Know how to choose the best car stickers and the ones that work best for your business

From windows to bumpers, one of the best areas to apply/share a sticker or decal is a truck or car. You can find many types of car stickers that blend with your logos and designs, and run as moving billboards on every type of vehicle.

  • Custom shapes are the most popular. From bumper sticker and custom shapes to the classic rectangle car sticker to match your design outline, options are aplenty.
  • The white or clear options can meet your design needs for your silkscreen and digitally printed stickers.
  • The durable outdoor stickers on a truck or car are long-lasting. They have a protective lamination that offers outdoor durability.
  • Digitally printed stickers entail different formats. These are clear stickers, kiss cut, and die cut stickers.

The companies digitally print them with full color to ensure detail matching and astounding color. The stickers are available with custom shapes. They complete the material with the outdoor lamination to ensure lasting resistance and strength in the face of natural elements like rain, win, or sun.

Choosing the right vehicle graphics

While designing or choosing your car stickers, you need to utilize colors that are visually appealing. The right color patterns can provide stunning results. Ideally, it’s good to have a minimum of two to three shades on the car sticker design. Keep the goal of increasing your brand visibility in mind while applying the stickers.

  • You can also choose light and dark colored background fillers. Brand colors give you consistency, which you can find in other promotional pathways like brochures, posters, and banners.
  • A catchy slogan is an imperative. Your car sticker must have your business slogan on it. It helps in kicking off your advertising campaign.
  • When framing a slogan for your company, make sure that it represents your business/brand and catches the viewer’s attention.
  • Keep it simple and short, and underline your product or service’s unique selling proposition.
  • Apart from letting your humor and wit work in the wording, use graphics in the most sparing manner. Whilst car graphics are crucial in creating the sticker design, you mustn’t overdo it.
  • Use them in a way that makes the sticker readable and visually neat. Don’t overload it with too many texts or photos as it can confuse and confound the viewers. Additionally, the text and graphics must blend properly.

Your choice of graphics

Your selection of car stickers depends on the use of your vehicle. Crossbones, skull, a lightning bolt, and wild stripes aren’t actually suitable for a professional vehicle. They compel you to choose understated or obscure designs or skip vehicle graphics altogether.

If it’s a company car and not your possession, forget the entire mix. If it’s yours, you need to pick a theme. Car stickers come in every theme, size, and shape. While they can individualize your car, their design should be cohesive as well.

Some of the most popular car stickers/graphics are full body flame accents, red/blue dragon body accents, eagle rear window, American flag rear window, model decals, and dual offset stripes.

When designing, you have to consider the nature of your business. If you want to express regality, make sure the design looks dignified too. If you’re marketing to a younger audience, then you have every reason to make it as eye-catching as possible. At any rate, you need to be sure the design aligns with your brand message.

Then you can have them printed on longer-lasting materials, such as vinyl. Vinyl stickers are more durable than paper ones. They can resist fading, tearing, and losing stickiness. Furthermore, permanent adhesive vinyl is the best type to use for car decals. Removable craft vinyl may not last that long. So you must use permanent outdoor vinyl to withstand extreme weather conditions. 

You can use transfer tape if you want to apply/share a sticker or decal. Transfer tapes come in different types, including clear, paper, and gridded versions. If you prefer a seamless and subtle look for your vinyl designs, clear transfer tape works best. Paper transfer tape gives you more control over the application process. On the other hand, gridded transfer tape has a grid pattern on the paper backing for easier vinyl measurement and cutting.   


Decorating your company cars with stickers can help promote your brand. You can show your corporate values and image, especially with customized designs.

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