10 Best Crypto Influencers and YouTubers in 2023

The top 10 cryptocurrency influencers on YouTube and top crypto influencers on Twitter of 2023 have been compiled; they offer the most recent news and information on cryptocurrencies, some of which are instructional and offer insight into what is occurring in the crypto industry. These YouTubers and influencers in the cryptocurrency space are real, and their channels provide realistic technical market analysis.

Selecting Twitter accounts for crypto influencers is simple, but selecting ones that are reliable is challenging. There are some genuine cryptocurrency experts in the sea of self-proclaimed experts on the platform.

We performed our research to compile this selected list of the top crypto influncers on twitter you might want to follow right away, including Elon Musk and Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin.

1.  Coin Bureau

Guy-led Coin Bureau made its YouTube debut in 2019 and has since been a top influencer on YouTube news about the crypto-verse. One of the top YouTube channels for cryptocurrencies, it offers its subscribers up-to-date information on cryptocurrencies, price forecasts, a study of the fundamentals of the cryptocurrency market, and news on future coins.

Almost every day, Coin Bureau posts instructional YouTube films that clearly explain how the cryptocurrency market works. The channel primarily covers the greatest cryptocurrency news, goods, and services in addition to the most recent news in space. Guy tries to properly deconstruct the complicated cryptographic coins and the technology that supports them.

 His analysts break down the greatest blockchain technology in a way that is approachable for beginners so that newcomers can gain a thorough understanding of the crypto-verse. As one of the top cryptocurrency YouTube channels, the channel has 2.22 million subscribers (about twice the population of New Hampshire) and is still expanding.

2.  BitBoy Crypto

With 1.45 million YouTube subscribers, one of the top crypto YouTubers, Batboy Crypto, offers investment advice for people looking to take a chance on cryptocurrencies. The channel’s owner and main uploader, Ben Armstrong, does so several times every week. To elicit a sense of presence and interaction from his viewers, he uses a conversational tone in his films.

The top interviews with bitcoin billionaires and other respectable figures from the crypto verse are constantly uploaded by Batboy Crypto. He uses fundamental crypto analysis and technical analysis as a theme in his previous YouTube videos. Though they may cover contentious subjects that are up for discussion, his videos are intended to provide broad information. A different cryptocurrency YouTuber was once sued by him for slander, but he quickly abandoned the case.

3.  Altcoin Daily

The creators of the popular YouTube channel Altcoin Daily, which has more than 1.29 million subscribers, are Austin and Aaron Arnold. They started investing in the nascent digital coin market in 2018, at which point they started one of the top crypto YouTube channels.

The brothers produce YouTube videos every day with a variety of topics, including market analysis, trends in crypto tokens, and cryptocurrency news, staying loyal to the channel’s name. Additionally, they include technical analysis, interviews with cryptocurrency entrepreneurs, educational lectures, and opinionated views in their YouTube videos.

The top blockchain, metaverse, and crypto mining news videos are posted by Altcoin Daily. Altcoin Daily is a good resource for anybody interested in learning more about Ethereum, Cardano, and NFTs. The YouTube channel assists those interested in cryptocurrencies in locating cryptocurrencies with enormous growth potential.

4.  Brian Jung

Since the close of 2018, Brian Jung has posted videos to his 1.25 million+ subscribers on YouTube. He is a veteran investor and a serial entrepreneur from Washington, D.C. He posts the most informative films on personal finance analysis, credit and debit cards, and cryptocurrency news.

He frequents his YouTube channel, posting nearly seven videos each week. He discusses the many uses of credit cards, including those related to travel, and lists the advantages and disadvantages of using different credit card companies.

Market analysis and platform overviews are topics covered in other YouTube videos. He occasionally publishes updates regarding his clientele.

5.  Kevin O’Leary

Over 833k people subscribe to Kevin O’Leary’s YouTube channel, commonly known as Mr. Wonderful. He appears on numerous TV programs, such as Shark Tank, Dragon’s Den, and The Lang & O’Leary Exchange. In his best-selling book The Cold Hard Truth about Business Money, he explained how it requires hard effort and determination to establish oneself as a successful businessperson and build riches.

He posts films to YouTube every week about the latest news in the financial world and his opinion on it. He talks about the cryptocurrency industry on occasion. Kevin O’Leary is a successful Canadian businessman who runs several top-notch cryptocurrency exchanges.

6. Roger Ver

Roger Ver, a.k.a. “Bitcoin Jesus,” made the first investment in Bitcoin firms including Blockchain.com and Bitcoin.com. One of the first business owners to accept cryptocurrencies as payment, he amassed over 400,000 BTC as a result.

Roger is a passionate proponent of Bitcoin Cash, and his Twitter feed is a goldmine of knowledge and guidance concerning cryptocurrency.

7.  Vitalik Buterin

The well-known creator of Ethereum is unquestionably at the top of Twitter’s crypto influencer hierarchy. To the benefit of his more than 2.1 million Twitter followers, Vitalik routinely publishes content on the network. 

Ethereum and other blockchain-based initiatives are very important to Vitalik. You can depend on him for in-depth, perceptive evaluations, articles, and other resources on all things crypto.

8. Elon Musk

Elon Musk is without a doubt the King of Twitter and the top crypto influencer on Twitter, with around 55 million followers. Musk reduced the price of Bitcoin by 57% with only one tweet. Following Elon, who is a constant advocate for Dogecoin, will give you a front-row seat to the “future of crypto” event.

Due to his tweets and other public comments about various digital assets, Elon Musk has emerged as a significant figure in the cryptocurrency industry. Significant market moves have resulted from Musk’s support for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and others.

Tesla started accepting Bitcoin as payment for its electric vehicles in February 2021, according to Musk, who also revealed that the company has invested $1.5 billion (about $5 per person in the US) in the digital currency. The price of Bitcoin rose because of this news, but environmentalists criticized it for ignoring the significant energy demand of Bitcoin mining.

9.  CryptosRUs

With 657k YouTube subscribers, CryptosRUs produces programming that examines the cryptocurrency industry and the most recent developments. He develops thoughts about the effects that factors outside the crypto sector might have on the sector. He frequently publishes films, often including a live stream of his travels to cover crypto news.

The best economic news is analyzed by CryptosRUs, which also occasionally posts interviews, Q&A sessions, and general financial market analyses. The CryptosRUs spokesperson, George Tung, assists his audience in understanding and selecting the cryptocurrencies that have the most potential for long-term market growth.

Other videos he posts explain how people can earn interest on different cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. These comprehensive guidelines provide a fundamental overview of what purchasers should look at when analyzing Bitcoin price movements.

10.  Crypto Banter

One of the top streaming cryptocurrency YouTube channels, Crypto Banter has more than 605k followers and covers a wide range of topics in the crypto world. The show’s host, Run Neuner, is a financial expert with extensive experience in cryptocurrency trading and investing.

YouTube streams more frequently, despite Neuner’s regular video uploads. He focuses on fundamental research and the best crypto market updates. Other films by Neuner include interviews with cryptocurrency billionaires and discussions of the patterns in alternative coin prices. The most recent news on the cryptocurrency market is also included, along with crypto news.

 With the help of a team of contributors, Neuner runs a channel where he shares opinions on cryptocurrencies and industry developments. Together, they produce instructional materials on purchasing alternative currencies and trading in the cryptocurrency market.

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