Unleash the Power Exploring the Potential of High Power Inverter Battery

Unleash the Power: Exploring the Potential of High Power Inverter Battery

An uninterrupted supply of power for the smooth working of almost every technological equipment is essential in today’s world, and the need for backup is necessary in case of a power blackout and efficient working. As the consumption of energy is increasing in commercial and residential areas day by day, a solution for such times is installing an inverter. High power inverter battery comes out as the best option when searching for a suitable inverter battery for adequate power backup. They are best suited for providing reliable backup to residential and commercial spaces for running sensitive appliances such as refrigerators, laser jet printers, air conditioners, etc.

Let us unleash the features of a high power inverter battery. Also, understand how this technological advancement helps to provide uninterrupted supply for the efficient running of commercial as well as residential appliances.

Understanding High Power Capacity Inverters

High-powered inverters provide backup for high-power appliances, low-power electrical devices, and lighting in homes and offices. Some features that make them stand out are given as follows:

Features of a high power inverter battery

  • Capacity: These inverter batteries come in a wide range of capacities that are between 2000 VA to 10000 VA.  Select an inverter battery that fulfils your power requirements according to the number of appliances in your use.
  • Technology Used: The technology  implemented in high power inverter battery makes them generate less heat while energy consumption. This feature prevents unwanted damage to delicate components of an appliance. They even make less noise.
  • Charging Current: The charging current can be selected by the user lying between 8A- 21A for better performance. Many high power inverter battery give the user an option of fast charging along with low-voltage charging.
  • Safety Features: High power inverter batteries come in high-pressure heat-sealed containers. The cover design of the battery is spill-proof and leak-proof. This ensures durability, strength, and better thermal management.
  • Type of Plate: The type of plate used in these batteries is the super-strong HADI tubular plate. These plates give ultimate performance and unidirectional grain orientation for longer life.
  • Display: These inverter batteries come with an LCD to indicate the remaining battery backup time and battery charging time for the ease of user.

Benefits of High Power Inverter Battery

Upgrading to a high-power inverter battery has numerous advantages for both commercial and residential use. The benefits mentioned below will encourage you to install and upgrade to a high power inverter battery.

  1. Increased Backup Time: As the name suggests itself, one of the key benefits of this inverter battery is its extended backup time due to its high capacity. It gives power backup to more devices and appliances for a more extended period in case of a power outage. This helps individuals to carry out their essential tasks without interruption.
  2. Ability to Power High-Wattage Appliances: Appliances such as refrigerators, water heaters, and air conditioners require generous amounts of power as they come under the category of high-wattage appliances. For supplying power to such appliances, a high capacity inverter is a suitable option as they have the required amount of power for smooth working.
  3. Versatility to connect all kinds of devices and appliances: With a high power inverter battery, you can easily power larger appliances like refrigerators along with fans and tube lights without thinking twice. They also support 3-phase power.

Live life Conveniently with High Power Inverter Battery

Moving a step ahead by installing a high power inverter battery in your homes and offices will make your life convenient in multiple ways. It will help you in carrying out all your tasks efficiently without the worry of power outage. It is recommended to choose an inverter battery from reputed and trustworthy brands. One such brand is Luminous; you can visit their website to find out more about these types of inverter batteries. They offer a wide range of high power inverter battery. You can opt for the one that fulfils your power requirements. Don’t think twice and select a high power inverter battery for an uninterrupted power supply.

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