It is not Anna University its college of Engineering Guindy

Do you know where is Anna University located in Chennai? Then obviously you should know where the College of Engineering campus is located in Chennai ? If you don’t know please go through.

Except Anna University alumni and students, no one knows that red building which flashes in news and newspaper is called College of Engineering, Guindy. Even the first-semester student in College of Engineering, Guindy(CEG) will be thinking he is studying in Anna University but actually he is a student of CEG. We would like to differentiate you between Anna University and College of Engineering Guindy.

Before we introduce College of Engineering Guindy you should know the structure of Anna University.In 1978 Anna University was formed by bringing four existing campuses together

1.College of Engineering Guindy (Main Campus)1794

2.Madras Institute of Technology(Chrompet)1949

3.Alagappa College of Technology(ACT)1944

4.School of Architecture and Planning (SAP)1957.

Since 2011 Anna University became affiliating university holding  engineering colleges under four main category.

1.Anna university’s colleges and campuses

2.Tamilnadu Government Engineering Colleges

3.Tamilnadu Government aided engineering colleges

4.Self-financing colleges.

Now you have to know about College of Engineering Guindy

In 1794 started as a school of survey near Fort.St.George later renamed as Civil Engineering School with an inclusion of civil engineering later became College of Engineering in its new campus Guindy . So before Anna University was formed CEG existed so it’s not Anna University that is the oldest but College of Engineering Guindy which was formed in 1794.

In 1978 when Anna University was formed then Tamilnadu Government made CEG as the main campus with three additional campuses. From then that red building became a symbol of Anna University but actually it belongs to CEG.

The main reason behind this is, the administration building of Anna University where Vice-chancellor of Anna University sits is present inside the Guindy Campus white building in front of Valluvar Statue. Whenever media publishes any news about Anna University they showcase CEG’s red building rather than Anna University’s administration building this created an impact that red building campus is called Anna University.

Even in counselling, you can’t find Anna University as a separate institution to be specific you won’t find Anna University but the very first campus is College of Engineering Guindy with a counselling code 001 so if you are choosing Anna University actually you are choosing CEG which is the dream campus for students from Tamilnadu.

Students will come to know their college name only after admitted into the campus. Like every other college, CEG has a separate motto, separate logo and Dean as the head reports to Vice chancellor of Anna University.

Even if you look at the red building closely it is written as College of Engineering Guindy, not as Anna University .

Hope you are clear now that there is the oldest institution inside the forest and it is called College of Engineering Guindy under Anna University .

This article is written to make the people of Tamilnadu know about an existing campus, not with any other intention.

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