Best Web Series to Watch on Disney Hotstar

25 Best Series on Hotstar – (with IMDb Ratings + Trailers)

Hotstar is currently the biggest streaming service in India. It has an association with The Walt Disney Company and HBO. Thus, they offer hundreds of awesome documentaries and TV shows to their users. We have created this list of the 25 best series of Hotstar in India that includes top 15 Hollywood shows and 10 Indian shows along with IMDb ratings that you must watch.

Note: This article is only my personal opinion and I don’t have any affiliation or promotion deal with Disney+ Hotstar company.

15 Best Series on Hotstar with IMDb Ratings (Hollywood)

Below are my personal favorites as well as the most popular list of best Hollywood series on Hotstar along with IMDb ratings. Trailers are also included.

1. Chernobyl

Chernobyl is one of the best mini-series created by HBO you may want to watch. It is produced by HBO and Sky UK. Chernobyl currently has a 9.5 rating on IMDb. It is the highest-rated show on IMDb. All the critics around the world have appreciated this series.

Chernobyl dramatizes the story of the explosion of the nuclear plant in Ukraine. The series was shot in Ukraine and Lithuania and rated as one of the best series on hotstar.

But, Chernobyl is not only about giving a history lesson. The director has done an excellent job.

Chernobyl is both fascinating and horrifying at the same time. It shows how lies, incompetence, and corruption can lead to a big tragedy.

Debut Year: 2019

Total Seasons: 1

Total Episodes: 5

 IMDb: 9.5

2. Game of Thrones (GOT)

Most people already know about Game of Thrones. I believe you also heard or even already watched this. It is the most famous TV shows on Hotstar of this decade. The story revolves around seven kingdoms and one ruler. Everyone wants to sit on the throne that is made from swords.

Best Series on Hotstar
Best Series on Hotstar


Game of Thrones is an incredibly addictive drama. Every character in this series is mysterious. Anyone can be back-stabbed in this series.

Game of Thrones is not only one of the best series on hotstar but also on global best tv shows platforms.

This series has a total of 9 seasons. The final season was aired in this year. Thus, you can binge-watch the whole series in one go. All the seasons are available on Hotstar. If you want to know about what all the fuss is about, then you must watch this show.

Do you know the climax of this show? Ssh!! Do not comment down !

Debut Year: 2009

Total Seasons: 9

Total Episodes: 73

IMDb: 9.4

3. Barry

Barry is one of the best TV shows of this decade. It features Bull Hader as a hitman. He is traveling to the Los Angles for his new mission. But, he got roped into an acting class.

In Barry, they have successfully overshadowed the anti-hero actions with bitter character development. The HBO has renewed Barry for a third season. Thus, it is the perfect time to complete old seasons.

Debut Year: 2018

Total Seasons: 2

Total Episodes: 16

IMDb: 8.4

4. Flash

Flash is the best TV series produced by DC comics. After Batman movies, flash is the only TV series keeping the DC comics alive. Flash has got a good response from the audience side. DC comics have presented the show uniquely and awesomely. Thus, most critics have liked this TV series.

It has amazing twists and turns after every some time. Every episode will leave you wondering about what will happen next. The characters are awesome in this series.

You will also find the cameos of various other DC Comics’ heroes. If you want to watch some superhero series, then you should watch Flash.

Superhero lovers rated this as the best series on hotstar for 2019.

Debut Year: 2014

Total Seasons: 5

Total Episodes: 114

IMDb: 7.8

5. Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is my personal favorite on this list. It is opposite of Flash or GOT. It is a light-hearted series. Silicon Valley will try to show you exactly what happens in Silicon Valley. We all know that most of the tech giants in the world started in Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley has perfectly shown the life of techies in Silicon Valley. It shows how the uniqueness of your work can make you rich overnight. It also perfectly portrays the hard life of tech guys in the Valley.

They have to struggle to make it big in the industry. The series has very unique characters and storyline. They have short 25- 30 episodes. Thus, you can binge-watch the whole series in a week.

Tech lovers and many metropolitan viewers rated this as the best series on Hotstar.

Debut Year: 2014

Total Seasons: 5

Total Episodes: 46

IMDb: 8.5

6. Westworld

If you think that GOT is the best HBO show, then you need to think again. Westworld is an excellent TV series by HBO. If you are a science fiction fan, then you will love this TV series. Even people who don’t like science fiction will love this show.

The amazing story is also backed by a more amazing cast. The likes of Ed Harris and Anthony Hopkins have perfectly portrayed their roles. Westworld is going to debut in 2020. Thus, it is a good time to catch up with the series.

Debut Year: 2016

Total Seasons: 2

Total Episodes: 20

IMDb: 8.8

7. Homeland

Homeland is one of the best thriller shows in the world. The story revolves around the relationship between an ex-Marine and a CIA operative. The ex-Marine has returned to the USA after fighting with al-Qaeda.

He has become a war hero. But, this hero has hundreds of dark secrets.

You are going to love this show. After watching this show you will learn to question everything and trust no-one.

Also, you will never think about becoming a spy. Homeland season 8 is going to debut in late 2019. Thus, it is a good time to catch up with the show.

