How to Prepare Your Garden for a Storm

From the moment you hear on the news that a storm is brewing, there’s an instant pang of panic that runs through every homeowner and gardener. Working hard for months on end to perfect a beautiful garden only to have it ruined in a matter of seconds by a heavy storm is not a great thought, so how can you prepare your garden from unexpected storms?

Well, the following post is designed to help you with just that. From drainage maintenance to basic care tips, continue reading to find out exactly how you can prepare your garden and keep it safer during a storm.

Basic Care Tips

It may seem strange preparing for a storm that hasn’t even been identified yet, but you’d be surprised just how beneficial being prepared can be.

You never know when a storm is going to hit, so it’s always worth keeping certain things in shape and in check to ensure nothing drastic happens should a storm hit,

  • Check all drainage to ensure it is flowing properly and completely clear. One of the main issues that occurs when storms hit is the overflowing of drains, which is a result of blocked up pipes or drainage systems that have become overloaded and unable to hold the water any longer. If you keep an eye on your drainage system and frequently clean the area, then you can rest assured you won’t have any backlog that could result in overflowing or flooding.
  • Similarly, you want to ensure that your plants have the right drainage system to prevent them from swamping and drowning in the excess rainfall. Ideally, you want to ensure that your flowerbeds and lawn won’t turn into mini ponds across the garden, so investing in some good soil drainage will really help you in this instance. If you feel like you want to test your soil or keep an eye on the condition its in, you can find a range of essential soil management tools here at Two Wests to help you.
  • Removing any furniture from the garden when not in use is another really beneficial step to take. Whilst garden furniture can make your garden look stylish and functional, it’s not always worth leaving it outdoors, especially if it’s the stormy season. Store any outdoor furniture away that is loose and could become a danger if a storm were to hit. For example, the last thing you want is the chair set blowing into your window and breaking them, or worse blowing into a neighbour’s garden and damaging their property. You can never gauge just how strong wind and storms are going to be, so it’s always worth staying on the safe side.

Additional Steps

Alongside the basic care tips mentioned above, there are a few other things you should be doing to ensure your plants and greenery are safe during a storm. If you hear a storm is due to hit, try your best to move any tall or thin plants into your house or greenhouse to keep them protected. Whilst trees and bushes are often strong enough to stand the torrential weather a storm brings, there are other plants within the garden that are likely to suffer so it’s important to focus on them and store them safely during any bad weather.

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