How to Get a Great Affordable Computer for Your Home Business

If you have been thinking of starting a business from home, there’s a strong chance that you’ll need a capable computer to run it. The type of machine you get will largely depend on the nature of your operation, but there are few cases when you’ll need a specialized ultra-expensive PC. You could easily find a machine in the $500 to $800 range that will allow you to run most of the programs you need. But you have to know a thing or two about PCs first before you can make a choice. Here’s how you can get a great affordable computer for your home business.

Assess Your Needs

The first thing you should do is make an inventory of the programs you’ll need to run on your machine. If you’re going to be using simple spreadsheet tools, word processors, light SaaS, and cloud applications, then virtually any machine being sold on the market will work for you. But, if you are thinking of using more advanced tools like 3d imaging and rendering applications, then things like GPUs will start to matter.

Learn About Computer Components

If you’re going to be running simple common applications on your computer, the three main components you’ll have to worry about are your processor, your storage, and your RAM.

Processors can vary greatly in strength, but here, something in the 2ghz range should be more than enough for you. Look for chips with at least four cores too, though dual cores may work if you have very limited needs. For the RAM, you should be able to get away with an 8GB stick unless you need to use tons of different apps at once. For the storage go for 500Mb at the very least, but you could bump that to 1 TB if you need to store a lot of files or large ones.

If you need something that can run more advanced imaging or rendering applications, then you need to learn about GPUs. You may either need an entry-level or mid-level card. If you can get by with a smaller card, look for models with an NVIDIA 16-series card. Something with a 30-series card would be even better, but you have to be ready to pay.

You may also need to get a slightly stronger processor Here, we suggest you check out Intel 11th Gen Lenovo PCs. They are pretty affordable and the processors on these machines will handle pretty much anything you can throw their way. How to speed up windows 11 pc.

Consider Second Hand Options

We would also suggest that you check for deals in your area for used work machines. Some companies will practically give away their machines when they’re done with them, are relocating, or downsizing, so you might find a few interesting deals there. Don’t expect to get the best latest machines, however, and know that there’s an element of risk when buying anything used, so be careful.


If you want to get a good, affordable work PC for your business, follow these few tips. Try to get as much information as you can on PCs in general, and don’t assume that you need the absolute most powerful machine to get started.

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