The Best Products for the Environmentally Conscious

From going vegan to diligently recycling, there are many ways to go about saving the planet. While one little switch won’t stop climate change or single-handedly save the turtles, they’ll add up quickly. And, armed with the right products, you can make an even more significant impact on your personal carbon footprint and on the environment at large. From an insulated cooler bag keeping your beverage cold to storing your leftovers, there’s a product for every environmentally conscious consumer’s needs.

Reusable Bags

The average consumer uses a lot of disposable bags in the course of their day-to-day life. At the grocery store, you choose paper or plastic. In the produce aisles, you weigh your fruits and vegetables in a lightweight plastic sack. You take your food to work in a brown paper lunch bag or carry a cooler to fuel a picnic. By investing in reusable bags, you can cut down on waste while making a statement. Keep Cool insulated cooler bags, for example, offer an eco-friendly tote that’s as stylish as it is sustainable. Your groceries will stay cold while you shop—offering the additional environmental bonus of reducing food waste—and you‘ll never again have to worry about your ranch dressing going rancid by lunchtime. 

Water Bottles or Travel Mugs

Cold drinks are lovely, but they aren’t always your goal. Your cans of soda will do well in a cooler or lunch bag, but your coffee? Not so much. For greater temperature control and added convenience, pick up a water bottle or travel mug to tote your favorite beverages. If you take advantage of the water services Toronto depends on, you can fill your reusable bottle, letting its insulation keep it cool. For hot drinks like coffee or tea, opt for a travel mug to keep it warm and prevent spills. Either way, you can pack and preserve your beverage while you protect the planet. But if you would like to have a more attractive tumbler that shows your passion and personality, then buying custom acrylic tumblers is perfect for you.

Silicone Pouches

Like plastic grocery bags, single-use zipper-sealed bags are a common disposable household product. After all, you need a convenient storage option for your snacks as much as your shopping. Instead of wasting these plastic baggies—or risking leaks by attempting to reuse their flimsy material—seek out a set of silicone pouches to hold your favorite snacks or other small items. It will take a matter of seconds to clean them between uses but will pay off in knowing that you’re helping to conserve the environment. 

Wax Wraps

If you’re especially environmentally conscious, you’ve probably heard beeswax wraps mentioned before. As an alternative to plastic wrap or similar products, these reusable waxed cloths are touted as eco-friendly. However, vegan wraps made with ethical options like carnauba or soy wax wraps allow for an even more sustainable option. You’ll find many of these cruelty-free versions across the web, or you could even take a DIY approach and make your own. 

Mason Jars

Scrolling through sites like Pinterest or Instagram, you’re sure to come across all sorts of uses for the humble mason jar. Beyond their intended canning usage, mason jars offer a wide variety of eco-friendly uses that can help you live a more sustainable life. Use a mason jar for your morning smoothie or lunch-hour salad, or store last night’s leftovers to enjoy later on. Take a few jars to your local farmers’ market or bulk section and stock up on essentials. You can even use a mason jar for a simple vase or to craft the perfect gift! 

If you’re passionate about preserving the environment, eco-friendly products can help you have an even more significant impact. Whether you’re trading individual plastic bottles for a reusable option you’ll refill with gallons, or you’re packing your groceries in a reusable cooler bag, every investment you make will let you live that much more sustainably. 

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