake, if you pot your 8-ball earlier, then it is considered a foul.
  7. Remember not to scratch the 8-ball, if you scratch the ball, the player loses automatically.

Now, you are familiar with the rules, let’s begin with the next step to learn pool, that is, tips.

The Best Tips to Win the Game:

  • Practice the strokes 

For success, hard work is the key. And for winning in an 8 ball pool, you should learn the strokes. 

Practice different spin shots. Spin shots are the shots used when the cue ball, opponent’s ball, and your ball are kept in a straight line. Thus, for surviving such situations, players use spin shots. Practice these shots will increase your accuracy for other shots also. Try and practice similar shots again and again for better performance in the matches.

  • Focus on the balls

While playing pool, you must focus on the cue ball, target ball, and targeted pocket to shoot. This will increase your accuracy power for the game and will be able to take difficult shots easily. 

  • Buy a better cue

Except for practice and focus, cue sticks also play an important role in winning the game. There are different types of cues: Hard, medium, and soft. 

  1. Hard cues: The tips of the cue are hard, which helps a lot in breaking. The hardness of the stick makes it easier for straight shots.
  2. Soft cues: These soft cues are used by pro players in tournaments. The reason is these sticks require more maintenance and practice to control. The sticks are very soft, which helps in absorbing less force, and are used for taking different shots.
  3. Medium cues: The cues are medium for maintaining the hardness. These sticks also absorb less force and are suitable for taking shots. 


We hope that the above-mentioned tricks and rules are enough for you to learn pool. As everyone knows, practice will make you win, then practice more. There is no need to go to pool centers daily, you can even practice at your home via an online app such as GetMega. It provides you with the same vibe as the pool. Moreover, it offers you real-time cash and exciting prizes.

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