Digital Marketing: An Introduction for Lawyers

Law firm internet marketing is one of the hot topics, for a good reason. Having a solid digital marketing strategy can work as the best levers your law firm can pull to draw more clients. 

Today when a sea full of people are looking towards the internet before adopting a single service, building websites for lawyers has also become obligatory. If they don’t, they might lose a significant section of the clients just because of their online absence. 

Since a lawyer isn’t that acquainted with the pros and cons of digital marketing, building strategies can turn into a task. So to help you out, here is a list of what you can consider while creating a digital strategy for your law firm. 

1. Know Your Target Client

Before you invest, you need to know where your target clients are looking for you online. You need to look for the message they are looking for; through this, you can curate the most needed and look for content. 

You can interview your past clients or even read up industry research or study the digital marketing data you have to detect where your clients are coming from. 

Knowing your clients, and having an idea of what they are looking for, will help you curate marketing messages that seem convincing to them. 

2. Ascertain What You Want

The effectiveness of digital marketing for websites for lawyers can be measured in an ample amount of ways. But this is only possible when you have ascertained what you want. 

Your goals should include motives like retaining clients and solidifying your law firm’s brand. And to do so, you need to focus on the online marketing funnel, which is the steps the clients go through in their online journey of reaching you. 

Research about your marketing efforts; if your website has no visitors, generating traffic should be your priority. And if you have tons of visitors but fewer clients, increasing your conversion rate should be your top priority. 

3. Focus on Creating an SEO Focused Website

Unlike social media profiles, your law firm website is your property,  and its key to credibility is the clients who search for you and your service-related information online. 

It’s your website that they would check onto before they turn into a paying client, so this price of your strategy needs to be highly effective. 

SEO is a thriving, competitive field and is the ultimate key to draw organic (free) traffic to your law firm. 

Start with the basics and if needed, reach out to SEO experts, and you’ll be halfway done. 


The discussion boils down to the fact that they all need to have a dynamic online presence, be it a product selling a business or a profession providing services. And when things are related to websites for lawyers, providing online service isn’t just enough but holding compliance with internet privacy and data retention laws in your jurisdiction is essential. 

So, apart from keeping the above tips in mind, make sure you reach out to a professional for a quality service related to digital marketing

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