Debut Year: 2011

Total Seasons: 7

Total Episodes: 84

IMDb: 8.3

8. Big Little Lies

This miniseries is based on a very famous novel of the same name. Big Little lies also have Hollywood stars like Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman. The series has fantastic soundtracks and lavish production.

Thus, you will keep guessing about what will happen after every episode.

Debut Year: 2017

Total Seasons: 2

Total Episodes: 14

IMDb: 8.6

9. The Strain

This show is created by Guillermo del Toro. He is famous for his creepy fantasy movie. This show is based on the book which is written by Chuck Hogan and Guillermo.

You will find some familiar tropes like the deadly plague, vampires and rogue scientists in this show. The scientists are trying to save society. However, it still feels like a fresh show. If you are a fan of fantasy horror shows, then you should watch this show.

Debut Year: 2014

Total Seasons: 4

Total Episodes: 46

 IMDb: 7.3

10. Deadwood

Deadwood has three different seasons. The story revolves around the residents of Deadwood. This series is set in the 1870s. The residents of Deadwood are trying to become rich.

There are some fictional elements in this show. However, there are also some historical events in this series. They have used real diaries and newspaper reports of Deadwood residents that lived in the 1870s. The director has used these diaries as reference. Deadwood is very famous due to its amazing writing.

Debut Year: 2004

Total Seasons: 3

Total Episodes: 36

 IMDb: 8.6

11. Doctor Who 

This is a Fiction TV series by the BBC. The story revolves around a Time lord known as The Doctor. This show is heavily influenced by British popular culture. Thus, you will find many different British references in this show. The Doctor is exploring the Universe in his spaceship. Also, they are using the concept of incarnation and regeneration.

Debut Year: 2005

Total Seasons: 12

Total Episodes: 190

 IMDb: 8.6

12. The Americans 

If you are a fan of the thriller genre, then this show is perfect for you. It revolves around the Russian spies that are trying to infiltrate American life. This is one of the best thriller shows on this list.

The story is set up in the 1980s. There are hundreds of Soviet Union sleeper agents in the USA. The Reagan administration is trying to lament this fact.

There are Soviet Agents like Philip Jennings and Elizabeth. They look like a cute American couple who have a happy family. However, they are very dangerous KGB officers. They are living opposite to an FBI agent. 

Debut Year: 2013

Total Seasons: 6

Total Episodes: 75

 IMDb: 8.4

 13. Billions 

This show is like the high-finance version of House of Cards. Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis have done an amazing job. Damian Lewis is the head of a huge hedge fund. Paul Giamatti is an attorney that is trying to arrest Damian Lewis. However, Maggie Stiff is the real player in this game. She is making sure that is controlling the game. 

This show will also throw some financial jargon at you. You won’t understand it until you are a hedge-fund manager. However, you don’t need to worry about it. This show is not about financial markets. It is about power. If you are looking for a show like House of Cards, then you should give this a try.

Debut Year: 2016

Total Seasons: 4

Total Episodes: 36

 IMDb: 8.4

14. Band of Brothers

Many people think that the Golden Age of TV started with this show. This show is created by HBO. It revolves around the events of World War 2. 

Band of Brothers is one of the most expensive TV shows. The cast of this show was amazing. Also, the script for this show was top-quality. Band of Brothers revolves around the story of Easy Company. Easy Company is actually a parachute company of the USA army. If you are a fan of World war shows, then this show is perfect for you. You will see the interview of real-life veterans after every episode.

Debut Year: 2001

Total Seasons: 1

Total Episodes: 10

 IMDb: 9.5

15. The Wire 

The Wire is one of the greatest TV series ever made. If you are a fan of crime shows, then you are going to love this TV series. The story is set in Maryland. This TV show has 5 seasons. The director has taken a novelistic approach. You will see the complete city power structure in this show. If you want to watch a realistic version of Breaking Bad, then you should try this show.

Debut Year: 2002

Total Seasons: 5

Total Episodes: 60

 IMDb: 9.3

16. How I Met Your Mother (IMDb Rating: 8.3)

“How I Met Your Mother” is a delightful sitcom that takes viewers on a heartfelt journey with Ted Mosby, a hopeless romantic in search of true love. Narrated in the future as Ted recounts his life story to his children, the series delves into the lives and relationships of Ted and his close-knit group of friends in bustling New York City.

Viewers can expect a mix of slapstick comedy and relatable situations, along with a heartwarming exploration of friendship and love. From quirky adventures to touching moments, “How I Met Your Mother” offers a blend of humor and poignant reflections on life that will leave audiences laughing and feeling nostalgic.

17. Prison Break (IMDb Rating: 8.1)

“Prison Break” is a gripping action drama that thrusts viewers into the heart of a daring escape plan. The series follows Michael Scofield, a brilliant structural engineer, as he discovers that his innocent brother, Lincoln Burrows, has been wrongfully sentenced to death for a crime he didn’t commit.

