5 Ideas to Entertain yourself during COVID Pandemic

We have not even thought that during the year-end of 2019 December, met with a deadly pandemic. Things and lives went upside down. People lost their precious life due to Covid, some of them lost their jobs, school and college students forgotten their golden life. The situation was created where everyone one of us directly or indirectly encountered the pandemic.

All of a sudden thunder came into our lives and we were locked inside for more than 8 months but later we found slow upliftment and relaxed for few more months. Now, again in the year 2021, we are in the second wave of the pandemic.

Dear folks, you all have been locked inside again right? The government of the country kept on extending the lockdown. During this time what are you doing at home? How do you entertaining yourself? Are you just attending online classes and working from home, don’t you feel that you need entertainment being at home?

Remember now, before the pandemic how our life was to be…. I and you were waiting for that weekend to come soon and a couple of days before we were planning for an outing. On Saturday and Sunday, we used to visit our pet places and spending valuable time with our friends, colleagues, and families.

But what about now? This evil pandemic had snatched out our entertainment, right? Even though, we have an opportunity to make entertain ourselves being at home. Wondering! How? Here we go,

The below ideas make us keep entertained whenever we feel boredom:

1. Watching movies

I know you all love to watch movies. This is one of the best entertainment for all age groups. A movie lover always loved to watch suspense thriller, love story, mysterious story, action movies, and few psychological movies. Because of this pandemic theaters and PVR had also been locked out. The online theaters like Amazon Prime, Airtel Xtreme, Hotstar, and Zee 5 utilized this time and in a month they release recent movies along with web series.

2. Weekend activities at home with families and friends

Hey folks would you like to spend fun time with your family? Then try this I am sure you will love this. There are some weekend activities where you all enjoy and keep yourself entertained.

  • Play card games
  • Make a cardboard Dalhousie
  • Prepare crafts or posters
  • Blow bubbles
  • Feed the bird and animals
  • Planting apples
  • Environmental photoshoots
  • Take selfies, challenge your family members
  • Go live on social media

3. Online concerts

Many of you were singers if not then try out online concerts. This may improve your singing skill and keep you motivated. Start now & get your voice improved. Let the singer inside you come on stage.

4. Learning

This is the evergreen method of keeping entertained ourselves. Are you all fond of learning unique subjects along with trend skills and languages? Then start learning in this pandemic time. Develop your skills and start updating your CV.

5. Cooking & Video Chat

You don’t know how to cook? Then start cooking now. I bet you will be a wonderful chef in this pandemic. Also, chat with your friends and families through video call this will makes you happy.  

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