Top 5 Anarkali Dress for Women to Pick this Wedding Season

Anarkali dress is the perfect dress for this wedding season. From sleeveless anarkali dress, to handpainted anarkali dress etc these offer the perfect sense of opulence and artistry. All of these anarkali dresses are equipped with handblock pattern, and embroidered design to rock the wedding function. If you are looking to pick any anarkali design this season then do check out the page till the end.

Top 5 Anarkali Dress for Women to Pick for Wedding

If you are going to attend the upcoming weddings then you can choose from an array of anarkli dress designs. We have mentioned the top five anarkali dresses for women to rock the wedding festivities.

1. Sleeveless Anarkali Dress

A sleeveless Anarkali dress is a great option for a summer wedding. The major benefit of a sleeveless anarkali is the utmost comfort and proper airflow it offers. You can always opt for a plain or a printed fabric to get a stunning look for your wedding.

2. Handblock Anarkali Dress

Handblock printed Anarkali dresses can be donned to get the traditionally stylish look for the wedding. The intricate pattern created using hand blocking technique is perfect to add elegance to the dresses. You can pair the anarkali dress with jhumkas to complete the look.

3. Gotapatti Anarkali Dress

Gotapatti work is a popular form of embroidery that originated in Rajasthan. The Gotapatti room is perfect to add elegance by making it a perfect dress for a wedding reception or a wedding night.

4. Embroidered Anarkali Dress

An embroidered Anarkali dress is a classic choice for a wedding. The intricate embroidery can be with gold or silver thread or pearls to add sophistication to the overall look. The statement earrings and a clutch can be added for a chic look perfect for a wedding.

5. Handpainted Anarkali Dress

Handpainted Anarkali dresses are unique and make a perfect for a wedding. You can opt for a floral or abstract design and pair it with minimal jewelry for a trendy and modern look. This dress is perfect for a day wedding or a mehndi ceremony.

How to Style an Anarkali Dress for a Wedding

Anarkali dresses are a popular choice for weddings and formal events in India. The flare and unique pattern makes it a great and luxe option for wedding festivities. You can find the major tips to style an Anarkali dress for a wedding:

  • Anarkali dresses look great when paired with statement jewelry. You can choose to style your anarkali dress with earrings, bangles or a statement necklace to complete th outfit
  • The right footwear can make or break your look for a wedding. Opt for a pair of juttis, mojaris, or heels to complete your outfit. However, do ensure that the colour and design of the dress complements the design and colour of the anarkali dress
  • You can experiment with different hairstyles to complement your Anarkali dress. You can choose to go for a side braid, soft curl or a messy bun to look fantastic
  • A dupatta is a traditional Indian scarf that can be draped over your head, shoulders, or arms. It adds an extra layer of elegance to your outfit and can also be used to cover your head during the wedding ceremony.
  • Anarkali dresses are already quite ornate, so it’s best to keep your makeup simple and elegant. Opt for a natural makeup look with bold lip color to complement your outfit.

Make a statement at weddings this season with our top 5 Anarkali dress picks. From sleeveless anarkali designs to handblock anarkali dress Aachoo offers the perfect anarkali dress for every occasion. Explore our collection today and rock the wedding in the most stylish way.


Q. Which are the top five anarkali dress for women?

A. The top five anarkali dress for women are sleeveless anarkali, Handblock anarkali, Gotapatti anarkali, Embroidered anarkali, and Handpainted anarkali designs.

Q. How anarkali helps you to rock a wedding look?

A. The flare and distinct embroidered design on an anarkali design helps you to rock a wedding look.

Q. What is the relevance of an anarkali dress for a wedding?

A. Anarkali is popular because of its gleam and exclusive design that cannot be achieved with any other design.

Q. How can I style my anarkali dress for a wedding?

A. You can style your anarkali dress for a wedding using juttis, earrings and statement jewellery.

Q. What fabrics should be chosen for anarkali dress?

A. Fabrics like cotton, chiffon, brocade are some anarkali dresses for the wedding day.

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