Determined to set his brother free, Michael devises an elaborate plan to break Lincoln out of a maximum-security prison. Michael’s body is covered in tattoos that hold the key to their escape, with each intricate detail serving as a puzzle piece in a high-stakes game of cat and mouse. As the series unfolds, viewers are taken on a thrilling ride, constantly questioning loyalties and rooting for the underdog in this adrenaline-pumping tale of justice and redemption.

18. Modern Family (IMDb Rating: 8.6)

“Modern Family” offers a hilarious and heartwarming look at the dynamic of three unique families. The mockumentary-style sitcom follows the lives of Jay Pritchett, his much younger wife Gloria, and their son Manny; Phil Dunphy, his wife Claire, and their three kids; and Mitchell Pritchett, Jay’s son, and his partner Cameron, who are raising their adopted daughter Lily.

Through its witty dialogue and relatable humor, “Modern Family” explores the challenges and joys of blended families, raising children, and navigating life’s awkward moments. Viewers can expect laugh-out-loud situations and endearing characters that they’ll quickly grow to love.

10 Best Series on Hotstar with IMDb Ratings (Indian)

Hotstar has many Indian web series that are gaining a lot of viewership and attracting discussion among the audience in offices and social gatherings. Here are 10 of the most viewed and high rated Indian web series that are being telecasted on Hotstar.

1. Special OPS (IMDb Rating: 8.4)

“Special OPS” is an intense Indian Hindi-language series that delves deep into the world of espionage. The show follows a team of elite Indian intelligence officers on a seemingly impossible mission to capture the mastermind behind a series of deadly terrorist attacks. As the officers navigate the complexities of their mission, the series explores the sacrifices they make, the intricate planning involved in high-stakes operations, and the blurred lines between patriotism and personal cost. “Special OPS” is a suspenseful thriller that will keep viewers guessing and applauding the dedication of these undercover heroes.

2. Criminal Justice (2019) (IMDb Rating: 8.4):

Aditya, a young man, finds himself accused of murder after a night spent with a woman who ends up dead. With no memory of the events and a weak defense, Aditya navigates the complex Indian legal system, fighting to prove his innocence while facing the harsh realities of prison life. This show explores themes of societal prejudice, police corruption, and the struggle for justice for the marginalized.

3. The Family Man (2019) (IMDb Rating: 8.8): 

Meet Srikant Tiwari, a seemingly ordinary middle-class man juggling family life with a demanding security guard job. But beneath the surface, Srikant leads a double life as a special agent in a covert ops agency. The series delves into the high-stakes world of espionage, the sacrifices everyday heroes make, and the constant struggle to balance duty and family.

4. Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story (2020) (IMDb Rating: 8.9): 

This gripping miniseries chronicles the meteoric rise and fall of Harshad Mehta, a stockbroker who orchestrated one of the biggest financial scams in Indian history. The show exposes the loopholes in the financial system, the greed and ambition that fueled the scam, and the eventual downfall of Mehta’s empire.

5. Sacred Games (2018-2019) (IMDb Rating: 8.2): 

Sartaj Singh, a disillusioned police officer, receives a cryptic message from a mysterious gangster named Ganesh Gaitonde. This sets Sartaj on a thrilling chase across the underbelly of Mumbai, uncovering a web of corruption, gang wars, and a hidden plot that threatens to destroy the city. The series is a neo-noir crime drama with a touch of the supernatural.

6. Delhi Crime (2019) (IMDb Rating: 8.6): 

This hard-hitting series is a fictionalized account of the investigation and prosecution of the horrific 2012 Delhi gang rape case. The show follows DCP Vartika Chaturvedi, a determined police officer who leads the investigation, facing societal pressure and bureaucratic hurdles while striving to bring justice to the victim. Delhi Crime is a powerful portrayal of resilience, courage, and the fight for women’s safety.

7. Paatal Lok (2020) (IMDb Rating: 8.2): 

Hathiram Chaudhary, a down-on-his-luck police officer, gets assigned a high-profile case involving the attempted assassination of a famous journalist. As Hathiram delves deeper, he uncovers a murky world of corruption, political manipulation, and a hidden underbelly beneath the glittering surface of society. Paatal Lok is a gritty crime thriller that explores social inequality and the dark side of power.

8. Mirzapur (2018) (IMDb Rating: 8.4): 

Welcome to the lawless city of Mirzapur, India, where the Tripathi family reigns supreme in the world of drugs and guns. Akhandanand Tripathi, the ruthless patriarch, protects his territory with an iron fist. But when a power struggle erupts with a rival gang, the city descends into bloody chaos. Mirzapur is a fast-paced crime drama filled with violence, revenge, and Shakespearean family drama.

9. Aarya (2020) (IMDb Rating: 8.2): 

Aarya Sareen lives a comfortable life with her loving husband and children. However, their world shatters when Aarya’s husband is brutally murdered in a gang war. Now, forced to protect her family, Aarya steps up to take charge of her deceased husband’s illegal drug business. Aarya is a captivating story of a woman’s transformation, showcasing her strength, resilience, and the price one pays for survival in a dangerous world.

Did we miss any of your favorite shows? What according to you are the best series on Hotstar? Comment below. Will review their IMDB ratings and publish if they fit this article.

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