How To Get More Clients And Grow Your Cleaning Business

If you want to launch a potentially high-yielding venture that doesn’t require too much working capital, a cleaning business is an attractive proposition. As a service-oriented enterprise, your priorities must include excellent customer service and efficient marketing strategies. 

Attracting more clients and retaining your current ones are crucial to the growth of your cleaning business. Ahead, you’ll find effective strategies to achieve this goal and improve your market standing:

1. Make your business stand out

Starting a cleaning business may not take substantial resources, but it takes significant time and effort to make your venture stand out from the rest. Coming up with a unique proposition and conveying this unique advantage work hand in hand in stirring customers’ interest. 

Compelling clients to choose your business over a handful of other cleaning companies requires creativity and strategic messaging. For instance, if you’re the only firm that uses ultraviolet-C or UVC lamps, which are also known as germicidal lamps for disinfection, you can highlight this to attract additional customers. If your business is child and pet-friendly and uses organic cleaning products, you must stress this distinction in reaching out to your prospective clients. 

Essentially, highlight whatever it is that makes your business stand out from the rest of the competition. Then, revisit your marketing strategies to see how you can improve them.       

2. Review your marketing plan

A few months after launching your business, review your marketing plan and analyze your performance. Your marketing plan must detail how you are going to win more clients for your cleaning business. 

Check the performance matrix and analyze where your strengths and weaknesses lie. See if you need to introduce changes to your target market, overhaul your marketing objectives, sales, and marketing methods, and re-align your overall budget. (1)   

3. Ramp up your digital marketing strategies 

With almost everyone using the internet these days, it’s high time for businesses to prioritize having an online presence. After reviewing your marketing plan and knowing which areas you need to improve, re-think your strategy to implement effective digital marketing methods. Start with your website and make sure it’s user-friendly and interactive. It’s also important to employ the latest content marketing strategies to enhance your search engine ranking.  

Among the many digital marketing tools, content marketing and marketing automation are the most effective digital strategies as of 2020, according to Statista. Artificial intelligence (AI) plays a crucial role in marketing data analysis and content creation. Additionally, businesses use AI to automate marketing processes. These enterprises claimed that the technology helped increase sales and customer service through enhanced content recognition and new product launches. (2)   

Efforts to diligently update your website and content will go to waste if you don’t know how to position your brand and where. Getting these key elements right can significantly rev up your cleaning business’s digital presence:

  • Use social media

Over half of the world’s total population, or about 53.6%, use social media for about two hours and 25 minutes on average, making these platforms excellent marketing tools. As of 2021, almost 92% of digital marketers use social media for marketing their products and services. Expenditure for social media marketing in the United States was estimated at USD$17 billion in 2019, which is a significant increase from 2014’s figure––pegged at USD$7 billion.  (3) (4) 

Think of creative ways to showcase your business using social media platforms. Use videos instead of traditional texts and images to catch and keep potential viewers’ attention. Upload fresh content regularly to promote buyers’ recall and make your cleaning business the top choice among potential clients.     

  • Upload positive reviews

To increase your client base and attract more customers, consider ways to increase referrals without sounding desperate. Various studies have revealed that online reviews impact consumer decisions. Generally, customers lean towards entities with more positive reviews, while negative reviews have the opposite effect. Make sure to post positive reviews of your transactions on your site and respond appropriately to every negative comment from a disgruntled customer. (5) 

4. Prioritize customer experience 

Positive online reviews help but don’t forget word-of-mouth advertising. Tap up your family members, friends, old and current customers, as well as your network of colleagues and acquaintances to spread the word about your cleaning business.         

In addition to providing an impeccable service, make transactions a breeze by automating them. One of the ways to streamline customer experience is to make quotation and invoicing less tedious. Take a look at this professional-looking estimate template that start-up businesses can download for free. Companies can convert this template into an invoice, which is perfect for small enterprises that want to save on costs. 

5. Offer discounts and freebies  

Generous discounts and freebies can also help your cleaning business attract more clients. Instead of choosing regular cleaners, your target customer may be enticed by your promotional offers, especially for ‘get a friend discount.’ Spending less and getting free items makes one more inclined to try your products or services. Individuals are generally drawn towards them because of the positive feelings generated from receiving a ‘gift.’ (6)    

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to get clients for a cleaning business takes careful planning and strategic thought. Discovering how to reach your potential customers and what makes an effective marketing campaign takes time, money, and effort. With these key points, your cleaning business will wipe out the competition in no time.


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