How to Request Reasonable Accommodations for Your Disability in California

In California, employees are eligible for certain rights at their workplace. For instance, an employee has a legal right to work in a secure environment, a right to privacy, and a right to not be counterattacked if they decide to launch a complaint or report of misconduct.

Still, the existence of legal defenses isn’t enough to assist mistreated employees, as they must understand and use their workplace rights properly if they want to benefit. In a chronic disability case, the person needs to know his rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This federal law needs employers to fairly accommodate employees with disabilities in the workplace.

To obtain reasonable accommodations at work, the workforce needs to follow the legal process, because one wrong step can end up in denial of your request. According to the Los Angeles disability discrimination lawyers at Yadegar, Minoofar, & Soleymani LLP, employees can request reasonable accommodations for their disability under the ADA. Follow these steps to ask for reasonable accommodation at the workplace in California.

Take adequate time to prepare

From researching laws of employment to understanding employees’ rights in California, there are several ways that employees can ask for ADA accommodations at work. It’s important to get an experienced employment attorney as he can assist you throughout the legal process and ensure that you’re prepared.

When preparing to launch a formal request for reasonable accommodations at the workplace, petitioners can benefit from the following things.

·         Reviewing employer’s policies.

·         Become familiar with legal processes.

·         Fortifying your request with enough proof. 

Submit formal request

Reasonable accommodations requests at work must be done in writing. Employees must mention what they need and how essential it is to their overall work performance. When filing their request, workers must add as much relevant information as possible.

Follow up with your employer

After submitting a reasonable accommodation request, employees need to track their application, discuss with the employer why this accommodation is reasonable, and try to get to a fair arrangement on which both parties can agree. Setting up these principles early on can ensure both employer and employee recognize their obligations, know what to expect, and come up with a jointly beneficial solution.

Hire a trusted employment attorney

Guidance from a trusted employment attorney can be an indispensable resource for any employee who is deciding to file for reasonable accommodations at work in California. An employment lawyer can assist workers in affirming their rights and getting the support they deserve at work under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Employees can request reasonable accommodations in the workplace in California. However, in a disability case, the employee person must understand his rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act. For requesting reasonable accommodations at work, employees must follow the legal process to avoid any denial. In addition, follow the steps listed above to successfully request a reasonable accommodation in the workplace in California. 

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