How To Kit Out Your Greenhouse For Top Results

The desire for a greenhouse is difficult to ignore, with rows of healthy plants happily growing together indoors. What comes after you’ve constructed the framework? Here’s a list of must-haves as well as some other things to think about putting in your garden. Fortunately, many of these items are already present in your home.

A greenhouse made of insulating greenhouse plastic keeps you warm and the area bright. You’ll need to provide the plants, a growth area for them, water, and a way to regulate the temperature. Here are some important pointers to get you started.

Lots of pots

Pots in a range of sizes may be employed for a wide range of purposes, from germination to cultivating specimen plants. Grow early-season plants or nurture seedlings with a variety of tiny pots, whether plastic or biodegradable, to begin.

Seed trays

If you want to start seeds in your greenhouse, a few seed-starting trays are suggested. Even if it’s chilly outside, ones with detachable clear tops can help you maintain humidity levels high enough to promote germination, even if it rains. A few seed-starting trays are advised if you want to start seeds in your greenhouse. Even if it’s chilly outside, clear-top varieties with detachable covers may help you keep the humidity levels high enough to promote germination, even if it rains.

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Fertilisers and soil

Keep on hand potting soil and other mixtures at all times. For longer storage, keep them in their bags; for better protection from the weather and pests, seal them in a container. A wide range of providers exists, but a simple metal trash can with a lid will be enough.

Garden tools

Have a pair of hand tools on hand, such as a pruner, scissors, a tiny shovel, tiny stakes, twine, and a dibble or an unsharpened pencil with a small paintbrush or pot brush. For a more stylish look, place the plants in an attractive terra-cotta pot with a pair of thin garden gloves.

Plant labels

Keep a supply of plant markers, a durable marker pen, and a sharpened pencil on hand to label plants and trays.


Keep a bottle of your favourite disinfectant and natural pest spray on hand in case something goes wrong.

Benches and shelves

You may put your pots on the floor with the biggest specimens, but placing them on a counter-level surface will make caring for them considerably easier.

A place to work

Add a workstation for yourself during the installation process. It should be big enough to function comfortably while not being overly large. A counter height or desk height is ideal, especially if you have a stool or chair to raise your legs. Add a writing surface to keep your ideas dry!


Regardless if you live in the tropics or sub-Arctic, your greenhouse will eventually become too hot and humid. Make sure there’s a method to keep the inside cool. It might be as simple as opening the doors, but many greenhouses include ceiling vents as well.

Temperature monitoring

It’s a good idea to put a thermometer in your greenhouse to keep track of the temperatures. The thermometer will notify you if things are getting too hot inside when it’s hot outside, suggesting that you should move plants outside or provide them with some shade.

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