Digital marketing aspects you should focus in 2023

Faced with the rapid and constant evolution of digital, companies must adapt their marketing strategies to best meet the requirements of Internet users. Discover the latest trends in digital marketing that will allow you to develop your image and your notoriety in the market.

In 2023, no more third-party cookies

Cookies are defined as files integrated into a website with the aim of collecting and storing the confidential data of Internet users. This information is used to provide more targeted digital advertisements based on user profiles. But while privacy is a priority for internet users, marketers need to rethink their strategies to optimize the customer experience. Google has notably announced the gradual abolition of third-party cookies on its browser by 2023. Cookies may be replaced by other technologies such as clustering algorithms, propensity modeling, FloC, or even Fledge.

Integrate video marketing into your strategy

In recent times, video content has become the most popular format for internet users. This trend has grown rapidly with the emergence of TikTok, a social network allowing users to post and watch short videos. Other platforms such as YouTube and Instagram have begun to develop their own features, offering Internet users short video content. Practical and attractive, this type of content will allow a brand to arouse the curiosity of the audience and deliver a message effectively. Live video publications, or even live streaming are also ideal alternatives for provoking customer action. Start YouTube marketing also, don’t sleep on this platform. It’s the biggest video engine system around the globe.

Likewise, it is now possible to produce videos using various encoding techniques, such as multi-encoding for video production. It refers to several types of encoding being used in the same content: faster encoding speeds, improved visual quality, and more efficient file sizes are just some of the benefits of this type of production. Multi-encoding has become popular recently as it allows editors to save time while producing more professional and captivating content.

Focus on quality content

To succeed in your digital marketing strategy, it is important to offer original content to Internet users. Faced with the multitude of content on the web, brands and companies must focus on the quality and relevance of their advertising in order to stand out from the competition. Interactive content such as quizzes, surveys and contests are particularly effective in encouraging consumers to discover the brand and its services. Ephemeral content such as stories also has an impact on the decision-making of Internet users. You can also create personalized content to target a specific audience and maximize your chances of retaining customers.

Artificial intelligence to boost your marketing strategy

The progress made in the AI ​​sector is of major interest in improving the customer experience and developing the reputation of companies. Indeed, artificial intelligence is able to analyze in real time the behavior of visitors to a site and to predict their actions. It will then make it possible to propose relevant offers and in accordance with the profile of the Internet user.

It has also made it possible to optimize natural referencing, but also to automate certain marketing tasks such as monitoring site traffic. In particular, chat boxes integrate AI to create more natural and personalized interactions. It is the ideal solution for optimizing after-sales service and offering Internet users a quality customer experience.

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