Apartment Industry In Chennai (2023)

Investment plays a significant role in nowadays life. Mostly in Chennai, everyone is changing their lifestyle by living in an apartment. People are very busy with their work in this modern culture and they don’t think about the savings for their future. For that, they can invest in real estate because it is one of the safest investments of all time.

It is a great opportunity to rent a house in Chennai, as the value of both lands and completed apartments is rising. To accommodate its growing population, the city is rapidly growing and developing. The city features leading educational institutions, a strong social infrastructure, and a wealth of work opportunities.

After the agricultural sector, the real estate industry in India is the second largest investment platform. Additionally, greater non-resident Indian (NRI) investment is anticipated in this industry over the long and short terms.

Trending Localities In Chennai to Invest in Apartments

All of these below-mentioned locations, with the exception of Mylapore, are new residential neighborhoods, and the demand for flats has increased. These have just lately been included in the Greater Chennai Corporation, therefore they will shortly see significant growth in the areas like,

  • Perambur,
  • Velachery,
  • Kolathur,
  • Madipakkam,
  • Ambattur

These popular locations for investment in Chennai are all well-established, have excellent travel options, and make excellent neighborhoods. Given the growth of IT businesses in the city, it makes sense to reside somewhere with high internet that can yet provide for your family’s comfort. 

Mylapore is the outlier, but given that it is one of the oldest neighborhoods and is full of culture, it is not surprising that residents of Chennai choose to settle here.

Chennai Real Estate Market Analysis

Chennai’s real estate market is a growing industry everywhere. Wherever we go everyone needs a house to stay and for any commercials they too need buildings, So there are lots of plots and buildings raising in the main area in Chennai. The goal of the Chennai real estate market is to appeal to end customers, and this strategy is helped by the rise of a number of businesses as well as other business ventures. 

Major market participants including Indian Oil, Chennai Petroleum Corporation, Manali Petrochemicals, and IT and ITeS business houses have made significant investments in the North Chennai real estate sector. The rise of the real estate industry has also been driven by improvements made to connections and infrastructure, such as metro railways, and other transport facilities.

Buying an Apartment In Chennai

Definitely, investing in an apartment in Chennai is a wise move. The city’s infrastructure is being developed quickly to fulfill the demands of IT and tech enterprises. Considering that the city as a whole is now developing, buying real estate is a wise decision since, in a few years, the values of apartments will increase.

Velachery, which links to the majority of necessary utilities, and OMR and Guindy, where the majority of tech and IT enterprises are located, are currently regarded as rapidly growing districts and a profitable chance to invest. Apartment or flat purchases in these places can be wise moves because they will soon rank among Chennai’s most affluent neighborhoods.

To Look For A While When Buying Flats In Chennai

A large funds must be invested in order to buy an apartment or plot of land. As a result, you should choose a property carefully and weigh all of its advantages and disadvantages. Chennai is a major city in India, and buying real estate there may be quite expensive. 

The following are some of the essential aspects you should take into account before purchasing a home or land in Chennai.

  • Find the appropriate location
  • Make a specification checklist.
  • New project research
  • Verify the developer’s track record.
  • Contact prior purchasers
  • Register your residence


Apartments offers a great logical reasonable of passive income, making them a perfect complement to any investment portfolio. In addition to owning a home, you have the ability to provide housing for others. Even helping you make mortgage payments might be possible with the rental revenue. 

The resident’s association will take care of whatever your renter requires, relieving you of the burden of upkeep. As luxury apartments in Chennai are rented out as serviced apartments, you may also earn high-value rental income because shared renting is more valuable than renting to a single tenant.

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